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Remember When Robert Pattinson spent the summer in Belfast

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In Celebrity Iconic Moments – Belfast Live remembers when Rob spent the summer in Belfast during filming of The Lost City of Z. Why does this feel like it was only yesterday:

When Robert Pattinson spent the summer in Belfast and was spotted everywhere

Robert Pattinson made himself at home in Belfast during the summer of 2015, when he was filming Hollywood blockbuster The Lost City of Z.

The Twilight star was spotted filming with fellow A-listers Sienna Miller and Charlie Hunnam at Methody College.

He was also spotted having a pint on a night out with Florence + The Machine singer Florence Welch.

The 34-year old actor – who is a noted Van Morrison fan – also made an appearance at Van’s 70th birthday Cyprus Avenue concert, which took place at the end of August. 

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The Best Robert Pattinson Is Weird Robert Pattinson

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The Ringer believe that some of Rob’s best work is when he plays a secondary character, and here’s why:

The Devil All the Time is uncompromisingly bleak stuff … and that mood is matched in the ensemble’s somber performances.

But Pattinson proves to be the exception to that rule. As a predatory preacher in small-town Ohio, the actor seems to relish the chance to play a preening snake oil salesman—the kind of person who sees faith as the best means of manipulation and coercion. The phoniness of the preacher’s behavior is matched only by Pattinson’s hilariously over-the-top Southern accent and sacrilegiously poofy dress shirt. I’m not sure whether he deserves an Oscar or a Razzie; perhaps both.

The sheer campiness of Pattinson’s performance runs counter to everything else in The Devil All the Time—it’s the equivalent of a player ignoring a coach’s set play to do whatever the fuck he wants. But the effect of Pattinson’s work here is almost contagious: I couldn’t get enough of it, and suddenly I understood why all those parishioners couldn’t see through the preacher’s obvious facade. They were simply too beguiled to care.

The Devil All the Time is not the first instance of Pattinson appearing in a Netflix production where it appears he got a totally different memo from everyone else on set. In David Michod’s ultimately underwhelming The King, which was supposed to be another star-making turn for Timothée Chalamet, it’s Pattinson’s supporting work as the Dauphin of France that steals the show from his costar. Sporting Prince Charming–like blond locks and a French accent so thick and egregious it sounds like he’s constantly choking on a mouthful of escargot, Pattinson almost single-handedly saves The King—one ridiculous line reading at a time. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Robert Pattinson with Pepé Le Pew’s voice call Bowl Cut Timmy Chalamet someone who has, and I quote, “giant balls with a tiny cock.”

But just as well as Pattinson can call attention to himself, he can disappear into a role that requires something a bit more understated. In yet another supporting turn for James Gray’s masterful The Lost City of Z, Pattinson plays the aide-de-camp Henry Costin to Charlie Hunnam’s fabled real-life British explorer Percy Fawcett, who obsessed over finding an ancient lost city in the Amazon. Hiding behind a scraggly beard and old-timey spectacles, Pattinson is virtually unrecognizable, but carries a rugged grace while constantly following Fawcett through ordeals in the jungle that most would consider a living nightmare. It’s only when Costin starts a family of his own that he refuses to keep searching for Z with Fawcett, a choice Pattinson conveys with quiet consternation. 

It’s within this arthouse space, and in taking on bizarre supporting roles that appear antithetical to the interests of someone who has the look of a prototypical movie star, that Pattinson continues to impress. Call it the Jake Gyllenhaal Principle: He might be good-looking, but Robert Pattinson never seems more content than when he can get his freak on.

Despite his taking on one of the most sought-after superhero roles in Hollywood—not to mention starring in a time-bending Christopher Nolan movie—I hope filmmakers continue to let Pattinson cook as a weird character actor trapped in a leading man’s body. (While I haven’t seen Tenet because I care about my well-being, the fact that he plays a character who stole Nolan’s haircut is promising.) He’s sneakily become perhaps the single most exciting actor working right now; someone whose body of work radiates true chaotic energy. There’s no reason Robert Pattinson’s post-Twilight career can’t continue to sparkle, like a horny vampire in the sun. 

