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RPAU Roundup of Robert Pattinson events and photoshoots in 2017

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Here we are again heading into our 10th year of celebrating Rob’s fabulous career and 2018 is certainly kicking off where 2017 hopefully left off.  The world premiere of Damsel at Sundance in a few weeks, potential recognition for Rob’s performance in Good Time (I’m still holding out hope), High Life at Cannes or according to The Playlist possibly Venice and a couple of films in the pipeline.  The big question is what will be Rob’s next film – will it be The Devil All the Time with Antonio Campos or Oliver Assayas Idol’s Eye (having found new financiers).  Joanna Hogg’s The Souvenir 2 is rumoured to be filming in the Summer and Waiting for the Barbarians with Ciro Guerra is waiting in the wings (sorry for the lame pun).  Of course I’m sure Rob has more up his sleeve too which means exciting times ahead.  I wrapped up the first 6 Months in Review in July, so I won’t repeat it here, but I did finish off by saying there’s so much to come in the next 6 months – if only I had an inkling then of really how much was ahead.  In the 9 years we have been running RPAustralia, this was by far one of the busiest times post Twilight and definitely a career high for Rob.  In fact, for the first time, I’m going to split the 12 Months in Review into individual months because Rob certainly kept us busy in the second half of 2017.


Rob started off the month by surprising us with an appearance during Paris Fashion Week at Christian Dior, Couturier du Reve Exhibition Launch. I think he may have surprised himself too because I doubt he ever thought he would be photographed with the French First Lady.   Good Time:  We found out it was to have its North American premiere at Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal.  Rob certainly didn’t disappoint during the press junket, press conference and red carpet.  Rob then turned up in New York for a special members screening followed by a Q&A at the Museum of Moving Images in Astoria, Queens.  Add to that appearances on Howard Stern Show Siriusxm and CBS Sunday Morning – July was definitely setting the pace.  Rob also attended Q&As at Film Comment in NYC and Filmmaker Forum at the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco which also gave us a press junket.  High Life:  Juliette Binoche joined Rob and replaced Patricia Arquette which meant – it really was starting to come together for filming. Photoshoots: Thanks to all the hype from Good Time some of Rob’s photographers came out of the woodworks and treated us to some old shots that they had taken but had previously been unseen – yes I’m talking about you Danielle Levitt and Victoria Stevens.  Filming:  We were also teased us with Rob filming on the streets of New York – what was he doing, is this a new film?  We were all pondering but it wasn’t going to take us long to find out.


Good Time:  Promo was in full swing.  The month started with a real bonus, Rob reading from Disguise Techniques which I think is one of, if not, THE best promos he’s ever done for a film.  Rob attended the New York premiere and presented the film in LA to members of The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, The Cinefamily, SAG-AFTRA and a Q&A at KRCW|Arclight Hollywood.  Rob was back in NYC for more Q&As at Buildseries, Times Talk, AMC Loews Lincoln Square & Regal Union Square.  Rob also attended a special screening of One Year in A Life of Crime at MetrographNYC which was a film that influenced the Safdies.  We were also treated to a plethora of interviews thanks to LA and New York press junkets where we also found out how Rob stayed unrecognisable in New York during filming, Rob’s love of film, which we already knew about, but more importantly directors he was proposing to work with and future films. We had TV appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Charlie Rose Show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Good Morning America.  And who can forget the hoopla that happened after Rob’s dog story on Kimmel.  For the first time ever Rob released a statement about the fact that the dog story was a joke – clearly we all knew about Rob’s ability to tell tall tales.  Let’s not forget how many BTS photos and footage we were treated to – remember those young Connie Nikas mugshots. Also August gave us Rob’s first foray in a Reddit AMA. Pure gold. Awards: Scott Feinberg chatted with Rob for THR’s Awards Chatter – I guess we should have realised what the next few months might bring.  Photoshoots:  Teasing seemed to be the norm by this stage, and we were with some new photos of Rob taken at The Bowery Hotel in New York. Photographer Dustin Cohen also treated us to some new snaps on his social media and another new shoot for GQ Magazine.  In addition to the shoot, GQ Magazine also gave us Rob’s now infamous short film Fear & Fame and the quest for a hotdog. High Life:  Andre Benjamin had joined cast and the September/October filming looked more promising.  Juliette finished off the month by teasing us with a pic of Rob in his new bedroom.  Damsel:  Nathan & David Zellner joined Rob as cast mates. Dior: “What Would You Do For Love”  #DiorLoveChain video was a very welcomed surprise. Well not really surprised that Dior used Rob, just that it was an unexpected treat.


