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The Twilight Saga was released this week on Netflix USA and Scott Mendelson wrote an opinion piece for Forbes on how Twilight occupied all 5 tops spots among Netflix’s Most-Watched Movies. Below is an excerpt:

The $3.3 billion-grossing Twilight Saga did more than any other modern franchise to debunk the notion that films for and about girls and women were box office poison.

However, at least for today, all five of the top movies on Netflix’s “daily most-watched” list are all five installments in The Twilight Saga. Alas, they aren’t in exact order, as it goes Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight (the first and still the best), Chris Weitz’s New Moon (the worst), Bill Condon’s Breaking Dawn part II (the best sequel with a terrific final reel), David Slade’s Eclipse (the threequel and the only chapter to crack $300 million domestic) and Condon’s Breaking Dawn part I (the one where Bella and Edward get married and have bed-breaking sex before birthing a human/vampire baby).

Stewart and Pattinson both “recovered” from the “Eww, those movies are for girls” cultural backlash and became prestigious and engrossing adult actors. … Pattinson is playing Batman and has crafted an onscreen persona closer to Chris Walken and Crispin Glover than Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pine. I wish Catherine Hardwicke got more mileage out of launching the franchise. Twilight, with an indie sensibility and a self-knowing wit, is easily the best of the bunch. 

Click on link above to read the full opinion piece. Personally, I agree with Scott, Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight was the best of all the films for me. Eclipse was the most disappointing.

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Robert Pattinson waving goodbye to fans at the Eclipse Convention

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Creation Entertainment posted a throwback photo of Rob at the Eclipse Convention in LA in June 2010. I don’t recall if it’s new or not, but it’s been so long it is great to stroll down memory lane.

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As Twilight fans around the world get ready for the much anticipated release of Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun, in celebration we’re throwing it back today to our TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE Convention held in LA in June of 2010! We had a blast with our fellow Twilight fans and had the great pleasure to present Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner to a sold out ecstatic audience of fans who came from around the world. 🍎 In this shot, Pattinson waves to his fans as he leaves the stage. ♟ Our favorite thing is to bring fans and their favorite stars together. 🐺 #throwback #throwbackthursday #twilight #twilightsaga #twilightconvention #midnightsun #robertpattinson #Edward #Edwardcullen #creationthrowback #creationentertainment #creationent

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Bryce Dallas Howard talks Robert Pattinson and Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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Couch Surfing (People TV) spoke with Bryce Dallas Howard about her career. She talks Rob at around 1.00. Below is the extract thanks to @Monsieur_HJ and full interview from People TV Facebook

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Robert Pattinson

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Screen Rant shared some behind the scenes photos from The Twilight Saga in their article “Twilight: 20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change The Movies”.  Most of them we have either seen or shared before, but it’s been so long since we’ve posted anything Edward Cullen I thought I’d take us for a stroll down memory lane. I’m also curious – how does one get that job in the photo above #askingforafriend.

If you want to check out all the photos, click on the link above.

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It’s been too long since I have enjoyed this gem of an interview, love it.


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One of my most faves from Eclipse promo, LOVE!


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