January 14th, 2010 / 23 Comments

I know how much we all absolutely adore Rob as Art, so I thought I would post this video this afternoon instead of doing a pics post. We have posted this adorable behind the scenes video from How To Be before but not for quite some time & we can never ever see this too much. That Rob movie marathon weekend is going to have to happen soon. I would love to watch from Rawdy to Eddie in one weekend. Ohh imagine when I can say from Rawdy to Tyler, then Georges. Cannot wait for that day. I also just had to include these Art .gifs that I made earlier. Just too adorable to leave out. Now that I know how to make these I’ll never stop hehehehe.




January 14th, 2010 / 12 Comments

I mentioned yesterday that I have been working on a montage™ & it is now complete.  A Ceddie montage was always one that I just had to do but really wanted to wait until I had learnt .gifs so I could do it exactly how I wanted.  Cedric was the character that introduced me to Rob back in 2005 & is just so very special to me.  I of course, have been a Rob fan ever since.  Now I have gone rather heavy with the .gifs but it just could not be helped lol.   Enjoy everyone, I know I had a awesome time putting this together. Thanks to our wonderful friends & elite affiliate Robert Pattinson Source for the 2 gorgeous UHQ pics.

Ceddie 18ceddie-19meet-the-champs-2ceddie-4ceddieceddie-treeceddie51ceddie-20Ceddie 16ceddie-8ceddie-1goblet-of-fireceddie1Ceddie 14hogwarts-championCeddie 12Ceddie 17ceddie-2ceddie-2rob-beanieCeddie 15ceddie-5Ceddie 6meet-the-championslaughceddie-21dragon-taskceddie-11ceddie-harryceddie-chorita-skeeterMCDHAPO EC568portkeyceddie-13dragon-task-2ceddie-3rob-treeyule-balllake-task

January 9th, 2010 / 11 Comments

I know how much we all especially adore the pics of Rob from his time in Japan so for my next montage I just couldn’t go past a Japan theme.  I’ve had the idea in my head for all this week but thought I would save posting until the weekend so we could all enjoy properly.  I always have so much fun putting these together & of course just had to include some .gifs & this time 2 of them I made myself hehe.   Thanks our elite affiliate Robert Pattinson Source & affiliate MrPattinson for some of the pics & rafaboreanaz for the 2nd .gif.

gof-tokyo-premiere1japan-16Tokyo 48tokyo-28gof-tokyogof-tokyo-premiere-10tokyo-63tokyo-2009japan-21Rob - Japantokyo-press-conference-3movie-star-5robmovie-star-6tokyo-53flix4Tokyo 24japan-17tokyo press conference 16tokyo-2movie-star-3flix1movie-star-2tokyo-31japan-18tokyo-47gof-tokyo-premiere-9

January 2nd, 2010 / 18 Comments

Well @kspice75 called me the “montage queen” the other day on Twitter after the epic year in review that I created.  I’m a little humbled by that title and I think I need to give kudos to Michelle who created the original “Tyler montage” back in lol I can’t remember – maybe August last year.  That was the inspiration for my montages and so I thought given that we reviewed 2009, perhaps I could do a montage of the emergence of Rob from his early modelling days, public appearances up until Eclipse.  Might not be epic, but it’s still Rob!  Oh and enjoy the Zygote Rob pic – first and last time that I will post.  The .gifs again – I’ve started to make sure I note who makes them, but these two I’m at a loss.  If yours let me know.

RobRob2003snakebliss2bliss-magazine2bliss-magazineExceptional Youth Exhibition Gala Opening Nov 2003Rawdy Crawley 2004Barnes Theatre CoBarnes Theatre Cogiselher 2004gof-portrait-sessionsfamily-stone-premiere-2005Dukes of Hazzard Premiere 2005Cedric Diggory 2005wonderland-2005-colourhouse-of-wax-premiere-2005_2New York Premiere of GoFCOLLECTORMANIA 11 Feb 2006collectormania-apr-2006Sony Ericsson Empire Awards 2006rob-on-holly-stephens-saturday-showdown-25-mar-2006Poseidon After Party May 2006Toby Jugg 2006daily-telegraph-2007_2hackett6hackett2hacket-autumn-winter-campaign-2007daniel gale 2007order-of-phoenix-premiere Jul 07art-in-pub-with-nikki-fiercesummerhouse 2008uniqlo-london-2007Salvadore Dali Edward Cullen 2008New Moon23-jun-09-tyler7Edward Cullen Eclipse 09

