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The Pattinsonaissance is in full swing for the first 6 months of 2017

Here we are at the end of the first 6 months of 2017 and boy what a 6 months it’s been for Robert. We started off 2017 with Queen of the Desert, The Childhood of a Leader and The Lost City of Z being screened and were anticipating Good Time and Damsel.  Both the latter films were included in Most Anticipated Lists for 2017.  As was High Life, but we learnt early on that the film wasn’t being shot until at last August 2017.  But let’s get down to what has been new in the past 6 months.  Dior unleashed a new campaign in January – Dior Homme Sport.  Then Robert surprised us by attending Albane Cleret’s “A Club” New Year’s Eve Dinner on 13 January 2017 where he was pictured with Sidney Toledano. February saw Xavier Beauvois share photos of Robert visiting the set of  Claire Denis’s film “Let the Sunshine In” and well the sunshine always shines when Robert’s around. It also gave us The Lost City of Z premieres at Berlinale and the UK – meaning photocalls, press conferences and red carpet goodness.  It also unleashed new photoshoots, like Francois Berthier at Berlinale and the Berlinale Portrait.  March was relatively quiet, but I guess it was the calm before the storm, although we did get confirmation that Robert was doing music for the Zellner Bros’s Damsel thanks to Metro UK.  It also gave us Uncle Karl unleashing his photographs from a new Dior campaign – Black Carpet Collection. There was also a hint that Good Time could be at Cannes and A24 did update their website to include the film as “coming soon”. But just as March was leaving, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in London let us know that Robert and Sam Bradley stopped by for a bite to eat and were gracious enough to take a photo with the restaurant staff. This takes us to April where Robert surprised us and a lot of people by turning up to a very sneaky premiere of The Lost City of Z in LA and also a Q&A. Josh and Benny introduced us to Connie Nikas for the first time as a treat for the film being selected “in competition” at Cannes. Robert popped up at a birthday celebration in LA and posed for a photo with film producer David Gorder and then literally popped up at Pop & Sukee Spring Soiree.  We were also teased about that new photoshoot by Torbjørn Rødland which I’ll talk more about shortly. Dior also treated us to a new photo – Robert wearing sunglasses is always a treat. I often say that Rayban missed out on having one of the best spokespersons – their loss. April finished off with the exciting news that Robert indeed is singing on the soundtrack of Damsel and Robert attending the birthday celebrations for Jaimie King (still admit I have no idea who she is). This now takes us to May. What can I say about May. We had so much goodness just in this one month – not only because it was Robert’s birthday, but Robert attending Cannes with Good Time, receiving critical acclaim for his performance and amazing photoshoots. But before we get to that, I uncovered BTS shots of Robert as Connie Nikas that American Liberty Bail Bonds had sitting on their website. Crash Magazine gave us the photoshoot we had been teased with in April by Torbjørn Rødland. The news hit that Robert was involved in a new movie by Joanna Hogg that would be co-produced by Martin Scorsese called The Souvenir. And then we had Cannes – photocalls, press conference, red carpet premiere, interviews, photoshoots and well just all round goodness.  Robert also confirmed that he would be doing future projects with Ciro Guerra, Antonio Campos and our very own David  Michôd. Robert also attended the premiere of Joaquin Phoenix/Lynne Ramsay “You Were Never Really Here” whilst in Cannes. Fabulous times just in the last week of May which filtered into June, giving us more new Dior/Cannes goodness and another new photoshoot. Not to mention Robert on the cover of Gala France (which as Posh pointed out was one of the few times that there was a male on the cover), Cahier Du Cinema and CinemaScope.  New photoshoots – ParisMatch,  NY Times and Victoria Stevens, not to mention brand new interviews. Also, as an aside, Good Time popped up as a last minute inclusion at the Sydney Film Festival – the positive reviews and accolades continued for his performance as Connie Nikas. We found out that Robert turned up to watch his longtime friend Tom Sturridge on Broadway in his new play “1984”  and have dinner with Bret Easton Ellis. Connie Nikas leads us out of June and we have so much to look forward to in the next 6 months. Bring it Robert – bring it.


There’s been outtakes from previous photoshoots and promo stills in HQ and UHQ together with movie releases, you can check out more detail at our Masterpost for RPAU’s Week In Review .

  • Vertigo
    Posted on July 01, 2017

    I always look forward to reading your 6 month review Maria. Thanks so much for putting this altogether.
    Rob’s treated us to so much so far. Cannot wait to see what he brings next!

  • Posh
    Posted on July 02, 2017

    Thanks Maria for your excellent efficient review of Robert’s glorious career in those first 6 months of 2017 – It is always a heartwarming read that gives the facts nicely put in line.
    Sometimes I wonder how he gets it all done – he is such a crackerjack, knowing so well how to put his calendar together
    Can’t wait for the next 6 months – we never really know on forehand the when and what But it is always a surpriseparty for us , where we can get out our pompons and celebrate his person and talent

    oooopsss i’m on the babble again

    toodeloo me dears

  • Maria
    Posted on July 02, 2017

    Babble away @Posh 🙂

  • Sue
    Posted on July 02, 2017

    Awesome recap, thanks so much, Maria. What a fantastic six months it’s been for Rob and his career.
    @Posh, I love it when other people babble!

  • Carmel
    Posted on July 03, 2017

    Damn, didn’t we back the right horse!
    Maria, you are a gem. Thank you

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