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Robert Pattinson #Tenet Box Office Updaes

UPDATED: 9 November 2020 – Global hits $350 million

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9 November 2020

From Deadline:

… after its late-August release, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is approaching $300M internationally ($295.6M estimated through Sunday). Solid market drops were seen in Brazil (-27% in the sophomore session), Russia (-20%), Netherlands (-28%) and Japan (-33%). A further 16 markets have yet to go, including Argentina, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The worldwide total is now $350.8M ($40.3M from IMAX).

Previous international box office after the cut

26 October 2020: Box Office Pro

On the Tenet front, Warner Bros. provided their weekly update on the Christopher Nolan epic with a report that it added $4.6 million globally this weekend. Of that, $1.3 million came from North America — down just 15 percent from last frame. The $3.3 million overseas weekend represents a 37 percent decline from last weekend.

Tenet‘s domestic haul now stands at $52.5 million through Sunday’s end, while the worldwide gross has climbed to $341.4 million (including $289 million overseas).

Deadline reported that John Stankey, CEO of WarnerMedia parent AT&T had this to say to about the decision to release Tenet:

“I can’t tell you that we walked away from the Tenet experience saying it was a home run.”

Warner Bros. released the Christopher Nolan film Labor Day weekend to help jumpstart exhibition. But it didn’t deliver the hoped for bang, especially with theaters in New York and California closed. That remains a major roadblock, Stankey said. Some cinemas in California are open and others in New York State can reopen this Friday but core markets Los Angeles and New York City remain dark.

“I’m happy we did it. I think the team was incredibly creative. I think we learned a few things about what we can do. I think if theatres were open nation-wide, if California and New York were open, we’d have some latitude… So maybe as we get to a place where there is a little more consistent footprint we can do some more.”

Updated 19 October 2020 – From Box Office Pro:

Still demonstrating strong legs, Tenet eased just 25% to third place with an estimated $1.6 million in its seventh weekend on 2,001 screens. That gives the Christopher Nolan title $50.6 million in North America to date, about 32% of which has come from premium and large formats. Warner Bros. notes that five of the top 10-grossing theaters were in the Seattle area, where many theaters reopened this weekend.

Overall, the top 10 DMA markets for Tenet this weekend were: Orange & Riverside Counties/Greater Los Angeles; Seattle; Greater San Francisco; Detroit; Dallas; Salt Lake City; Chicago; Sacramento; Phoenix; and Greater New York – NJ/CT/PA.

Internationally, Tenet grossed an estimated $6.6 million this weekend, bring its overseas cume to $283.3 million and its global tally to $333.9 million. The film held well in several markets, including Japan (-36%), Germany (-17%), Russia (-19%), Holland (-35%) and Australia (-42%). International admissions now stand at 35.7 million; Tenet next releases in Brazil and Panama on October 29.

From Screen Daily concerning UK box office:

Warner Bros’ blockbuster Tenet topped the UK box office for an eighth consecutive weekend, as takings for the top five titles decreased 39% on the previous session.

Tenet added £186,000, a fall of 37% on its previous session. It now has £16.9m, and will likely fall short of director Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, which made £20.7m in 2014.

It is still the third-highest-grossing film of the year in the UK, behind 1917 (£43.8m) and Sonic The Hedgehog (£19m).

UPDATED: 12 October 2020

From Deadline:

There were three smaller openings this session, in Bolivia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua where the movie was No. 1 in each. Still to come are a further 21 international markets including Brazil, Argentina, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

6 October 2020 From Screen Daily re UK/Ireland

Warner Bros Tenet topped the UK-Ireland box office for the sixth consecutive week, as takings for the top five titles increased 11.6% despite news of Cineworld’s imminent closure.

Christopher Nolan’s temporal thriller grossed £628,148 from 551 locations for a £1,159 average, and has brought in £16m in total to date. Its six-week run atop the charts equals that of Joker, another Warner Bros title, from October to November 2019 â€“ the first time a film had achieved such a feat in 10 years.

5 October 2020 From BoxOfficeAnalysis:

TENET has crossed $300M worldwide. Top 5:

China $65.5M
North America $45.1M
UK $20.9M
France $20M
Germany $16.1M

From Box Office Pro

Warner Bros. checked in this morning with their weekly Tenet update, confirming the film has surpassed the $300 million global box office threshold. Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi tentpole added $14.2 million worldwide from 59 markets this weekend, including $2.7 million domestically, to reach an estimated $307 million through Sunday.