Photoshoots:  One of the best starts to a month is definitely a new photoshoot and interview and LeMonde did not disappoint.  Neither did W Mag, Esquire UK, GQ France and the very unique Wonderland which as Suze mentioned, was at the opposite end of the spectrum to the new classic Dior Homme Spring 2018 campaign that followed. Good Time:  Rob attended Deauville Film Festival to present the film.  We finally saw Iggy Pop’s Pure and the Damned video which starred Rob as Connie Nikas. Again, we were treated to more new interviews and the film would be at even more film festivals.  High Life: We had confirmation that Rob was in Cologne for High Life thanks to Il Cancello Restaurant Cologne sharing a happy snap. New Projects:  Antonio Campos’s “The Devil All The Time” was added to Rob’s projects in development on IMDbPro. This film has to be made, it’s one of my favourite books. Awards:  September started with Rob receiving a special achievement award celebrating his career at Deauville and ended with finding out that Rob would be awarded with the Maverick Award at SCAD.  Amazon Studios would also be launching an Oscar campaign for The Lost City of Z which included a Best Actor in Supporting Role for Rob.


Good Time:  Rob attended the post screening Q&A at Cologne Film Festival. He followed up that appearance with the UK premiere at the London Film Festival. Whilst in London he also attended a press junket at Global Radio Studios.  Events:  Also whilst in London Rob attended the Academy’s New Members Party.  High Life:  Juliette Binoche sure knew how to tease us with another happy snap of the cast.  We also had Rob photographed with ESA’s Thomas Pesquet and Russia’s cosmonaut – Sergei Valerievich.  Claire Denis also mentioned to The Daily Beast something we all knew – Rob’s allure is undeniable. Sing it sister!  Awards:  The IFP 27th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards released their nominees and Rob picked up a “Best Actor” nomination.  We of course found out in November that he didn’t win, but I’m chuffed he’s being nominated.  No doubt Rob is too. Photoshoots:  October closed off with Brent Lavett sharing a new photo of Rob getting a buzz cut once Good Time filming had been completed.


Photoshoots:  It’s always a feast when a month starts with outtakes and we can thank GQ France for that. The Hollywood Reporter teased us with some new shots. Again, we wouldn’t wait long to find out what that was all about. Another new shoot by Andy Parsons for TimeOut London also emerged. Good Time:  Print and video interviews kept on coming and Rob was back on the cover of Sight & Sound magazine. He also attended a Q&A at SCAD Savannah Film Festival. I thought by now the appearances would have tapered off but that wasn’t to be. Rob was still “Having a Good Time” at the Vulture Festival LA, surprising Athenians with his appearance at the premiere of Good Time in Greece (no doubt as a thank you to the financing duo of Terry Dougas and Paris Latsis-Kasidokostas) and finished off the month by attending a Q&A at the Lisbon Sintra Film Festival. In fact, November confirmed why Good Time was included in competition in Cannes – Thierry Fremaux confirmed that Rob was the one who convinced him to “be bolder and screen Good Time in competition”.  Rob’s a little mover and shaker that’s for sure. Damsel:  We found out that Samuel Alabaster was our cowboy. The Octopus Project confirmed that the Damsel soundtrack was almost complete which had us convinced that the film might premiere at Sundance and by the end of the month we knew we were right as the premiere at Sundance was finally announced. We also had our first official look at Samuel.  Awards:  Rob picked up his “Maverick” award at SCAD.  A24 launched “For Your Consideration Oscar campaign for Good Time – Rob gets another Best Actor chance and Rob was again nominated for Best Actor at the Independent Spirit Awards and the Satellite Awards. High Life:  Claire Denis told THR why Rob was perfect for the film – which we can’t dispute because Rob’s perfect for every role. Thanks to a cast photo we know that filming was now complete. Events:  More print and video interviews including Rob with Jamie Bell for Variety’s Actor on Actor’s which turned out to be what the photoshoot THR teased us about. A24 held a party for the stars of their films and Brooklynn Prince was one lucky little lady.  Rob was definitely in an awards party mood when he was also at a birthday party with Rhianna’s creative director at the Chateau Marmont and the 9th Annual Governor’s Ball held by the Academy of Arts & Sciences.  This was followed up by an appearance at the AFI Indie Contenders Panel.  We were surprised to find out that Rob was a co-chair at the inaugural Fred Hollows Foundation Gala in LA, a project dear to Joel Edgerton. Had me hoping Rob was definitely involved in a project Joel and David Michôd are working on called KING. Time will tell I guess. Of course Rob attended the 10th Annual GO Campaign Gala Dinner and Rob wasn’t finished yet with his appearances turning up to the Lisbon Sintra Film Festival for a Q&A for a special screening of Cosmopolis and ending off the month with the Gotham Awards (where he didn’t win, but it was still fabulous that he was nominated) and a surprise appearance with Josh Safdie on Celebrity Row at the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.  New projects:  Rob confirmed that Waiting for the Barbarians was his Ciro Guerra project and it soon turned up on his IMDbPro “projects in development”. The Irish Times was told by Rob that he’s really started to enjoy acting.  That’s good to hear Rob.


