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Robert Pattinson The Batman Likely to Resume Filming in mid-June/July 2020

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The UK has finalised their COVID-19 government-endorsed “British Film Commission Production Guidance for Film and High-End TV Drama” which hopefully means The Batman can safely resume production in mid-June/early July once procedures in accordance with the Guidelines are put in place. According to Screen Daily:

“I’d like to think that this will give [producers] the tools to be able to begin again and put thousands and thousands of people back to work and to start generating millions of pounds back into UK PLC revenue,” Adrian Wootton, chief executive of Film London and the British Film Commission (BFC), told Screen. 

The BFC rushed to put the guidance together as part of its work with the BFI Screen Sector Task Force working on Covid-19 recovery.

Big US studio productions like Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Warner Bros’ The Batman can now go back in front of the cameras. One source told Screen that productions are expected to return mid-June to Pinewood in order to get ready for a full return to shooting in mid-July. [NOTE: Pinewood is referring to Disney’s The Little Mermaid not The Batman filming]

From Deadline:

“This guidance, created by the BFC and their colleagues, forms the cornerstone for allowing productions to get back up and running in the UK. The resumption of filming will mean that thousands of people can return to work, most importantly, with safety being paramount,” said Simon Emanuel, Executive Producer on The Witcher season one and The Batman.

From The Guardian:

Warner Bros, which is filming The Batman – starring Robert Pattinson in the title role – and the third instalment of the Fantastic Beasts franchise in the UK, is understood to be keen to resume production as soon as is safely possible.

Thanks to John Regan (aka @ShatterverseEnt) for his great Rob/Batman edits.

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Robert Pattinson talks The Batman with Total Film whilst Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas sets us straight about Tenet not being an Inception sequel

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Games Radar has shared a snippet from Rob’s interview with Total Film about his reaction to The Batman being shut down due to COVID-19:

We’d really gotten into a really good rhythm as well, so it’s kind of strange to be pausing. But, again, it’s a hard movie. I mean, obviously it’s Batman, so it’s kind of nice,” Pattinson tells Total Film while promoting the release of Tenet. “I basically went straight from Chris [Nolan’s] movie into that. And, yeah, I was feeling a little bit loopy anyway. So having some time off is not the worst thing in the world. But hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later that everything is hopefully in a better place.

The actor also confirmed that he found out about getting the Batman role on the first day of filming Tenet. “The morning of the first day,” he says. “It was kind of insane. It was a very, very intense weekend. That was a crazy way to start Chris’ film. [laughs] I think I was doing the screen test, as well, on the Saturday before I started.”

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Robert Pattinson could potentially be the Most Valuable Player in Matt Reeves’ The Batman

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According to BamSmackPow, “Robert Pattinson could potentially be the Most Valuable Player in Matt Reeves’ The Batman and become one of the all-time greatest in the process” and this is why:

Robert Pattinson’s casting as Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Batman saw the actor join a long-line of legendary actors who received unnecessary backlash from assuming critics that didn’t expect them to be cast in the role. And, like all of those other actors and actresses, he will more than likely prove those critics wrong.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman will set itself apart from previous live-action iterations (including the likes of Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher’s Batman film series and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy) as it will be more driven towards the detective aspect of the DC Comics character.

That means that Pattinson isn’t just going to have to distinguish his performances of both Bruce Wayne and Batman, it means that he’s going to have to highlight their similarities too – bringing to life the more investigative, obsessive qualities of both Bruce and Batman.

What could aid Pattinson’s overall performance is the fact that the British actor has already depicted a billionaire before – a rather manipulative and sadistic one in 28-year-old asset manager Eric Packer in Cosmopolis. Pattinson can undoubtedly apply his experience in the David Cronenberg film to the Gotham socialite’s investigative and deductive skills.

Reeves clearly saw something in Pattinson from his interpretation of Wayne and Batman that he can’t wait to share with moviegoers. With the director as a guide and the script as a blueprint, all Pattinson has to do is interpret it in such a way that highlights both aspects of the character, showcasing their differences and their similarities.

