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Not sure whether I believe some of this – Rob is about to launch his own line of clothing? Well he did say years ago that he liked designing women’s clothes but then again we know Rob is the King of Clickbait. I also suspect an increase in traffic at LA stores Sleeper and Bearded Beagle. Here is a very rough translation:

He is the muse of the Modern Tailoring collection, a concise wardrobe couture spirit and street spirit, created by the artistic director, Kim Jones, for Dior Homme. Passionate about fashion and the kind to dare everything, Robert Pattinson is said to be even about to launch his own line of clothing. But shh … it’s too early to talk about it.

UNDER THE LENS of the paparazzi or the lights of the red carpet, the allure of Robert Pattinson’s look is blowing in the opposite direction. Baggys, vintage T-shirt, camouflage hoodies, beanie, skate sneakers … versus tuxedos shorts, Luke Skywalker fawn coat, shine and transparent. On the screen as in the city, the English actor catapulted to stardom thanks to Twilight, polished by James Gray, David Cronenberg, Christopher Nolan and soon on the verge of donning the cape of Batman, dares everything. He was chosen by Kim Jones, artistic director of Dior Homme, to embody the Modern Tailoring collection, an ideal wardrobe reduced to the essentials (three jackets, three pants), a mix of couture and street. A fashion enthusiast, he might even launch his own line of clothes …

What are the three basics of your wardrobe?
A beanie, a sublimely knitted hoodie and another very soft gray from Dior.

What is your favourite piece of clothing?
I have a hard time naming just one. Recently, I’ve been sorting through my wardrobe and have been unable to part with some pieces that I know I’ll never wear. Including because some of them are in an advanced state of decomposition. I keep them only for their sentimental value, for what they remind me of. I’m not very nostalgic by nature but I like the idea that a piece of clothing or an object is imprinted with a memory.

Your favorite materials?
Cashmere, and more recently linen.

Which men, in your eyes, embody elegance?
Alain Delon and Tupac Shakur.

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BAFTA Rising Star Nominee Conrad Khan Talks Admiration for Robert Pattinson

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Bustle recently spoke to BAFTA Rising Star nominee, Conrad Khan and this is his response to which actor he looks up to the most:

Someone he’s not worked with who he looks up to most at present is Robert Pattinson. “I think the calibre of films he has been a part of in the past five years has been really impressive, and he’s worked with some really cool directors,” Khan says.

With his career going how it currently is, I’m thinking both Pattinson and Haneke may be knocking on Khan’s door any day now…

Not going to lie, I would love to see Rob in a Michael Haneke film, just putting it out there.

Thanks @Monsieur_HJ for heads up

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Cineworld and Regal Cinemas have set an exclusive plan with Warner Bros in the US and UK and means that it is looking like The Batman will be the first theatre only blockbuster release of 2022. This from Screen Daily:

Cineworld has agreed a multi-year agreement under which films from Warner Bros. Pictures Group will be exhibited in Cineworld’s cinemas in the US as of their opening. Beginning in 2022, Warner Bros. theatrical releases will have a 45-day window of theatrical exclusivity, with certain provisions. This is a reduction on the existing US window of around 75 days. The exhibitor would not elaborate on what these “provisions” involve.

In the UK, Warner Bros. and Cineworld have agreed to an exclusive theatrical window of 31 days prior to PVoD, and an extended window of 45 days for films that open to an agreed upon box-office threshold. This is a significant reduction on 2019, when the average window across all UK releases was 109 days.

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Variety recently spoke with Warner Media’s Ann Sarnoff given the release of Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” and this is what she had to say about the future of the DC Universe and gives us a little tidbit on “The Batman“:

Instead, Sarnoff believes that the future of DC is more than just movies. She’s excited about a multi-platform future, one that sees Batman, Superman, the Flash, and other Justice League members popping up on streaming shows, video games, television spinoffs, and big screen outings. It’s a vision that echoes what Marvel has been doing with its Avengers characters, taking superheroes like the Vision, the Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Loki, who have previously appeared only in movies, and giving them streaming shows of their own. 

Looking at the DC slate, there seems to be an emphasis on creating opportunities for diverse creators and and characters. … Is there a concerted effort to take the brand in a more inclusive direction?

It’s super important to me and it’s in line with what we want to do. We want to branch out and let creators interpret parts of the universe in unique and special ways. … Matt Reeves just finished filming “The Batman” against the odds of COVID. We’re so excited to finish that movie and have people see it, because Matt’s take on Batman is different than other takes. Even familiar characters have lots of possibilities.

Click on link to read full interview.

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Charlie Carver talks The Batman with Wonderland Magazine

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Wonderland recently interviewed Charlie Carver who had not very much to say about The Batman, but did give us this:

Next up for Carver will be the much-hyped The Batman alongside Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz. As excited as he is about it, he’s sworn to secrecy about everything but no doubt our patience will be rewarded when it’s released in 2022. It’s been fun getting to do stunts, I’ll tell you that much, says Carver cheekily. We’ll take that

Thanks @sallyvg

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Claire Denis Talks The Stars at Noon and Robert Pattinson with Doha Film Institute


Claire Denis talked Rob and The Stars at Noon during Qumra. This from the Doha Film Institute:

On her upcoming film, The Stars at Noon, featuring Robert Pattinson and Margaret Qualley, Denis said she “hopes to do it in the fall because by then the vaccination will have been [done] and we will be able to shoot.”

On Robert, she said, “He is someone I met surprisingly because he wanted to meet me, and I was shy and surprised but then I realised I was meant to work with him. It was like someone I knew already, he was so open, so generous, so mysterious too.”

You can learn more about Qumra by clicking HERE

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