By December, I was ready for a huge nap.  Not sure how Rob kept up the space of the past 6 months, but keep it up he did. I guess popping that champagne cork right on 31 December 2017 thanks to W Mag showed us exactly the year Rob had. New Projects:  December kicked off with us finding out that Rob would be playing Colonel Joll in Waiting for the Barbarians. It also looks like Idol’s Eye might be back on track with new financiers Charities:  Rob’s charitable self was now involved in another project – this time the Turtle Convservancy.  We’re staying tuned because there’s apparently more coming.  Good Time:  Rob clearly wasn’t done with promoting the film and turned up to the MOMA screening + Q&A in New York with the Safdies and OPN.  Not to mention in the final days IndieWire released their interview with Rob as part of their Awards Spotlight.  2017 sure was a brilliant year for Rob. Events:  We finally had the full Variety Actor on Actor’s video between Rob and Jamie Bell.  December treated us to the most amazing audio – Rob reciting James Wrights Poem “Sitting in a hammock at William Duffy’s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota. sigh  When Rob’s not reciting poetry he’s apparently practicing Jiu-Jitsu.  Rob never ceases to amaze.  Which again he proved by featuring in the “I Won’t Be Silent” video against sexual assault.  Meanwhile back to the party circuit – Rob turned up to Kris Van Assche’s Dior Private Dinner and the GQ Men of the Year at the Chateau Marmont, not to mention the Hostiles Premiere After Party where I was ever hopeful of Rob being photographed with Christian Bale (even though I wasn’t sure Christian even attended). One last appearance before he hung up his promotion boots – this time THR’s inaugural Live Roundtable.  December gave us another surprise although this is only included because that’s when the photo surfaced – Rob was photographed with Noomi Rapace as part of the promotion for NCP Olfactives “The Piece” which Noomi promotes. Awards:  There’s even more award nominations for Rob. The Lost City of Z:  Just a few last minute appearances before the year ends off  – this time at a screening and Q&A for the Producers Guild as part of Amazon’s push for an Oscar campaign.  Photoshoots:  With so many photoshoots this year, December couldn’t be left out and so Deadline treated us to a new one.  High Life:  We ended off the month with Lars Eidinger sharing a new photo with Rob during High Life filming.  DAMSEL: But the best surprise was the new Sundance sales poster for Damsel – Rob on a horse – need I say more.


I know I’ve mentioned Oscar nominations, and let’s be honest – it’s a slim if not buckley’s chance, but it was still good to see random tweets from people who were miffed Rob wasn’t nominated for a Golden Globe.  Rob is proof that hard work pays off.  Also, I’ve commented above about print and video interviews each month, if you want to check out a more comprehensive post of them head on over to our Good Time Events master post HERE since with the amount of work Rob’s done in the last 6 months of 2017 I’ve probably missed something.  You can also check out all the events HERE and previous The Year That Was HERE. 

Wishing Rob another stellar year in 2018.  Here’s 2017 in pictures.

