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Barbaros Tapan recently spoke to Robert Pattinson about his career

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Barbaros Tapan recently spoke to Rob about his career including how he chooses films, working with Robert Eggers and the currently filming “The Batman” . Below are extracts from the interview, which you can read in full HERE

Acting is one of the world’s two largest series; You started by starring in “Harry Potter” and “Twilight.” Before “Batman,” you preferred to do independent work. I would like to ask you about this transition…

The first thing I did were studio movies with a budget of $200 million. I didn’t have an audience concern. But I also like to make movies with risk. If you made the movie thinking that only others would like it, or if you said, “The audience will surely like it, but I didn’t like it,” you’ve chosen the wrong story. The films I made were the one that appealed to me. The same goes now. It doesn’t matter if the film is serial, independent or big-budget.

You’ve acted in “High Life”, “The King”, and “The Lighthouse”… Now you’re shooting “Batman.” Four or five more jobs are on the way out of “Batman.” How would you look at your acting journey that started with “Harry Potter” and tell us about your own progress?

It happened slowly. The most important thing I learned was to love my work more and more, to become more and more connected to my work in every project. When I did “Harry Potter,” I didn’t know how I’d feel about it almost 15 years ago. Every job I do still excites me, solving problems, new places… Trying different techniques in each film, trying to understand… I love every aspect of my job. But if I get back to the problem, I think my learning process has been gradual. Another way of developing is to watch a lot of movies.

About The Batman

Are you going to talk about “Batman?

My speech is absolutely forbidden.

Will Batman meet the Joker? A little hint …

Warner Bros has warned me to keep my mouth shut. I can’t say anything.

Christian Bale, who played Batman before, said to you, “Let him create his own Batman, not be influenced by anyone.” What do you say about his advice?

His interpretation of Batman was incredible. Everyone loved Christian’s Batman. I have ideas for my own Batman. Let’s see how it comes to life

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Robert Pattinson Discusses his Career with Mark Malkin


Rob spoke with Marc about The Lighthouse, Twilight, The Batman and his love of Little Richard *who knew*. Am just wondering if this story is like the clown car …. From Variety:

On this week’s episode of “The Big Ticket,” Variety and iHeartRadio’s movie podcast, Pattinson tells me he was 19 years old when he was fired from a theater job just days before the show was set to open.
“I left and I was very self-pitying,” Pattinson said. “I walked out and I went to this pub by the river and got absolutely trashed, and then saw that Little Richard was playing in the South Bank in London. I went to a Little Richard concert afterwards, just wept the whole time. I was like, ‘This is the most amazing, amazing concert I’ve ever seen.’”

Turns out that Pattinson is such a big fan of Little Richard that he waited by the stage door for an hour and a half to get his autograph. “He’s great,” Pattinson said. “I love Little Richard. My talent contest in school when I was probably 14, everyone was getting up to do their thing and I played ‘Lucille.’ I played the piano so hard there was just blood all over the keys afterwards. … The next kid had to go and play the piano drenched in blood.”

Next up for Pattinson is “The Batman.” “I’m glad I’ve had quite a lot of time,” he said. “I didn’t realize there were so many Batman comics. Hundreds and thousands. But I’ve been reading a lot of those, and not really just the kind of classics. I just like reading the sort of individual periodicals. It’s nice to kind of see the absolutely contemporary ones.”

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Relive Robert Pattinson in Twilight with a full live symphony orchestra

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We posted back on 30 May 2019 that Twilight will be screened with a live symphony orchestra at the Sydney Opera House on 8 September 2019 – billed as Twilight in Concert. We have been offered the chance to give two lucky people two tickets to experience this amazing event*.

All you have to do to enter is tell us in the comments section of this post (or over at our Instagram):

What scene are you most looking forward to at Twilight in Concert?

We will randomly select two people who will win two tickets each to the concert!

Competition will run until 31 July 2019. Winners announced on 1 August 2019.

*Please note this is open to Australian residents. Tickets are for the concert only and do not include airfare and/or accommodation.

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Watch Twilight on the big screen with a live symphony orchestra

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I did not know this was happening – Twilight will be screened with a live symphony orchestra at the Sydney Opera House on 8 September 2019 – billed as Twilight in Concert. From Sydney Opera House website:

This Australian premiere will be an unforgettable evening combining the stunning visuals and drama of the original fantasy saga brought to life with the stirring and evocative soundtrack that captivated audiences around the world.

Since the release of Twilight in 2008, the Twilight Saga has gone on to become one of the biggest film franchises of all time. Along with the original series of books, it introduced millions around the world to Bella Swan, the mysterious yet irresistible Edward Cullen and Jacob, all exhilarating audiences through visionary storytelling and an emotive musical score by Academy Award winning Carter Burwell.

Presale tickets for Ticketmaster members and Sydney Opera House members are on sale now. Presale closes 11.00pm on 2 June 2019. General Public tickets go on sale at 9.00am on 3 June 2019.

Thanks Sare for heads up

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Robert Pattinson Photoshoot for CosmoGirl in 2008


Hard to believe that this photoshoot happened over 10 years ago. If you want to check out the other photos and BTS video from this shoot click HERE

Source: Matt Jones

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Robert Pattinson promoting Twilight on The Jay Leno Show


Where have the past 11 years gone. Rob in glorious HQ on Jay Leno promoting Twilight. I believe this is where the infamous “I never wash my hair” quote came from.

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