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Robert Pattinson as Monte in Claire Denis’ #HighLife

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I see you Monte!  Check out other stills at our gallery HERE

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According to Movietele (Italy) (translated via Google):

In Morocco, Tuesday, October 29, filming of  Waiting for the Barbarians  by Colombian director and screenwriter Ciro Guerra (which in 2015 directed Elbrazo de la Serpiente , Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film), begins.

The cast consists of Mark Rylance, Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson and Gana Bayarsaikhan. 

Andrea Iervolino said: 

“I am very happy to produce this film, with such an extraordinary director and cast Ciro (editor’s note: Guerra) is a visionary and very intense director in every shot and it will be really interesting to watch him direct actors like Mark, Robert and Johnny: I’ve had the opportunity to meet Johnny before and he has the ability to contextualize everything he does in a unique way and he is lightened by the conventional film industry formulas that dictate the rules of projects that are traditionally made “ .

Monika Bacardi commented: 

“Producing this film makes me very proud: being able to put together a cast of these proportions is an important milestone for our film journey, and then directed by an extraordinary director like Ciro, whose job is absolutely inspiring for all of us The expectations for this project are very high and I can not wait to see the results “.

Depp added: 
“In this era of democratic entertainment, I admire Andrea’s ethical imagination and I look forward to collaborating with him independently, farsighted and that will adapt to the principles of our respective entities”.

So it looks certain that Joe Alwyn is no longer in the cast.  I did notice his name was removed from IMDbPro this week.  And Monika Bacardi isn’t wrong – the expectations are quite high – well at least mine are.  

Thanks to @itfansofdepp for the heads up

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Roundup of reactions to Robert Pattinson #HighLife Long Awaited Trailer

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Wildbunch released the long awaited trailer for #HighLife and here are some of the initial reactions:

Geek Tyrant “Robert Pattinson is on a Spacecraft Full of Convicts and Death Row Inmates in The Trailer For HIGH LIFE”

Robert Pattinson has a new sci-fi space thriller coming out called High Life and it actually looks pretty damn good. The movie doesn’t look anything like I expected it to be and that’s a good thing. It looks better, darker, and more insane.

Refinery 29 “Robert Pattinson’s Trippy High Life Takes You Out Of This World”

The trailer feels like a high-octane psychological thriller, but infused with the eroticism Denis became known for in previous movies such as Chocolat. Though the film is science fiction, it appears to remain grounded in exploring the depths of the human condition more so than the depths of space.

Consequence of Sound “André 3000 and Robert Pattinson get sucked into a black hole in first trailer for High Life”

One of our favorite films out of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival was Claire Denis’ surreal sci-fi stunner, High Life. Starring Robert Pattinson, who’s on an impeccable run of indie darlings (see: Good TimeThe Lost City of Z, and Damsel), the film follows a bunch of convicts enlisting in an experimental voyage that goes straight into a black hole. Sounds fun, huh?

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Rob and Claire Denis talk about “the ultimate jail,” the elasticity of language, and their journey into outer space” with Key Chang of Anthem Magazine.


Your films are usually very concretely situated on Earth. This film is set almost entirely on a spaceship in outer space. What were you setting out to explore with High Life?

Claire Denis: Very honestly, I have to say that the most important thing that’s happening between the characters and space is the situation: it’s a death corridor. These people are together forever until they die. There’s no hope to escape, which could happen if you’re in juvie or in jail. Here—it’s outside the solar system and it’s so far that time on Earth is not their time. I’m not scientific, but I learned a little bit. I think the jail thing was important—not space. It’s the ultimate jail, if I can say so. People say that this is a science fiction movie, but I don’t know. I’m not sure about that.

This film was several years in the making. You actually made another film [Let the Sunshine In] while this was going on. Since Robert is also here, maybe you could talk about—

Claire: It’s like he’s almost not here. [Laughs]

You had originally envisioned an older character for the story, did you not?

Claire: Yeah, but it’s horrible to say that Robert was not right for it. He was right, probably since the very first minute I met him, but the delay helped me realize that it was even better than this dream about having an older man who’s tired with life and at the end wishing nothing but to die. That was sordid, you know? Robert was bringing something I did not expect. I was a little bit afraid also to be honest—not of his youth, but maybe he was too good-looking. Maybe he was too precious to me like, “I have to be aware of that and not be afraid of his charisma.”

Robert, do you want to add anything?
Robert Pattinson: Don’t be afraid. [Laughs]

Claire: You don’t realize, but for me, you represent a charismatic person.

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Rob chatted with Amber Wilkinson of EyeForFilm.co.uk about the challenges and rewards of “High Life” at the film’s European premiere at San Sebastian Film Festival. We’ve shared a couple of excerpts from the interview, including the challenges of casting a baby. You can read the interview in its entirety HERE.

“The night before, I was trying to bond with these kids for two-and-a-half hours and the only way I could make them even slightly happy was to pretend to be a monster. They weren’t even happy, they would just stop crying for one second and scream instead. I was like, ‘This is not going to work, unless you want to have an entire movie with a baby that’s looking absolutely terrified.’ So we cast Scarlett, who’s one of my best friend’s kids like the night before we started shooting and, so, I didn’t want to be horrible to her because she’s my friend’s kid.”

“As for the less mainstream nature of his more recent films, he says: “I don’t feel like I’m ‘properly’ arthouse – these are big names. I don’t feel like I’m trying to be super-obscure.”

“I think most super-commercial movies, generally the directors have only done TV commercials before or they are random people. With mainstream movies, I feel like I’ve seen them all before. The amount of scripts you get that are quite formulaic and I don’t know what the point is.” 

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Robert Pattinson tells THR A Clockwork Orange and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest inspired him to act

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The Hollywood Reporter asked Rob who or what film inspired him to act and although we already knew about his obsession with Jack Nicholson and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, it was great to see him included in this short clip.  Rob’s short little stint starts at around 0.20

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