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The Pattinsonaissance is in full swing for the first 6 months of 2017

Here we are at the end of the first 6 months of 2017 and boy what a 6 months it’s been for Robert. We started off 2017 with Queen of the Desert, The Childhood of a Leader and The Lost City of Z being screened and were anticipating Good Time and Damsel.  Both the latter films were included in Most Anticipated Lists for 2017.  As was High Life, but we learnt early on that the film wasn’t being shot until at last August 2017.  But let’s get down to what has been new in the past 6 months.  Dior unleashed a new campaign in January – Dior Homme Sport.  Then Robert surprised us by attending Albane Cleret’s “A Club” New Year’s Eve Dinner on 13 January 2017 where he was pictured with Sidney Toledano. February saw Xavier Beauvois share photos of Robert visiting the set of  Claire Denis’s film “Let the Sunshine In” and well the sunshine always shines when Robert’s around. It also gave us The Lost City of Z premieres at Berlinale and the UK – meaning photocalls, press conferences and red carpet goodness.  It also unleashed new photoshoots, like Francois Berthier at Berlinale and the Berlinale Portrait.  March was relatively quiet, but I guess it was the calm before the storm, although we did get confirmation that Robert was doing music for the Zellner Bros’s Damsel thanks to Metro UK.  It also gave us Uncle Karl unleashing his photographs from a new Dior campaign – Black Carpet Collection. There was also a hint that Good Time could be at Cannes and A24 did update their website to include the film as “coming soon”. But just as March was leaving, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in London let us know that Robert and Sam Bradley stopped by for a bite to eat and were gracious enough to take a photo with the restaurant staff. This takes us to April where Robert surprised us and a lot of people by turning up to a very sneaky premiere of The Lost City of Z in LA and also a Q&A. Josh and Benny introduced us to Connie Nikas for the first time as a treat for the film being selected “in competition” at Cannes. Robert popped up at a birthday celebration in LA and posed for a photo with film producer David Gorder and then literally popped up at Pop & Sukee Spring Soiree.  We were also teased about that new photoshoot by Torbjørn Rødland which I’ll talk more about shortly. Dior also treated us to a new photo – Robert wearing sunglasses is always a treat. I often say that Rayban missed out on having one of the best spokespersons – their loss. April finished off with the exciting news that Robert indeed is singing on the soundtrack of Damsel and Robert attending the birthday celebrations for Jaimie King (still admit I have no idea who she is). This now takes us to May. What can I say about May. We had so much goodness just in this one month – not only because it was Robert’s birthday, but Robert attending Cannes with Good Time, receiving critical acclaim for his performance and amazing photoshoots. But before we get to that, I uncovered BTS shots of Robert as Connie Nikas that American Liberty Bail Bonds had sitting on their website. Crash Magazine gave us the photoshoot we had been teased with in April by Torbjørn Rødland. The news hit that Robert was involved in a new movie by Joanna Hogg that would be co-produced by Martin Scorsese called The Souvenir. And then we had Cannes – photocalls, press conference, red carpet premiere, interviews, photoshoots and well just all round goodness.  Robert also confirmed that he would be doing future projects with Ciro Guerra, Antonio Campos and our very own David  Michôd. Robert also attended the premiere of Joaquin Phoenix/Lynne Ramsay “You Were Never Really Here” whilst in Cannes. Fabulous times just in the last week of May which filtered into June, giving us more new Dior/Cannes goodness and another new photoshoot. Not to mention Robert on the cover of Gala France (which as Posh pointed out was one of the few times that there was a male on the cover), Cahier Du Cinema and CinemaScope.  New photoshoots – ParisMatch,  NY Times and Victoria Stevens, not to mention brand new interviews. Also, as an aside, Good Time popped up as a last minute inclusion at the Sydney Film Festival – the positive reviews and accolades continued for his performance as Connie Nikas. We found out that Robert turned up to watch his longtime friend Tom Sturridge on Broadway in his new play “1984”  and have dinner with Bret Easton Ellis. Connie Nikas leads us out of June and we have so much to look forward to in the next 6 months. Bring it Robert – bring it.