Edit above also done by The Ringer

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Kevin Feige Apparently wants Robert Pattinson for his “In Development” Star Wars Project

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We have had so many rumours over the years about Rob, sometimes they just want to mention his name for recognition and attention and then the rumours turned out to be true – remember when people were in denial that Rob may actually be involved with The Batman. The latest rumour, according to We’ve Got This Covered, is that Kevin Feige is a huge fan of Rob and wants him in his next Star Wars film. Imagine. Selfishly, if it means Rob and Adam Driver in a film together – bring it. At the moment, IMDbPro has the “Untitled Star Wars/Kevin Feige Project” at pitch stage since 27 September 2019. We know how long it can take for projects to take off the ground and Kevin Feige is no doubt busy with producing duties on 3 Marvel films. In any event, here what WGTC had to say:

According to our intel, Kevin Feige is interested in having Pattinson board the cast of his in-development Star Wars pic. The Marvel Studios head honcho wants his time in a galaxy far, far away to focus largely on original characters, having been keenly aware of the backlash that greeted the Sequel Trilogy’s over-reliance on nostalgia and familiar faces, and he apparently has a role in mind for the former Twilight star.

Feige is said to be a huge fan of Pattinson’s reinvention as a dedicated and committed talent, and sees him as the ideal candidate to join a Star Wars project that still remains shrouded in mystery. It’s unclear what exactly the super producer’s film will be about or what it’ll involve, but it’ll no doubt look to emulate the success he brought to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Gif thanks to SlaveforRob

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Oksana Nedavniaya Shares Costume Illustrations for Robert Pattinson’s “Neil” in Tenet

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Oksana Nedavniaya shared some of her costume illustrations for Tenet. I’ve shared the ones for Rob above but you can check them all out on her IG post below.

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Thanks @Monsieur_HJ for heads up

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Noomi Rapace Shares Photo of Robert Pattinson with Marilyn Manson

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Noomi Rapace shared this pic on her instagram. Love that Noomi supports her friends and it also makes sense now why Rob nominated Marilyn for the Ice Bucket challenge.

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#Repost @noomirapace • • • • • • Where and what would I be without music and film (probably insane)? I’m surviving on these two beautiful art forms. It’s a challenging time, separated from our friends, but music and film is my emotional oxygen. I’ve been spending a lot of time rewatching favourite films like @goodtimemov with #robertpattinson and listening to WE ARE CHAOS by @marilynmanson – missing my two friends but their music and acting makes me feel less lonely and fills me with joy. Can’t wait to get out of my quarantine to go and see @tenetfilm ! If you are able to, support your local cinema – they need it right now❤️

A post shared by Robert Pattinson Australia (@robertpattinsonau) on

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Karan Kapadia Shares Photo with Robert Pattinson on set of #Tenet

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Actor, Karan Kapadia, the nephew of Dimple Kapadia who stars with Rob in Tenet, shared his set photo with Rob. He shares his story of asking for the photo and Dimple’s opinion of Rob with ETimes (Times of India):

ETimes got exclusively in touch with Karan where he spoke about his meeting with Robert on the sets of ‘Tenet’. He said, “I wouldn’t say it was a fan moment or anything like that. My aunt was shooting and he was there and I knew he was going to be the next Batman so I thought that if this doesn’t work out then maybe I can sell this picture at some point of time (laughs). I actually had no conversation with him. I just asked if I could have a picture with him and he said yes. We took the picture and that was it. He went on his way. He is a busy guy.”

Karan revealed that he visited the sets when the team was shooting in Mumbai. On being asked about Robert and how was he on the sets and how is he as a person, the actor said, “Honestly, it was actually such a small set and tried to be out of everybody’s way as much as possible. So, I when I was there, I literally saw him for a few seconds and I don’t know him as a person. All I can tell you is from my aunt’s experience is that he is very professional.”

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Hanging out with my boy vengeance 😂……the new batman trailer has just dropped and it looks incredible,good luck Bob 😋 #thebatman#herobankebhoolgaya#teamedwardforever

A post shared by Karan Kapadia (@karankapadiaofficial) on

Thanks @Monsieur_HJ for the Times of India heads up.

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