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1 October 2022

Lol at Rob’s choices

17 September 2022

We didn’t have to wait that long. I loved hearing Rob’s interpretation of some of the paintings he chose. Sit back, watch and listen – my only complaint was that it’s only 5 minutes of insight.

14 September 2022

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Patiently waiting for this interview / video footage. Remember information about the auction is available at Sotheby’s website.


12 September 2022

Chris Floyd photographer shares some new photos taken by him of Rob for Sotheby’s. LOL at the first one.

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Edition recently interviewed John Boyega and this is what he had to say about Rob:

What actor demonstrates this type of versatility?

Versatility is all I talk about these days! I like how Robert Pattinson switched his choices after doing the Twilight films. If you put him in three different roles, he’s three completely other people. I like actors who change every single time. That is just so cool to me. …

via @sallyvg

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24 August 2022

Deadline broke the news today that Matt Reeves has signed a first look deal with Warner Bros and further confirmation that he’s in the process of writing the sequel (which we knew but lots of people have been nervous considering what’s been happening with Warner Bros of late. This should allay their fear”:

Warner Bros is going all in on The Batman director Matt Reeves and his 6th & Idaho production company. He has become the first filmmaker given an overall first look film deal since Warner Bros Pictures Group Co-Chairs/CEOs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy were hired by Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav to steer the film division. In addition, Reeves has re-upped with the Warner Bros. Television Group and Chairman Channing Dungey, where he is also working on The Batman spinoff series The Penguin with Colin Farrell.

Reeves and 6th & Idaho had a first look film deal at Netflix. Reeves is spending so much time on film and TV projects relating to The Batman franchise that it made perfect sense for him to call Warner Bros home with the multi-year first look. …

Under the terms of the film deal, Warner Bros. Pictures Group’s production divisions – Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Animation Group and DC-based Films – will have first-look rights to Reeves’ work as a writer, director and/or producer. Reeves is currently back at work on the sequel, co-writing with Mattson Tomlin the second installment of a DC resuscitation that drew strong reviews and a global gross north of $770 million. Robert Pattinson is back for the sequel as the title character. [My emphasis]

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10 July 2022

IndieWire picked up this little tidbit from Claire Denis’ recent interview with The Playlist below. I can’t believe I missed it.

“Denis revealed that they almost collaborated on a stage play. After speaking about her passion for working with actors, Denis was asked if she has considered directing theatre. Not only did she say yes, but she revealed that she was once developing a play that would have starred Pattinson.

“Yeah, I have thought about it,” Denis said. “There was a moment when I was talking about doing something like that with Robert, before he was our Batman.”

6 July 2022

The Playlist recently spoke to Claire Denis “at a tiny Upper East Side hotel to discuss her shyness about sex, the profound impact that Batman has had on the logistics of her next film” and Rob. This is what Claire had to say:

I’ve been looking forward to speaking again. We’ve sat down once before, for “High Life” after the premiere in Toronto back in 2018.

On that huge screen in that huge theater. Fuck me up. When I think of it, I was seated by Robert [Pattinson], and for me and Robert, that was like a nightmare. I told [Toronto International Film Festival CEO] Cameron [Bailey], “You cannot do that to film.”

Robert Pattinson was set for the lead role, but then he dropped out. How’d things play out there?

No one saw COVID coming, of course. The plan was he would finish “The Batman,” and I’d wait for him, and he’d be free by September of that year. That was good for me as well, because it would be the right season in Nicaragua. Then in one moment, COVID came, and Robert was working in London. I couldn’t even go and see him. Then Nicaragua went through a terrible thing: Daniel Ortega, the President, wasn’t supposed to re-present himself in the election. But he did, and he isolated Nicaragua even more. So there was an issue, I didn’t know what to do. And Robert was still in the middle of the Batman process at this point, which was a painful moment because I love both Robert Pattinson and Nicaragua a lot.

I was losing every part of the film, except for Margaret [Qualley]. Because she told me, “I’m waiting,” I decided I had to do this. Every morning, I’d wake up and say, “I quit.” But I’d think of Margaret, and she’s been waiting without complaining, so I kept on. I thought Panama could be our plan B, not totally sure. As soon as I could travel, I went to Panama, and at this time, Robert is still in London playing Batman. I must cast someone else, which at first made me feel like I was dying. But I did it! Because Margaret was still there.

28 May 2022

Claire Denis’ The Stars at Noon debuted at the Cannes Film Festival to mixed reviews. She told Reuters the reason why Rob had to drop out of starring in the film:

“The pandemic came and ‘The Batman’ shooting took him almost two years and Robert was very tired. He said ‘I can’t’. And then I was lucky, so lucky, that Joe was interested,” said Denis.

Thanks @Monsieur_HJ for heads up.

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20 April 2022 – ComicBook.com

In an interview with ComicBook.com ahead of The Northman’s release, Eggers recalled learning from Pattinson that he was going to take on the Caped Crusader gig. 

“When we were doing his ADR in London we had a drink afterward and he was like ‘I need to play Batman,'” Eggers explained, re-enacting Pattinson taking a breath and a sip while sharing the news. “And I was kinda like, ‘Okay, whatever man.'” Eggers, of course, watched the Matt Reeves-directed comic book film which starred his Lighthouse star and is giving it a seal of approval. “I think [Pattinson is] awesome, you know?” Eggers said. “And I also like give like major props to Matt Reeves for like keeping his authorial voice in making a comic book movie.”

11 April 2022 – The Observer

Robert Eggers mentioned seeing The Batman during his promo interview for The Northman with The Observer. This is what he had to say about Rob:

He doesn’t watch superhero films, having left them behind with the comics of his boyhood, though he recently made an exception for Matt Reeves’s mood-heavy The Batman, which impressed him: “I saw it really just because Rob [Pattinson] is my friend. But I liked it, and I learned a lot of stuff from it, frankly. I applaud Matt Reeves for keeping an identity and making a film like that. I can’t imagine. I guess I just made a big movie, but it’s not the same.”

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Elvis Mitchell from KCRW recently interviewed Matt, you can listen to the podcast below. Here’s an extract of what Matt had to say about working with Rob:

KCRW: We’re talking about Robert Pattinson for those who missed the news. So often, he plays guys who don’t know what to do with their bodies. I don’t know what he’s like in real life. but it’s an interesting thing when you see him, not quite knowing how to stand in movies or where to stand next to people. And that way he has of acting really effective physical awkwardness and an inability to connect with people, that must have been a gift to have that to use.

Reeves: Not only is it a facet, obviously, of who he is, because obviously that’s partly him, but it’s something he’s in control of as well. One of the things I found so fascinating about working with him is he works in a way that feels almost like a method actor. And yet, you can see that he has great access to his emotions, and he puts himself into a state. But he’s also in incredible control of his instrument, the way he moves. It’s all very technical, and it’s very intentional. So I could say to him, I need this to be hotter, and he could access that very easily. [And I could say] but I also, because of this cowl and the way the light is hitting your eye, I need you to lean a little bit more to your left, because otherwise I won’t see your eye. And he could do both those things at once.

He had a tremendous ability to access his emotions, but also be in control of his movement, so all of that stuff is coming from a very internal place. But he has a tremendous facility with himself physically. He’s just very able to access all of that stuff, but also weirdly at the same time, while he can be out of control, he can also be incredibly in control in terms of how to calibrate his voice, the way he’s leaning, where he’s standing. And so all of those choices I think he’s making are on some level, very conscious, too, even though I know some of it has to be unconscious because it is coming from a very instinctual place.

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