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January 1st, 2017 / 2 Comments

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It’s 2017 and we have so much to look forward to – The Lost City of Z, Damsel, Good Time coming to cinemas near you (we hope).  As you know, I like to wrap up the previous year and reflect on what delights Robert has given us. (If  you’re feeling a little nostalgic -check out our Masterpost for The Year That Was …)  Back in July I posted my 6 Months in Review so I won’t repeat everything that I said there, I did end it off with wonder what surprises Robert has for the next 6 months and he did not disappoint.  July treated us with new stills of Charles Marker for The Childhood of a Leader and a new clip of Charles Marker talking the tragedies of Pontius Pilate.  Ian Beck who wrote The Summer House shared some new stills that I definitely had not seen.  The biggest surprise in July was Robert filming The Zellner Bros film “Damsel” with Mia Wasikowska. So under the radar that it was a complete surprise to all of us. Sneaky sneaky.  Toronto was displaying Robert’s shoes from Remember Me as part of the Bata Shoes Museum. In the first week of August The Lost City of Z was announced as the closing film of the New York Film Festival.  That gave us hope that we would finally see Robert promoting one of his films.  It had felt so long since we had seen him on a red carpet promoting. John Tsiavas gave us some new photos of Rey from The Rover – happy days.  Brady Corbet and Robert gave us a new interview for the UK release of The Childhood of a Leader and with that we had a new photoshoot. Kodak Film also gave us a BTS photo of Brady and Mona with the cast.  We also got news that Robert is possibly working with Mona Fastvold on her next film project “The Bleaching Yard” although no official information has come through as yet.  We had some set photos from Damsel, although I only posted one of them and we ended August with some L’uomo Vogue photos finally in HQ.  Damsel started off September in post production.  Some chatter started up about The Trap and Oliver Assayas hinted at Idol’s Eye being back on track. September ended with a bang and another surprise – Dior Nocturnal Spring campaign shot by Karl Lagerfeld.  We also got a gorgeous Capital FM photo in UHQ from The Rover press junket/promo  Robert was announced in October as Co-Chair with Ewen McGregor for the Go Gala Charity Event to be held in November. Oliver Assayas mentioned at NYFF again that Idol’s Eye might be back on track.  Robert was confirmed to attend world premiere of The Lost City of Z at NYFF and boy did we get some great photos including that portrait session.  Good Time was in post production … again.  We were also spoilt by Posh with UHQs of new photos of Robert from Red Nose Day in 2015.  A24 was announced as distributor for Good Time and the Zellner Bros officially announced Damsel.  October was good to us and then November … bam.  Sylvester Stallone announced to replace Robert DeNiro in Idol’s Eye – it was definitely back on track. Josh Safdie clued us in on Good Time.  Robert attended the Go Gala Charity Event and again we were spoilt with HQs thanks to Posh. We had some updates about financing for High Life from AFM and IMDbPro updated Robert’s IMDbPro page with The Trap, Idol’s Eye and High Life in “pre-production” with the latter to shoot in the spring.  November also gave us a new still from Ring of the Nibelungs and some new photos from a 2009 Japanese photoshoot.  And a few more surprises – Robert attended a special event hosted by Brad Grey from Paramount and The Drum Thing book launch with Death Grips drummer Zach Hill.  November ended with news that the US had a new distributor for Queen of the Desert and would be released in the spring of 2017 and the possibility of Robert working with Houda Benyamina on her new film in the new year *fingers crossed*.  Robert continued surprising us in December with attendances at the GQ+Dior Men of the Year Dinner at Chateau Marmont, Private Event for Hidden Figures and the LA Dance Project Annual Gala with FKATwigs.  Oh and we finally had a cast photo from Damsel. Loving that hairstyle. Can’t wait for these films.  As we headed towards the end of the year we finally had Robert’s NYFF Portrait in HQ, some great photos from Austin Hargrave from his Hollywood Reporter photoshoot, our first official stills for The Lost City of Z featuring Henry Costin and what looks to be a brand new photoshoot from Norman Jean Roy – wowza.  I think I’ve covered most things.  If I’ve missed anything you can obtain a full comprehensive review of the past year (and previous years) by heading over to our RPAU Week in Review masterpost where I’ve nattered on every week trying to cover news about Robert’s appearances and films.  As I said at the beginning, so looking forward to 2017 – 3 films on the big screen, High Life filming (possibly The Trap and Idol’s Eye – although I’ll believe it when they actually say “film wrapped”, and who knows what else Robert has up his sleeve for us.  Can’t wait to spend the next 12 months being entertained by this man and sharing it with all of you. Happy New Year.

