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Christopher Nolan Talks “TENET” Release with Los Angeles Times


The LA Times spoke with Christopher Nolan and Tom Shone in relation to Shone’s new retrospective book on Nolan “The Nolan Variations: The Movies, Mysteries, and Marvels of Christopher Nolan”. Here’s what Christopher Nolan had to say about the current release of Tenet:

It is, though, an argument for taking movies seriously. And it’s out in a moment when the film business is facing existential challenges because of COVID-19. How do you see the outlook for movies?

Nolan: Well, it’s a difficult question to speak to. If you’re talking about the acceleration of existing trends, that’s something I started reading right at the beginning of the pandemic. And it ignores the reality that 2019 was the biggest year for theatrical films in history. They’d made the most money. The admissions were huge. So to me, it’s much more about: What’s the new reality we’re living in?

Warner Bros. released “Tenet,” and I’m thrilled that it has made almost $350 million. But I am worried that the studios are drawing the wrong conclusions from our release — that rather than looking at where the film has worked well and how that can provide them with much needed revenue, they’re looking at where it hasn’t lived up to pre-COVID expectations and will start using that as an excuse to make exhibition take all the losses from the pandemic instead of getting in the game and adapting — or rebuilding our business, in other words.

Long term, moviegoing is a part of life, like restaurants and everything else. But right now, everybody has to adapt to a new reality.

Although some are saying that the US release may be considered a failure, Box Office Pro reports the following:

“Warner Bros.’ TENET registered its first domestic weekend under $1 million, earning $885k from 1,601 locations. The Christopher Nolan thriller is the top-grossing new release in North America since the pandemic with $53.8 million. … Internationally TENET earned $3.3 million from 62 markets over the weekend, including a $277k debut in Brazil (1,000 screens). Top global markets for the title include China ($66.5M), North America ($53.8M), Japan ($24.1M), UK ($22.7M), and France ($22.5M).”

Tenet’s international box office is USD293 million giving it a total of USD346.8 million. To check out previous box office head to our roundup HERE.

To read the full LA Times article click on the link above.

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Robert Pattinson “The Stars at Noon” Scheduled to Film April 2021


According to Screen Daily:

Further previously announced projects in pre-production include Claire Denis’s Nicaragua-set romantic thriller Stars At Noon, starring Robert Pattinson and Margaret Qualley, which is due to shoot in April 2021.

It makes sense given that filming for The Batman is said to be continuing until February 2021. Also @Monsieur_HJ tweeted this recently:
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Robert Pattinson “The Batman” to Continue Filming during Latest UK Lockdown


For those who were nervous at The Batman production being shut down again with the latest four week lockdown proposed in the UK, Screen Daily is reporting:

UK culture secretary Oliver Dowden has confirmed that film and TV production in England can continue despite the new four-week Covid-19 lockdown announced by prime minister Boris Johnson today (October 31).

BFI CEO Ben Roberts confirmed: ”Covid-secure Film & TV production is permitted under the new guidelines.”

The UK is currently host to several major Hollywood productions, including Warner Bros’ The Batman …

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Robert Pattinson #TheBatman Filming in Liverpool in October 2020

UPDATE: 25 September 2020

From Cinescore:
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The official website for “The Batman” is now live at: Love that Rob is being acknowledged for his more recent work:

“with Robert Pattinson (“Tenet,” “The Lighthouse,” “Good Time”) starring as Gotham City’s vigilante detective, Batman, and billionaire Bruce Wayne.”

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Roundup of news for Robert Pattinson Tenet


Below is a roundup of the latest news concerning Tenet. For current worldwide release dates please head over to our dedicated Film Page.

From the UK:

According to Yahoo! Movies Tenet has received a 12A rating after deleting 9 seconds from the film:

The BBFC has given the film a 12A rating, meaning that anyone who is accompanied by an adult can go and experience getting their brain frazzled.

To achieve that rating, one scene has had a few edits made, but nothing that looks like it will be a big deal. In fact, comparing the UK length to the previously reported one, it looks like we’ve only lost a total of nine seconds.

From the US:

Deadline reported on preview screenings in the US and although California and New York don’t look like they will be opening up their cinemas for Tenet, Screen Rush also reported:

Moviegoers will get the chance in select cities to see Christopher Nolan’s Tenet early, three days before its Thursday, Sept. 3 opening date. Warner Bros. is offering early access screenings on Aug. 31, Sept. 1 and Sept. 2.

[From Screenrush] It’s worth noting that if you live near a Cinemark that’s offering “private watch parties” where you can rent out an auditorium for yourself and a bunch of friends for $99 (or more in some locations), Tenet appears to be one of the movies available in some locations on August 31. According to their website, you can book a private screening of Tenet on August 31 for $149, which sounds … like maybe the only good way to see this movie at present?

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