Although the circumstances are stark in contrast, Tenet is technically the first film to reign atop the domestic box office for five straight weekends since Black Panther in early 2018. 

Tenet is now the all-time highest grossing foreign film in Estonia with $1.2 million, where the film was partially shot.

Tenet is also tracking as the highest grossing Christopher Nolan film ever in Ukraine, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.

Tenet still has 24 international markets yet to release including Brazil, Argentina, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. This week the film releases in Bolivia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

2 October 2020 From Japan Times:

In COVID-19-ravaged North America, “Tenet” opened Sept. 3 in select cities, but hasn’t been able to bring a pandemic-weary populace back to cinemas. By Sept. 27, it had earned only $41.2 million compared to its estimated production budget of $200 million.

However, the film grossed $242 million internationally during the same period, giving it a much-needed boost. Following its Sept. 18 bow in Japan on 488 screens, the film has held the No. 1 box-office slot for two weeks in a row, while total earnings have soared to ¥1.2 billion ($11.4 million). During the Sept. 26 weekend, “Tenet” kept up this blistering pace, making ¥246 million ($2.3 million) on 144,707 admissions.

Even so, given that the pandemic has scared away potential patrons, especially those in the most vulnerable over-60 crowd, while forcing theaters to cut available seating by half, “Tenet” has outperformed expectations.

One reason is that, in contrast to the United States, where the cinema business is still in a state of collapse, Japanese multiplexes have successfully catered to key demographics — young adults and teenagers — that are justifiably more comfortable going to theaters than many of their overseas counterparts.

28 September 2020 From BoxOffice Pro:

Warner Bros. checks in this morning with a report that Tenet is posting another strong weekend hold on the domestic and international fronts, adding $19.2 million globally this weekend. The worldwide haul now stands at $283.2 million.

After crossing $250 million last week, the film is pacing to top the $300 million threshold by next weekend.

Christopher Nolan’s cerebral epic added $15.8 million this weekend from international play, bringing the overseas cume to $242 million.

Japan eased just 30 percent from its strong debut last weekend … France and Germany also delivered more staying power for Tenet, drawing a light 13 decline and 9 percent increase, respectively, for $1.4 million and $1.3 million frames. Nolan’s film stands at $18.0 million in France and $14.6 million in Germany. Holland (up 8 percent), Italy (down 17 percent), United Kingdom (down 21 percent), Korea (down 28 percent), and Australia (down 21 percent) round out the trend of strong holds this weekend.

China, the film’s top grossing market thus far, continues to see the title losing screens and market share as it dropped 71 percent to $1.6 million this weekend from 4,746 screens (down 38 percent from 7,670 last week). The Middle Kingdom has generated $64.3 million from Tenet to date.

Tenet still has 25 overseas markets yet to open.

As alluded to, IMAX remains a powerhouse for Tenet as the film added $2.2 million across the company network to reach $32 million in global box office from that film alone.

23 September 2020: The Wrap spoke to Warner Bros about the latest box office figures – below is an excerpt:

“If I can use a phrase from our chairman, Toby Emmerich: ‘It’s a 30-day opening, not a three-day opening,’” Cripps said at TheWrap’s virtual 2020 edition of TheGrill. “We’re in the fourth week and it’s important to note that as of Sunday we’ve broken $250 million internationally. When you do the math, that’s roughly 30 million people coming to see the movie in theaters, which is remarkable considering the situation we are in right now.”

So far, “Tenet” has grossed less than $40 million in the U.S., with the vast majority of its grosses coming overseas. Though 75% of domestic theaters have reopened, major cities like New York and Los Angeles have yet to allow theaters to resume business.

“We’ve released ‘Tenet’ in 54 countries, and each market is in a different timeline in terms of how they are handling this virus,” he said. “While the U.K. is now facing a second wave, much of the European market has rebounded a lot faster than the U.S. and we’re especially seeing stronger numbers in France, Germany and Russia.”

“In Asia, we see countries like China and Korea rebounding, and even Taiwan has done so well handling the virus that theaters there didn’t even close to begin with,” he said. But at the same time, there are other countries like India and the Philippines that are still closed, so every country is a unique story.”