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July 1st, 2016 / 2 Comments

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I have been looking back over the 6 months and then 12 months for a few years now.  I know I do the weekly wrap ups but sometimes it’s just great to see what appearances, and mostly surprise ones of late,  and/or news we have encountered since 1 January 2016.  And it didn’t take us long in this new year for us to see DiorRobv2. Peter Lindbergh’s photoshoot was finally unleashed as was the Intense City Dior campaign and boy did it sizzle and live up to its “Intense” name. Robert’s films The Lost City of Z, The Childhood of a Leader and The Trap were mentioned in numerous “Most Anticipated” lists.  Caitlin Cronenberg shared a BTS pic from Cosmopolis because sharing is caring.  We had an update on Good Time filming and MadRiver joined to co-produce The Trap.  Posh started spoiling us in January with some MQ Remember Me, Cannes Cosmopolis, 2012 Photoshoot and Details photoshoot outtakes.  And Dior were still spoiling us with the Intense Campaign unleashing BTS photos and a video for the Making of the campaign. Sizzle sizzle. January finished off by giving us a new Queen of the Desert still.  February kicked off by giving us a potential Lost City of Z release date for France, more funding for High Life and a possible May filming schedule and a special screening of The Childhood of a Leader at Berlinale.  The Childhood of a Leader found a UK|Ireland distributor, Studio Canal Australia hinted to a wide release for The Lost City of Z, Life was released in Russia and Robert was nowhere to be found.  Harmony Korine teased in an interview that he might be filming The Trap in May.  Hmmm yes well … we all know how that turned out.  Dale Armin Johnson, one of the producers of The Lost City of Z, shared his set photo with Robert.  Who doesn’t love extreme beardy Rob.   February surprised us even more than January because nobody was expecting the Dior Autumn Ready to Wear Campaign and certainly not the Dior photoshoot by Karl Lagerfeld or the Jean-Baptiste Mondino shoot and the cover for Numero Magazine.   We crossed over into March with the Jean-Baptiste portraits which were something else weren’t they.  Brazil also set a release date for The Lost City of Z.  In the meantime, The Childhood of a Leader continued to be released at film festivals.  A few more Karl Lagerfeld pics were unleashed as were a bonanza of photos from the Sydney premiere of The Rover. You know who else spoilt us?  Eric Roberts that lovely brother of Julia because he cheekily unleashed a set photo of himself with Robert from Good Times so we in fact knew that the filming was most definitely in full swing and a few more cast mates were unleashed.  March saw the US eagerly awaiting the release of The Queen of the Desert and so we had a few new stills, but as for the release – well who knows what happened to that. Claire Denis talked about her faith in Robert and we found out that his role in High Life was originally written with Philip Seymour Hoffman in mind. In keeping with surprising us at the beginning of each month April did not disappoint – that sales teaser for The Lost City of Z.  How freaking amazing did that look.  Rob in that river – dreams are made of this haha.  We also were spoilt with “Gertie Will You Please Not Marry Me” teaser from Queen of the Desert thanks to the Korean release.  And still no word about the US.  We were treated to a great BTS photo from The Summerhouse.  Good Time was marked “post production” and The Lost City of Z was marked “complete” on IMDb, although the latter may have been a little premature since it’s now still in ‘post production”.  The Birthday Project in conjunction with The Go Campaign was unleashed for the fandom to support in honour of Robert’s 30th birthday.  May – what can we say about May.  It was the lead up to Robert’s birthday and well we all know The Met Gala is held on the first Monday in May. Who can forget that first picture of Robert – smokin’ is an understatement. We were treated to so many pics of Robert and FKA Twigs.  It was a bonanza.  Robert may not have been returned to Sydney since June 2014, but the Dior King Street Boutique has him sitting front and centre (and I can confirm he’s still there). The GO Campaign #weGOforRob exceeded its set total and hit over $17,000 for Robert’s birthday.  New The Childhood of a Leader stills were unleashed and Caitlin Cronenberg shared another great photo of Robert and Paul from Cosmopolis at Cannes.  You know who else shared a photo – Sirius Satellite Radio from 2008 no less. As we were saying goodbye to May it treated us to a trailer for The Childhood of a Leader that did include scenes from Robert.  Excitement level went up 1000 notches.  Peter Lindbergh also spoilt us with some new Dior photoshoot pics and not only did we get a BTS video for them, but The Lost City of Z gave us a set pic of Rob having his makeup reapplied. Robert also sent a sincere thanks to his fandom for the money raised in honour of his birthday.  Bye bye May you were so good to us.  From there we found ourselves in June and well … Queen of the Desert finally hit our shores, as did The Childhood of a Leader which was in competition at the Sydney Film Festival – unfortunately no Robert this time round *sniffs* and it didn’t win but we did get a pic of Robert and Katie Leung from 2005 GoF promo in Osaka, Japan – again thanks to Posh.  We might not have seen Robert in Sydney, but we definitely saw him towards the end of June – first in a pic with producer Gary Michael Walters then with JW Anderson & A$AP Rocky at their fashion collection after party. We were also treated to a old TF1 interview that we hadn’t seen from France before.  Of course we ended the month of in spectacular style with Robert attending Kris Van Assche’s “Fun Fair” Dior Paris Fashion Show and Dinner.  How amazing did he look.  The US not to be outdone unleashed a different trailer for The Childhood of a Leader. We may not have seen Robert promoting any movies, but we know that he has filmed Good Time and that High Life may be filming in October in Poland.  Let’s not talk about The Trap and well – maybe the US will see Queen of the Desert in the second half of 2016. I hope I haven’t missed anything, but if I have you can check out what has happened so far this year at our RPAU Week in Review master post. Wonder what Robert has up his sleeve for us for the next 6 months.  Can’t wait.

