February 3rd, 2022 / 2 Comments

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Here are better quality photos and scans of Rob’s interview (other cast interviews will be updated soon and added to magazine master post). With quotes like this, it’s hard not to get super excited about the future with Rob:

I’ve started this company, and we’re doing a few things with HBO Max at the moment, which hopefully will be moving forward in the next few months, … Next up beyond The Batman, Pattinson is trying his hand at producing …generally the three things we’re putting together are all my concepts, and we’ve got really amazing writers working on them afterwards … hopefully they’ll get announced soon.

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Thanks @Monsieur_HJ

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January 26th, 2022 / 1 Comment

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New photo alert! This photo of Rob was featured in Germany’s Deadline magazine that is released today. Now to find out if there are more pics from this photoshoot. Surely they can’t have taken must one photo.

Thanks to @PutschkiA for sharing and also confirming that it’s the only new photo in the mag. You can order a physical copy of the magazine HERE

August 7th, 2021 / 2 Comments

Robert Pattinson was included in Chi Magazine’s edition of “New Male Seduction Symbols”. The article doesn’t give us any new information and seems to talk about personal relationships. Below is an excerpt (using Google translate):

I never thought I was sexy, said Robert Pattinson. After “Twilight” my friends would say to me, “Will you stop posing?” And I repeated: “None of you a year ago thought you were beautiful”

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Thanks @sallyvg

September 4th, 2020 / 3 Comments

Scans of Robert Pattinson as Neil from “The Secrets of Tenet”


I’m still waiting for my copy and now I’m more eager. These photos shared by the photographer who took them for the book

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Source: @v_latte_nnn

August 9th, 2020 / No Comments

Robert Pattinson and Tenet in World Screen Magazine

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We get a new photo of Rob in this preview of World Screen Magazine. Hope we get better quality soon.

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Thanks Cyn

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June 30th, 2020 / No Comments

New Photo of Robert Pattinson in Germany’s Cinema Magazine


The latest issue of Cinema Germany has a Tenet special and an interview with Rob (translated with Google Translate), but if anyone can provide a better translation it would be much appreciated. Although it seems that there’s nothing new in this interview and may be pieced from others.


How did director Christopher Nolan cast you?
At our first meeting he didn’t have “Tenet” ma! mentioned! We talked for three hours, I thought I messed it up. Or there is no film at all. In the last five seconds Chris said: “! I wrote this thing, maybe you may come back tomorrow and read.”

And how was the reading?
I was alone in a locked room. At the beginning I knew where I was in the script. Then it starts to change genres and the frame expands and expands, it becomes incredibly complex with a bravura technique.

Were there moments on the set when you didn’t understand what to play?
Yes. You don’t want what’s going on, but you shouldn’t either. It is a fun film and not a lesson in physics. The complex concepts that smoke your head! awake instead of deterred. What was it like again? Making “big” film – and now Batman too? I’m always looking for scary projects. All I’ve done in the past eight years has been to run and jump to an abyss. It was a personal one

Deciding not to do anything “big” after “Twilight”?
Honestly no. There was never an offer – nothing. Chris is perhaps the most learned director who can make such films based on his own original material.

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