Being that Reeves’ The Batman, which is rumored to take some inspiration from the works of Alfred Hitchcock, is believed to center on a murder mystery plot, this gives Pattinson the chance to shine through as The World’s Greatest Detective.

Read the full opinion piece by clicking on link above.

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Emilie De Ravin talks Rob and filming with William Keck of Dramaversity

Dramaversity held a limited virtual meet and greet via Zoom recently for fans of Emilie De Ravin. William Keck interviewed Emilie and this is her response to working with Rob:

Keck: You also had an onscreen romance with a future Batman – Robert Pattinson.

Emilie: I know he’s going to be Batman – that’s so cool.

Keck: Tell us about Rob, what do you love about Rob?

Emilie: He’s very – probably to a fault, he’s so self-deprecating. He thinks he is super unattractive, super dorky, super just like…. ‘why does anyone like me?’ But not in a sense that people do that who want the attention, but like authentically and just funny. We had a really wonderful time working together because it was just easy, easy and fun and our sense of humor is very similar. I find my Australian sense of humour is on par with European sense of humour – English, Scottish or Irish, there is a lot of sarcasm and kind of taking the piss out of each other which is I think is borderline offensive to a lot of people in America. I grew up – you make fun of each other to a point and everyone knows that you’re joking. So that was all really nice we got to have a lot of fun on that set.

What the interview below – thanks Allison

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Robert Pattinson The Batman is next evolution of classic characters according to Jeffrey Wright

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Jeffrey Wright who, as you know, is portraying Commissioner Gordon in Matt Reeves The Batman recently revealed some interesting tidbits about the film in an interview with SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show. From The Hollywood Reporter:

“My take is — the way I explain what we’re doing is, like with any film, we’re working together to create a mood, to create an idea, a setting, a tone,” Wright said. “This is the next evolution since 1939 when these stories began.”

Added Wright, “This is the next evolution of Gotham. So I am working off the stage [director] Matt [Reeves] is providing and also working off what [star] Robert [Pattinson] is doing. We are trying to create something together that is our own, but is also Batman.” 

The Westworld star said the best example he could point to for what he was trying to explain was the new Batmobile. 

“I read the script for the Batmobile and I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s it,'” he said. “[Bruce Wayne] created the most badass muscle car you could imagine, but it’s grounded in Gotham. It’s grounded in Americana.

The Batman filming is currently on hiatus due to COVID-19, but is scheduled for release on 1 October 2021. Stay up to date with our The Batman Film Page.

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Robert Pattinson is garnering support as The Batman

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With the release of Rob’s interview with GQ came a lot of attention about Rob not working out nor taking the role seriously – you know the usual backlash when people don’t really understand Rob. Personally I preferred to focus on Rob’s comments about how he is hoping to leave his mark on such an iconic role. With the possibility that filming will shortly recommence once appropriate plans are in place a few others decided to weigh in (no pun intended) in support of Rob. Here’s what they had to say:

Travis Bean from ForbesRobert Pattinson Is Proving Why He’s The Perfect Choice For Batman

“And then I was thinking,” he told GQ after he recounted all of the past performances of Batman, “it’s fun when more and more ground has been covered. Like, where is the gap? You’ve seen this sort of lighter version, you’ve seen a kind of jaded version, a kind of more animalistic version. And the puzzle of it becomes quite satisfying, to think: Where’s my opening? And also, do I have anything inside me which would work if I could do it?”

Because of this mentality, I think Pattinson will bring a brand new atmosphere to the Batman character—an energy that might not please fans of the comic books, but will please the 90% of moviegoers who don’t really care for the comics. Pattinson’s approach is very cinematic and cooperative, as he works closely with noted director after noted director to find his niche. And it seems he and The Batman director Matt Reeves have some interesting things in store for their version of the superhero.

As you might have read, Pattinson has refused to work out for his role as Batman. Even a detail as small as that should be excitedly praise, as it shows he’s taking a calculatedly mental approach to the performance. And I think that attitude will pay off once The Batman hits theaters in a post-coronavirus-pandemic world (whenever that is).

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