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January 1st, 2016 / 12 Comments

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Well here we are in 2016 and as much as we have to look forward to this year, I always look back and reflect on Rob’s career, not only for the 6 months review, but 2015 as a whole.  You’ll remember I ended off the 6 months hoping that Rob and Charlie Hunnam would feature and I’m sooo  happy to say that they will.  So to quickly wrap up the first 6 months, we had January kicking off with Rob and The Rover being nominated for 7 AACTA Awards.  Rob and Maps to the Stars were nominated for 11 Canadian Screen Awards.  February brought us LIFE and Queen of the Desert world premieres at the 65th Berlinale. Lost City of Z replaced Benedict Cumberbatch with Charlie Hunnam *still twirling*.  February also had Rob filming The Childhood of A Leader. We saw a teaser trailer of Rob and Dane from LIFE.   We were teased with Rob joining Martin Koolhoven’s Brimstone with Mia Wasikowska and Guy Pearce, but then a snag hit and Rob had to pull out.  Rob then joined Harmony Korine’s “The Trap”.  In March we saw the not so secret photoshoot/film for Dior, that I told people wasn’t going to be unleashed in 2015, but nobody wanted to believe it.  We had a surprise Rob appearance at the Oscar’s Vanity Fair After Party with Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller which gave us that incredible VF portrait *fansself*.  We saw Rob in his T E Lawrence costume holding those lion cubs.  Was worth the wait.  In May we were teased that The Childhood of a Leader had a special screening.  Rob also turned up to the Met Gala for the first time and then surprised us by attending the Safdie Bros “Heaven Knows What” premiere in New York and after party.  We didn’t know it then, but we would find out in July that Rob had signed on for the Safdie Bros next film “Good Time”.  Then we had updates on the status of Lost City of Z.  July also saw us being treated to some great behind the scenes photos of Rob taken by David Gilligan during the filming of How To Be.  Rob surprised us again by reversing roles when he interviewed Jamie Bell for Interview Mag.  Loved that he was the “interviewer” rather than the “interviewee”.  The Rover was released in Japan and Maps to the Stars in Venezuela. August teased us with a photoshoot outtake from Danielle Levitt.  The Lost City of Z gave us cast updates and Harmony Korine confirmed Rob’s involvement with The Trap. Venice also announced that it would include The Childhood of a Leader in competition. Meanwhile we all waited for something/anything from the film showing Rob. Life continued to be released at film festivals and Anton Corbijn continued to praise Rob. France was gearing up for Rob’s appearance at Deauville in September both for the film’s premiere and to present him with the “New Hollywood” award. Meanwhile August saw the announcement of Life being released in Australia and Vertigo and I went to a media screening of the film.  It also saw the announcement that Rob would attend the Venice Film Festival, but more importantly August gave us the announcement of Rob’s involvement with Claire Denis’ new project, which we now know is a sci-fi film called “High Life”. September announced that Rob was unable to attend both Deauville & Venice because he was filming Lost City of Z. I know loads of people were disappointed that there were no promo pics or interviews, even though we started to see a lot more print interviews from Rob, but I was happy because we finally had Rob and Charlie Hunnam on set together. This movie was a long time coming and I couldn’t be happier that it was finally being filmed.  We also had a new still from The Childhood of a Leader.  