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Robert Pattinson #Tenet Box Office Updaes

UPDATED: 26 Oct 2020 – Global hits $341.4 million

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26 October 2020: Box Office Pro

On the Tenet front, Warner Bros. provided their weekly update on the Christopher Nolan epic with a report that it added $4.6 million globally this weekend. Of that, $1.3 million came from North America — down just 15 percent from last frame. The $3.3 million overseas weekend represents a 37 percent decline from last weekend.

Tenet‘s domestic haul now stands at $52.5 million through Sunday’s end, while the worldwide gross has climbed to $341.4 million (including $289 million overseas).

Deadline reported that John Stankey, CEO of WarnerMedia parent AT&T had this to say to about the decision to release Tenet:

“I can’t tell you that we walked away from the Tenet experience saying it was a home run.”

Warner Bros. released the Christopher Nolan film Labor Day weekend to help jumpstart exhibition. But it didn’t deliver the hoped for bang, especially with theaters in New York and California closed. That remains a major roadblock, Stankey said. Some cinemas in California are open and others in New York State can reopen this Friday but core markets Los Angeles and New York City remain dark.

“I’m happy we did it. I think the team was incredibly creative. I think we learned a few things about what we can do. I think if theatres were open nation-wide, if California and New York were open, we’d have some latitude… So maybe as we get to a place where there is a little more consistent footprint we can do some more.”

Previous international box office after the cut

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June 7th, 2016 / 1 Comment

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I used to do this a lot with Robert’s films, but then I realised that sometimes box office doesn’t really matter – I know it does to those involved trying to make a profit, but the reality is – how can some films make any money when they are slated at ridiculous times at the cinema and last a nanosecond.  Anyway, I’m not making excuses, it’s just how I personally feel.  But I know people, like Carmel, like this kind of information, so here I am.  So far in Australia, Queen of the Desert has made AUD105,772 in 71 cinemas over a period of 4 days – that is, 2 to 5 June 2016.

From UrbanCinefile:

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In relation to worldwide box office, Box Office Mojo records the following (including Australian figures based on 4 days) – USD1,368,710:

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According to The Numbers (figures below are also in USD -also the Australian figures are based on 3 days):

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March 17th, 2015 / 1 Comment

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Current Estimates

So according to Indiewire:

“Not doing quite so well (though it was released day-and-date on VOD) in its third weekend was “Maps To The Stars,” which Focus Features took from 61 down to 17 theaters this weekend after an Oscar qualifying release in late 2014 (which did result in a Golden Globe nomination for Julianne Moore, but not much else). The result was a 71% drop from last weekend, with “Maps” taking in just $19,000 for a $1,118 per-theater-average. It has now grossed $313,700.”

Again, the above figures are estimates from Box Office Mojo, who still haven’t corrected their foreign totals figure.  I’m trying to get figures for Spain – fingers crossed.

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March 10th, 2015 / 6 Comments

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Updated with actuals

As at 8 March 2015:  The figures at the moment are only “estimates”,  since the official figures usually don’t come out until tomorrow my time, but I thought I would share this information until then. According to Box Office Mojo the estimate so far is $264,100 (figures haven’t been updated for the weekend, but they are estimating it at $64,000), the week so far is $200,128.  It’s not bad considering I’m told that there is hardly any advertising for Maps in the US.  I am still trying to obtain the figures for VOD, so stay tuned.  If you haven’t seen it yet and you want to know where you can, head on over to our post for a full list of cinemas or how to watch at home here.

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 photo BOMO2.jpg

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March 4th, 2015 / 3 Comments

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You know I used to do this all the time with Rob’s films, but I realised with The Rover and I think maybe talking to David that box office isn’t really a reflection of anything.  Sure Hollywood loves movies that make money, but at the end of the day, I love movies that I love and as a cinema goer I don’t really care if a film makes $3,000 or $300 million.  And there are actors and directors out there who agree with me.  Point of fact is that in reality I actually steer away from the $300 million movies because they often never provide me with quality storytelling or acting.  And we know Rob chooses the movies he wants to make and I understand that some want Rob in more mainstream roles so they can see him at their local cinemas who often bypass his latest roles, but I just want to see him in whatever he chooses to make because imagine if Rob was the actor that did just do mainstream – we may never have seen his portrayal as Rey in The Rover, instead we’d be watching him in crap films like Neighbors|Bad Neighbours (and yes I saw it only because I was a captive audience on a flight to LA last September and I endured it during the 14 hour flight).  Food for thought.

Anyway I know there are loads of you that are interested in figures so here it goes:


“Not doing quite so well (though it was released day-and-date on VOD) was “Maps To The Stars,” which Focus Features sent out to 66 theaters after an Oscar qualifying release in late 2014 (which did result in a Golden Globe nomination for Julianne Moore, but not much else). The result was an underwhelming $139,000 for a $2,106 per-theater-average.”


“It opened in 66 theaters grossing $139K for a tepid $2,106 per-theater average, decidedly lower than Cronenberg’s last film, Cosmopolis. Entertainment One bowed that film, which also featured Pattinson, in three theaters in 2012. It had a decent opening gross of $70,339 and $23,446 PTA before clumping to a $763,556 domestic cume.

Before that, Cronenberg’s films typically had solid debuts and decent to good grosses. Sony Classics opened A Dangerous Method in 2011, grossing nearly $168K ($41,988 average). It went on to cume more than $5.7M. Eastern Promises opened in 2007 to a $547K weekend gross and $36,472 PTA before accumulating $17.26M. The 2005 drama A History Of Violence grossed nearly $516K its opening weekend for a $36,856 PTA and cumed $31.5M.”

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June 30th, 2014 / 7 Comments

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So the Australian figures came out today and according to UrbanCine, The Rover has slipped to no. 17 as at 30 June 2014 and is still only on 32 screens, which means nothing because it could play once a day on those screens as I’ve evidenced at my local cinema at a time that is impossible for anyone working full time to go and see.  Anyway it’s total box office is $425,554. And I know people think I’m going to spin it positively, but I can honestly tell you if you check out the top 10 films at the Aussie Box Office, the only one I might consider seeing is “Two Faces of January” but even then I found the storyline to be too cliched when I saw the preview during The Rover.  I’m not lying, I won’t even bother watching the top 9 films even on DVD zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

For US Box Office Mojo has an estimated box office as at 29 June 2014 at USD980,000 – it’s in about 608 cinemas during its wider release, although I’m no expert on the US box office and those cinema numbers may not be accurate.

Interesting.  Still there’s no denying the critical acclaim all are receiving.  No denying that at all.

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