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Robert Pattinson also appears in a haunting supporting role as a soldier, whose cold-blooded vein rsesembles that of the Colonel.

Waiting for the Barbarians has been released at a few festivals, the main being its World Premiere at Venice Film Festival in September 2019. Below are reviews that focus on Rob’s performance. I will update this with reviews as the film is released.


BFI (Venice Film Festival)

His decision to take her back to her people leads to his own arrest as a traitor and torture at the hands of the vile Mendel (Robert Pattinson). His fall is precipitous and his humiliation and torture cruel.

Variety (Venice Film Festival)

… including a foppishly snarling Pattinson … For arthouse distributors, villainous supporting turns by Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson will bolster the kerb appeal of a film likely to divide critics at some cost to its commercial prospects.

Mirror UK (Venice Film Festival)

…but Robert Pattinson gives a much more effective but underused turn as the oppressive Officer Mandel who is barely able to contain his toxic rage.

IndieWire (Venice Film Festival)

Because once Johnny Depp turns up again to take on the hordes, this time with Robert Pattinson’s sadistic Officer Mandel in tow, we already know who are the real barbarians — but that doesn’t stop this film from hitting that point and hitting it hard.

The Playlist (Venice Film Festival)

 Notwithstanding how central torture is to the film, we see very little of it and most comes after the arrival of Joll’s repulsively violent apprentice, Officer Mandel (Robert Pattinson).

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First Reactions to IMAX screening of Tenet by IMAX employees

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Some IMAX employees had the opportunity to watch a screening of Tenet before its worldwide release. Deadline has reported the reactions as follows:

Due to strong ties between Imax Corp. and filmmaker Christopher Nolan, a number of employees have gotten a look at his long-delayed film, Tenet, as it gets ready to finally make its commercial bow on August 26.

“Several people at Imax were involved with Tenet at the post-production phase,” CEO Rich Gelfond said Tuesday during a conference call with Wall Street analysts. “Their reaction was, ‘Oh my God – I forgot how great it was to be in a movie.’ Tenet is just a beautifully filmed, beautifully made, wonderful movie. … It wasn’t just one person, at one age. It was a number of Imax employees who spontaneously said that to me.”

Descriptions of internal Tenet reactions came in response to an analyst’s question on the earnings call about the company’s staff getting to enter theaters again. That experience has remained out of reach for U.S. film fans for the past four months. CFO Patrick McClymont added to Gelfond’s comments by observing that “a number of our colleagues” were in China last weekend to “try out” the newly refined theatrical setup. Imax said 409 of its locations there have reopened, with several new precautions in place.

You can read the full article by clicking on link above.

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Robert Pattinson, once again, shows that he just might be the finest actor of his generation with a brave and crazy performance as the Dauphin of France, Reno Reviews

I’m very late with putting this together as I was overseas when The King premiered in Venice and so I missed posting the initial reactions. But as usual I like to roundup reviews that focus on Rob’s performance – so here it is a tad late but as they say better late than never. Note: there are a few in The Cruel that actually praise Rob but overall thought he was miscast.


Film Inquiry (Venice FF)

A snippet of a devilishly chic inspired performance from Robert Pattinson injects several larger layers to the proceedings, even if his accent will come under particular scrutiny. However, he is drastically underused…

The Film Stage (Venice FF)

The son of the Daphine, for instance, is played with considerable camp by Robert Pattinson. … Pattinson’s attempts to rectify this by using an affectatious French accent are amicable enough but they are played for rather questionable laughs.

Espinoff (Venice FF)

Robert Pattinson steals the show.

Fotogramas (Spain) (Venice FF)

With the years, Pattinson has proven to be a brilliant blank page on which the most disparate directors outline characters of all stripes and backgrounds. This time Pattinson indulges in one of his feasts of histrionics, facing his enemies with a sibylline evil, always bordering on cruelty. A new proof of the chameleonic character of an actor who still has a lot to tell.

Evening Standard (UK) (Venice FF)

As his rival, the Dauphin, Robert Pattinson is preposterously fabulously pert and camp, a hoot every moment he’s on screen.