Just like Rob surprised us at the inaugural Red Nose Day for the US, his philanthropy knew no bounds in 2015. It was announced that Rob had joined The Global Goals for Sustainable Development campaign. September was a busy month. We saw the B-roll from Life, Rob accepted his award at Deauville (in his trailer’s bathroom), loads more print interviews and Rob was on the cover of Les Inrocks (France). Life was screening at the Zurich Film Festival, Queen of the Desert was being released in Germany and The Childhood of a Leader won the Luigi De Laurentiss Award for Debut Film and Brady won best director for New Horizons at Venice. We were then spoilt with a few more stills of Rob. More film festivals for Life, Little White Lies teased with a drawing of Rob as Dennis Stock, Rob told DeutschlandFunk he didn’t have a “selfie face” which I highly doubt and some Australian states were going to see Queen of the Desert as part of the BBC British Film Festival.   As we were saying goodbye to September, we were treated with an unseen interview from Cosmopolis “two shots, two beers”, David Gilligan let us know he was about to unleash another behind the scenes video and gave us a great backstory to one of his photos from the film.  Rob made the cover of NME magazine and SPP Photography shared a few of their photos of Rob in Cannes in 2014.  October treated us with some great BTS photos that Anton Corbijn took himself. Brady talked about how “beautiful” Rob is ahead of The Childhood of a Leader screening at Taipei Film Festival and the special screening + Q&A at the John Burns Centre in New York.  Meanwhile Lost City of Z was still filming and we had another sneak peak.  David Gilligan also gives us another look at what he is proposing to unleash for his second BTS How To Be video.  Speaking of BTS, we were treated to some Life footage and interviews with Rob, Dane and Anton and Queen of the Desert unleashed their US website. I should mention that there was also a chance to register to watch online a different “cut” of Queen of the Desert. Note to self: always check your junk folder! Kate Long shared some old photos of Rob from Bad Mother’s Handbook and Gentleman’s Journal showed us the kind of man Rob turned out to be – one of the 5 style icons of today “Pattinson personifies the formal evening-wear perfectly.” Like we didn’t know that.  The Childhood of a Leader was in more film festivals and High Life cast one of Rob’s teenage crushes. Hello Patricia Arquette. November saw Werner saying nice things about Rob. Lost City of Z was in post production *yipeeonestepcloser*. Rob showed his philanthropic side again and was named First Ambassador for the Go Campaign. Then Rob’s fans showed how much they supported this cause. Rob attended and the internet went crazy as it did when Rob attended the MOBO Awards to support FKATwigs. We came across an old photo from Uniqlo – love that the internet still surprises us occasionally when it comes to vintage Rob. As we headed towards the pointy end of the year November finally gave us some footage of Rob from The Childhood of a Leader. December finally saw Life released (albeit limited) in the US, High Life received more funding and Harmony talked a little about Rob as did Francis Lawrence.  We also were spoilt with some new Rover portraits. Caitlin Cronenberg shared a new still for Life and Josh Safdie mentioned filming for Good Time. As I mentioned, there were loads of print interviews promoting Life, I didn’t mention all of them in the wrap up, but if you have missed anything during the year you can always head on over to our RPAU Week in Review Page where you will find all our week reviews since we started in November 2014. We do this because we know sometimes real life gets in the way and you can’t always stay up to date with Rob.  What do we have to look forward to in 2016 … Good Time should start filming in a few days.  Claire Denis’ “High Life” is supposed to film in April and then there’s The Trap. At the cinemas we are hopefully going to see The Childhood of a Leader, most definitely Queen of the Desert and fingers crossed Lost City of Z is unleashed too.  Add to that any promo that Rob may do and that makes for one happy Rob fan (or a few thousand).  I say bring it 2016 … BRING.IT.

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