Updated 21 September 2020

BoxOffice Pro provides a detailed breakdown of US domestic and international box office, to read the full breakdown click on the link, but here’s an excerpt from their report:

Warner Bros. updates this morning with a report that Tenet will eclipse the $250 million global box office threshold by Sunday’s end, earning an estimated $29.7 million from 52 markets this weekend.

The film also generated a strong debut in Japan, where its $4.3 million opening weekend topped Dunkirk and Interstellar as the biggest Nolan and Warner Bros. starts ever in the country, despite capacity restrictions around 50 percent.

Tenet‘s top market from a global perspective, China, added $5.6 million this weekend, bringing the film’s local cume to $60.6 million in the Middle Kingdom.

Mexico, with 88 percent of the market now re-opened, was a clear number one at the box office with $850,000 for the weekend. This is the first market in the Latin American region to open the film and, as in other countries, a long playout is expected for the film.

The IMAX results continue to be very strong internationally representing $3.5 million this weekend, or 14 percent of the international total.

Tenestill has 25 international markets yet to release the film, including all of Latin America, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. These markets will release once cinemas re-open in each respective country.

Updated 14 September 2020: From BoxOffice Pro:

Warner Bros. reports this morning that Tenet has crossed the $200 million global box office threshold.

The Christopher Nolan epic is adding an estimated $37.3 million worldwide this weekend across 50 markets, including the United States and Canada. Internationally, the film now stands at $177.5 million, while the domestic market will be at an estimated $29.5 million through Sunday.

In all, the studio estimates Tenet stands at $207 million globally through the end of this weekend.

BoxOffice Pro is reporting that in the US the film “added $6.7 million between Friday and Sunday in North America, the second highest global market take by the film this weekend” and in overseas China remained “Tenet‘s top market”, adding $10.2 million in its second frame this weekend.

It appears the film is posting “great staying power in key markets like Russia, where this weekend saw a mere 23 percent decline. Meanwhile, Hong Kong opened to $1.9 million this weekend”

This week Tenet will open in Mexico on 16 September, Romania and Japan on 18 September, as well as Uruguay and Israel. You can check out upcoming releases at our dedicated Tenet Film Page

UPDATED: 7 September 2020 US Opening Figures

BoxOfficePro have provided an update on international box office and US opening weekend for Tenet. I note they state Australian box office to date is AUD6.2 million [MPDAA has Tenet at No. 1 in Australia). This is what they had to say:

Warner Bros. reports that Tenet has reached an estimated $146.2 million at the global box office through Sunday, kick-starting the worldwide exhibition market with the first tentpole release since the start of the pandemic.

Tenet has earned $20.2 million domestically thus far (daily breakdowns are not available yet), while showing a strong hold internationally with just a 36 percent drop from last week. The global weekend take is $78.3 million (including previews) from 46 markets and 52,913 screens. The running overseas total is $126.0 million.

With approximately 68 percent of the domestic market currently open, Christopher Nolan’s latest film previously bowed in Canada last weekend before expanding to sneak previews at select locations in the United States on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Tenet then expanded into a wide domestic roll-out at 2,810 locations on Thursday.

Key states like most of California and New York remain closed. San Francisco, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Miami, and Detroit likewise aren’t open yet, while New Jersey, Maryland, and San Diego were just allowed to reopen a few days ago.

Said Warner Bros. in an email today, “We are very pleased with the initial results, with 65 percent-plus of US markets open and social distancing reduced seating capacities, but we always knew this release plan would be a marathon not a sprint as we await openings in more markets and theaters  in the coming weeks. Domestically, while our results show positive like-for-like theater indicators compared to previous films such as Dunkirk, there is literally no context in which to compare the results of a film opening during a pandemic with any other circumstance.  We are in unprecedented territory, so any comparisons to the pre-COVID world would be inequitable and baseless.”

Key International Markets

Tenet posted the biggest ever opening weekend for a Nolan film in China with a $30 million debut on 22,180 screens. It was the top market for Tenet, followed by domestic, Germany ($2.9 million, down 24 percent, reaching $8.7 million total), United Kingdom ($2.84 million, down 35 percent, reaching $13.1 million total), France ($2.79 million, down 53 percent, reaching $10.7 million total), and Russia ($2.6 million opening).