Summer House Photo Credit: Campbell Mitchell

December 31st, 2009 / 11 Comments


EDIT:  This pic actually flashes & says ‘Happy New Year everyone’ but when using IE it doesn’t want to work *sad face* Think it might be because I made it using FireFox.  Just thought I would let you all know that the pic doesn’t just say ‘Happy’ hehe.  Sorry bout that, should have road tested on both browsers.  Naughty technology lol.  For all the IE users, here is my complete new years message because I want you all to be able to see 🙂






December 31st, 2009 / 16 Comments

For those of you who remember my post back in July where I reviewed the first 6 months of Rob’s work you may recall that I might have promised a complete review at the end of this year.  Well it’s 31 December 2009 and although it’s not possible to include a pic from every single interview Rob held in November for New Moon, I think I’ve pretty much covered the important ones.  So let’s take a look at why this man deserves to have a break over December/January.  Rob we might miss you honey but you have so earned it since 2010 looks like it’s going to be an amazing year for you!   Thanks to our elite affies Robert Pattinson Source, Robert Pattinson Unlimited, ROBsessed and affie MrPattinson for some of these pics and for some amazing pics over the last 12 months. For the .gifs – thanks to dictums from rpattzdaily (MTVMA), rafaboreanaz (Japan & Jimmy Kimmel) and of course I can’t remember where I found the others.  If they are yours please let me know so I can credit.   Most importantly to all our affiliates, friends/followers and of course Rob  –  we look forward to sharing 2010 with you all because you make this all worthwhile.   Happy New Year!

voguedinnerhq3robert-pattinson_02japan4japan5chou-chou-magazinehanako-2twilight-tokyo-premieredevin-mazur-wireimagerob60robertpattinson-large-msg-12370832761walmartouttake1rob-1rob-nmrob-at-carrob-and-ashleydossier-2dossier-rolling-stone-shootdossier-outtake1dossier-4et_twilightpromo_090415_largepier24rob83rob2110rob-leaving-hotel2rob-with-bodyguard2rob-on-red-carpet-ib-premiere5rob7857508519rob202rob-dsquare-party-19-may-09rob-at-clocktower3rob-at-clocktowershirtless-rob3rob103rob-accepting-breakthrough-male3rob-cam-accepting-best-fight2Rob & Cammanhattan-16-jun34day2_rob21SPL108120_00122-jun-ny-set-rm723-jun-09-tyler1110rob-23-jun-09funpark627june1june-27-3rm-set-29-jun_6tyler-smoking_41rob-in-park41SPL110414_007rob-on-bike161tyler161rob119rob431rm-set_11SPL109741_006rob120SPL111558_014hoodie12suit21rob-smoking4rob-and-bike33tyler27rob-sleeping-bag11tyler28rob-staringrob-pattinsonrob-peterrob41158082190rob-hugh-jackman2french-premiere-mag-covereddie-closeupeddie-upclose31eddie5rob55rob-tweetsrob-backstage VMAs 09robert-pattinsonTokyo Press ConferenceTokyoTokyo 3 Nov 09Tokyo Nov 09la-press-conference-81NM Cast Tour Hollywood & Highlandaccess-hollwyood-6-nov-09Chris PizzelloNM Paris Photocall Nov 09tf1-france-nov-09_2battersea London fan Eventbbc-switch-prom-king-awardNM interviewMadrid Fan EventMunich Fan EventVanity FairHarpers BazaarLA Premiere of NMLA NM Premiererob-on-letterman-61Ellen DegeneresJimmy Kimmel LiveJimmy Kimmel LiveToday ShowToday Showregis-kellyNY NM Screening12rob-interview-mag2

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