The Skinny (UK) (Venice FF)

If you enjoy your period epics with a touch of camp, Pattinson’s gleeful turn as this bitchy Frenchman should bring you plenty of joy; each comic appearance adds a moment of lightness to the gravity of Michôd’s film.

BBC Culture (Venice Film Festival)

The film’s liveliest scenes come when the army reaches France, and Robert Pattinson camps it up as the ludicrously evil Dauphin.

One Room with a View (Venice FF)

…and Robert Pattinson threatens to steal the show in a few hilarious scenes, charmingly mangling English as a second language as the Dauphin of France.

Vanity Fair (Venice FF)

And then there’s Robert Pattinson, matinee idol of a half-generation ago, who shows up for a few scenes as the sneering, lewd dauphin of France. He’s got a riotous wig and a French waiter from The Simpsons accent (say chowder!) that had the Europeans in my audience hooting with laughter. (I couldn’t quite tell if they were irked or amused.) It’s a delightfully ridiculous performance in a movie that otherwise takes itself very seriously.

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“it’s the most ferocious acting of Pattinson’s career.” Variety

As usual, I am going to do a roundup of reviews coming out of Cannes initially (The Lighthouse is being called the hottest ticket in Cannes), but will update this post regularly as the film gets released. The reviews will focus on Rob’s performance, but if he’s not mentioned (which will be ridiculous for this film), then I’ll give an overall review of the film. NOTE: Some reviews may contain ***spoilers*** so read at your own peril. I’ll try to keep out the spoilers in the extracts below.

The Cool

IndieWire (Directors’ Fortnight Cannes)

The movie provides a welcome platform for these actors to unleash their wildest abilities: Pattinson spends the first half sulking around, his eyes darting every which way as he attempts to make sense of his dreary surroundings. But when the material calls for him to unleash his fury, his eyes bulge and his body quakes in a pure show of physical intensity. It’s the sort of showboating the actor tends to avoid, but this histrionic material gives him the ideal excuse to lash out, and with winning results. 

The Wrap (Directors’ Fortnight Cannes)

Both Pattinson and Dafoe seem to have a great time — you could not say as much for their characters, I suppose — letting madness take its toll, and both abide by the rule of “go big or go home.” Dafoe carries more of the dialogue for the first half, but Pattinson anchors things with a sturdy physical performance that will no doubt calm those concerned about a certain reported upcoming role.

When he does get to loosen to his tongue, the actor tears into his lines with scenery-chewing glee, at one point delivering an invective- and insult-filled monologue that the Cannes audience greeted with mid-film cheers.

CineVue (Directors’ Fortnight Cannes)

Robert Pattinson proves himself once more to be a fearless character actor who brings a layered understanding to Winslow and does not hold back when the shit almost literally hits the fan.

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Robert Pattinson getting rave reviews from first screening of The Lighthouse

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The Lighthouse has opened to rave reviews at Cannes. It seems that with every new film Rob releases his performance is hailed as “his best yet”. I cannot wait to see this film – here’s a few of the initial comments whilst we wait for official reviews to be finalised – you can check out Twitter feed for more tweets – this is so fabulous. Am thrilled for Rob.

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Robert Pattinson #HighLife exclusive screenings in Sydney and Melbourne

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Madman Entertaiment unleashed the Official Australian poster for #HighLife this evening and quite obviously we love it.

In case you haven’t realised, tickets went on sale this morning for the Sydney Film Festival High Life screenings:

  • 10 June 2019 at The State Theatre – 8.45pm ;
  • 14 June 2019 at The Ritz Cinema, Randwick – 8.45pm ; and
  • 15 June 2019 at The State Theatre – 8.45pm.

The film will also have an exclusive run at Cinema Nova in Melbourne from 6 June 2019. You can check out tickets at the hyperlinks above or you can head on over to Madman’s High Life page too.

Sydney Film Festival also shared this great review from Dr Bruce Isaacs,
Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at The University of Sydney – “this atmospheric film presents rich material for Dr Isaacs’s expertise in film aesthetics and style, science fiction, popular culture and critical approaches to film production.” I loved hearing his take on the film.

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