In all aforementioned markets, Tenet is the top grossing film at the box office. …

Tenet in IMAX

Nolan’s latest epic generated $11.1 million from 1,168 IMAX screens in 43 markets this weekend, 14.2 percent of the overall global box office frame. It’s the company’s biggest ever global September weekend.

China’s $5.3 million accounted for 18 percent of the nationwide earnings, despite IMAX representing 1 percent of total screens.

In North America, Tenet took in $2.8 million from 272 IMAX screens (estimated through Monday) to make it the company’s biggest Labor Day opening of all time despite nationwide capacity restrictions and the lack of major markets mentioned earlier. …

To read the full global report, click on link above

Robert Pattinson #Tenet Grosses $53M ~ International Markets Opening Weekend

UPDATED 31 August 2020: Australian box office for Tenet for period 27 Aug to 30 August is $2,488,436 (although this figure could also include previews from previous week). When you compare to other releases for that week it far exceeds their takings.

Warner Bros was expecting and/or predicting that Tenet might gross around $25 to $30M with some going as high as $40M with its release this weekend in 41 markets that included Canada, France, Germany, the UK and Australia. It well and truly surpassed those predictions considering the worldwide pandemic. I don’t have figures for Australia as yet, but Here is what Screen Daily had to say :

Playing in cinemas with capacity restrictions, Tenet led the way in the UK on $7.1m (£5.4m) from 3,114 screens for 74% market share.

Next was France on $6.7m (€5.7m) from 1,070 for 68% share, followed by South Korea on $5.1m (Won 6bn) on 2,228 for close to 80% share, and Germany on $4.2m (€3.6m) from 1,955 for nearly 60% market share.

Nolan’s sci-fi earned around $37m from 32 markets in the Europe/Middle East and African region and opened top in every one.

It scored the biggest Nolan debut in nine countries including Holland, Ukraine and Hungary, the biggest industry debut in Saudi Arabia on $1.47m from 131 screens, and the second biggest Hollywood launch in Estonia, where the film was partially shot, with $340,000,

IMAX generated $5m from 248 screens in 38 markets.

From Box Office Pro:

The 32 markets comprising Europe, the Middle East, and Africa grossed $37 million across 13,146 screens. Tenet has opened in first place at the box office in every market where it’s screening thus far.

“We are off to a fantastic start internationally and couldn’t be more pleased,” said Toby Emmerich, Chairman, Warner Bros. Pictures Group. “Christopher Nolan has once again delivered an event worthy motion picture that demands to be seen on the big screen, and we are thrilled that audiences across the globe are getting the opportunity to see Tenet. Thank you to our exhibition partners for their tireless efforts in reopening their cinemas in a safe and socially-distanced way. Given the unprecedented circumstances of this global release we know we’re running a marathon, not a sprint, and look forward to long playability for this film globally for many weeks to come.”

More notes from the studio include:

– Biggest ever industry opening in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with $1.47 million from 131 screens and a 64 percent market share

– Second biggest Hollywood film opening ever in Estonia, where the film was partially shot, with $340K for the weekend

– Very strong market shares for Tenet in all key markets including 74 percent in the UK, 59 percent in Germany, 67 percent in Italy,  52 percent in Spain, and 78 percent in Korea

– Excellent results from IMAX and other Premium formats where despite social distancing capacity restrictions premium formats accounted for over a quarter of box office in some markets. Nearly 250 IMAX screens on release in 38 countries this weekend grossed $5 million for a per screen average in excess of $20K, representing 9.4 percent of the overall gross.

– The film also earned the biggest ever debut for a Nolan film in nine countries, including Holland, Ukraine, and Hungary.

To read more info on territories click on hyperlinks.

To check out all current and future release dates click HERE. \

  • Sue
    Posted on August 31, 2020

    A great start and very well deserved – especially in such difficult circumstances. Let’s hope the momentum continues. Having seen it twice already, I can honestly say it gets better with every screening. The human brain (mine anyway) needs several viewings to process all the details that Nolan jam-packed into this movie. Mr Google has become a very good friend these last few days!

  • Maria
    Posted on August 31, 2020

    Just added Aussie figures – almost $2.5m – not too shabby at all.

  • sue
    Posted on August 31, 2020

    That’s much better than I was anticipating. Not many people in the cinemas here in Brisbane – at least not in the two I’ve been to recently. Hopefully momentum will build as more people hear about it over the coming weeks.

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