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Robert Pattinson GQ USA Magazine Scans

Here are pdf scans for Rob’s GQ photoshoot and interview.

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Robert Pattinson featured on cover of THINK Magazine

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Rob is featured on the cover of the April issue of THINK magazine.  There’s no new interview, but an article entitled “From Vampire to Batman” that talks about Rob’s career.  Below is a quote from Rob about Matt Reeves and Batman.

“I love the director, Matt Reeves, and [Batman is] a dope character. His morality is a little bit off. He’s not the golden boy, unlike almost every other comic-book character. There is a simplicity to his worldview, but where it sits is strange, which allows you to have more scope with the character,” Pattinson said.”

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You can read the full article at THINK or at ISSUU

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Grazia Russia shared the full shot of this photo which we posted here

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Robert Pattinson answers burning questions from British Vogue

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Rob answers “Who is Your Hollywood Icon at 1.05 mark and “If You Could Play One Character from Film History, Who Would it Be” at 3.02 mark.

Thanks Ani for heads up.

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New Robert Pattinson interview and photos for Backstage magazine.

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Getting Lost in the Work With Robert Pattinson

“If you’re about to do a scene and you get hit by a car, you’re gonna play it in a totally different way,” Robert Pattinson says between sips of coffee and discreet puffs on an electronic cigarette. The Midtown photo studio where we’ve met has been cleared; he wasn’t especially psyched about doing an interview while people, even his own people, buzzed about, chatting and listening in on what he had to say.

We’re talking about acting this November afternoon, which is apparently one of the many topics the 33-year-old feels he has to be careful about when speaking to a journalist. “My experience with press for many years was, like, a three-minute sound bite. So, if you try and talk about acting in a serious way, you sound like such a moron,” he explains. “Also, you never know; if someone’s going to be reading it and they didn’t like your work, you can suddenly look like an idiot. ‘I was doing this and I was thinking about this at the time.’ And they’re like, ‘Well, whatever you’re doing, it’s still shit!’ ”

As far as I can tell, Pattinson has never been hit by a car—not in his everyday life and certainly not just before playing a scene in any of the 28 films he’s appeared in since 2004. He did, however, reportedly go to other extreme lengths to get into character on the set of director Robert Eggers’ “The Lighthouse.” In the black-and-white psychological horror film, Pattinson stars alongside Willem Dafoe as a 19th-century lighthouse keeper who seems to be slowly losing his mind. A recent piece in the New York Times mentioned that Pattinson would gag himself and hit himself in the face before cameras rolled. He doesn’t deny this. “I think Willem said in this interview that I just try and drown myself in every scene,” he adds. “But I kinda like that!”

The point, he says, is to shock your body into a reactive state—acting being, as the cliché goes, reacting. “My only technique is sprinting up to a cliff and just jumping off it,” Pattinson says. “Sometimes it doesn’t even work at all and it just looks like you’re a lunatic. But then sometimes it stops your thinking, which is my favorite place to be.”

“The Lighthouse” is an instance in which this unconventional method did the trick. Pattinson’s performance has already earned him an Independent Spirit Award nomination for lead actor, which in turn brought its share of additional buzz—even the prospect of a dark-horse Oscar nod. And Pattinson has gamely committed to the awards season gauntlet of profiles, media appearances, actor-on-actor interviews, and screening receptions—which is what brings us to this New York studio today.

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Robert Pattinson featured on cover of Little White Lies #HighLife Issue

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What a fabulous cover and not only do you get to read about Claire Denis and High Life, but there’s a new interview with Rob. The issue is available on general sale from 11 March 2019 or you can subscribe to it HERE. From Little White Lies:

Having edited this august publication for 30 issues, I’ve now lived long enough to realise a long-held dream: create a magazine dedicated to one of the true modern alchemists of cinema, Claire Denis. Her 2000 film Beau Travail acted as a kind of gateway drug, revealing the power, the possibilities and the expressive enchantments of narrative film.
In 2019, she unleashes onto the world a stirring and strange space odyssey called High Life. It’s a journey to the outer edges of the universe, set at a time when humanity is now little more than a walking, talking science experiment. Robert Pattinson, again showing exemplary taste in his choice of collaborators, leads a cast of reprobates who have been saved from a death sentence by giving their bodies over to a mysterious mission being overseen by lascivious sex banshee, Juliette Binoche.

It’s a moving, mind-melting masterwork, which is released into UK cinemas on 10 May. So mark your diaries.

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