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Robert Pattinson (or anyone) no longer attached to The Trap or Idol’s Eye


It should come as no surprise (and I know a relief to some), but Harmony Korine’s “The Trap” and Olivier Assayas “Idol’s Eye” have finally been removed from Rob’s IMDbPro page. I know that Rob has previously said that he’s in touch with Assayas on that project, but perhaps he’s now decided to not be involved because maybe we’re about to get news of a new project … hmmm


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Idol’s Eye might be filmed in 2019 – but will Robert Pattinson still be on board?

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Will he won’t he – we’ve been strung along for quite some time.  Truthfully I’d like to see Rob in a film with Sly Stallone and Rachel Weisz, but the question is – will all three still be available if and when Idol’s Eye gets filmed.  We know new financiers have come on board.  Nick Newman of The Film Stage recently spoke to Oliver Assayas and this is what he had to say about the film:

You have Non-Fiction next, but there’s already word you’re developing another title.

Wasp Network. It’s the story of the Cuban Five, who were Cuban spies in Miami in the early ‘90s. That, I think, will be my next film. Most of it will be in Spanish.

And Idol’s Eye?

Idol’s Eye can happen; it still can happen. I actually had an offer to make it this summer, and I’ve written Wasp Network; I want to do Wasp Network first. If the offer is still around, I will do it next year.

2019 it is then … maybe.  Guess I’ll just add this article to the myriad of articles speculating filming on our Idol’s Eye dedicated page.

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Robert Pattinson’s Upcoming Projects

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I tweeted today that The King has finally been removed from Rob’s IMDbPro page.  It’s not a surprise to me because I believe Justin Kroll when he said that Rob wasn’t involved given he had the exclusive on Joel Edgerton.  IMDb | IMDbPro isn’t 100% accurate at the best of times, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect on the projects in development currently listed on Rob’s page:

The Lighthouse (Robert Eggers)

Robert Pattinson said he was excited about his next project and “excited to be in a horror movie by Robert Eggers.”

Rob is currently in Nova Scotia with William Dafoe.  The film is currently in pre-production and filming is rumoured to commence on Monday 9 April 2018 and scheduled to finish around 11 May 2018.  We also know they have finalised the building of the lighthouse (see pic above) and the roads are now closed off from the general public.  It’s currently slated to be released in 2019.

The Souvenir: Part 2 (Joanna Hogg)

Not much is known about The Souvenir: Part 2 other than filming is supposed to start in the summer of this year and that Rob will have a leading role.  Part 1 is currently post production as at 22 October 2017, but we should know next Thursday (12 April 2018) if it is in fact going to Cannes as has been rumoured.

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December 12th, 2017 / 1 Comment

Robert Pattinson Idol’s Eye could be back on for 2018

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Robert did mention to Indiewire recently that he’s in contact with Olivier Assayas every few months about the status of this film.  The Fyzz Facility has a dedicated “Idol’s Eye” page which shows “2018” and “development”.  They are also credited as financiers and it’s good to see that Sylvester Stallone seems to still be attached (even on IMDbPro).  I guess time will tell.  I really do want to see 70s Rob.


November 30th, 2017 / No Comments

Robert Pattinson talks about upcoming projects, directors and more with IndieWire


Rob sure does like working with “Mia’s”.  Also, I’m probably in the minority but I am still holding out hope for “Idol’s Eye”.  Indiewire spoke to Rob whilst he was at the Savannah Film Festival for the Maverick Award and had some insight from Rob in relation to this upcoming films and collaborations. I noticed he didn’t mention Joanna Hogg, but I’m with Rob about hoping “The Devil All The Time” happens because it’s one of my favourite reads this year – quirky fabulous book:

Clair Denis’ Sci-Fi Project “High Life”: “It’s definitely nuts,” said Pattinson. “I just finished it last week. [Denis] is incredible. I’m not just saying that, she’s like one of the most fascinating people to work for. I was saying to her at the end of the shoot, she’s the most authentic punk that I’ve even met in my life. Just someone who can control a set. She’s so tiny, and to me she’s the most definitive auteur I’ve ever worked with as well. There’s disparate elements of the [‘High Life’] story. It’s just all over the place and I can’t waiting to see how she finds the throughline of everything, because it’s insane.”

The Zellner Brothers’ “Damsel”: “It’s got that same kind of ‘Kumiko [the Treasure Hunter]’ tone. It’s a funny movie I think, well I hope, I haven’t seen the final movie. I thought the script was very funny. It’s a very, very odd – ostensibly a western, but it’s like a feminist western comedy.”

Antonio Campos’ “The Devil All the Time”: “It’s got a really fun part in it. I hope it’s going to happen, I think it will. I love Antonio, I’m sort of friends with him as well and I think Mia Goth [“Cure for Wellness,” “Nymphomaniac”] will be in it, and she’s excited about it as well.”

Olivier Assayas’ heist film “Idol’s Eye”: “Every few months it kind of reappears again, but I think it’s happening with [Sylvester] Stallone, which is cool. I’m still always talking to them and seeing what’s going to happen, but I love Olivier.

Ciro Guerra’s “Waiting For the Barbarians”: “I saw ‘Embrace the Serpent’ that last day it played at the Sunshine in New York and the matinee was packed. I just knew Ciro Guerra’s next film was going to be amazing. I’m going to do ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ with Mark Rylance.”

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June 22nd, 2017 / 1 Comment

 Robert Pattinson Idol’s Eye May Still Happen

According to NOW Toronto, who recently spoke to Olivier Assayas:

In 2014, he was ready to shoot the Chicago-set 70s crime drama Idol’s Eye – starring another Twilight vet, Robert Pattinson – in Toronto when an American financier pulled out the day before production was to begin.

Given that experience, it’s no surprise he is sticking close to home for his next movie: it’s a French film “with lots of dialogue” starring Guillaume Canet and Juliette Binoche that shoots this fall, but afterwards he hopes to revive Idol’s Eye, with Sylvester Stallone and Rachel Weisz starring along with Pattinson.

A few years ago you were about to shoot the American-financed Idol’s Eye in Toronto, but the financing fell through. What’s the status of that film?

The situation on that film has been ongoing for a while. In a nutshell, it’s a screenplay I wrote based on true-crime stories set in Chicago in the late 70s. The film was financed and we were ready to shoot, but the day before shooting we lost our American financing. Which was, like, a nightmare. It never happens. You can lose your financing, but usually you lose it a month or two before shooting – not the day before.

At this point, we have solved the more complex issues so now it’s doable again, but it certainly won’t be my next film. And it’s not a done deal, but it has potential to happen.

Why did you want to shoot it in Toronto?

Sadly, it’s very basic. Chicago is much more expensive. Also, I’d already filmed in Toronto on Clean so I have friends and crew members. I’m familiar with the ambience in Toronto – it’s very much a movie town. We found all the locations we needed between Toronto and Hamilton that could look like late 70s Chicago.

The film will star Sylvester Stallone, as well as Robert Pattinson and Rachel Weisz. What do you like about Stallone?

I’m a huge fan – what can I say? I thought Rocky was pretty great, and so were the sequels. I like him as a director. I remember seeing Paradise Alley – his first film – in the late 70s, and he’s a very original individual in filmmaking. He has something that’s very powerful. For this movie we needed a very powerful figure to embody Tony Accardo, a famous Mafia boss. I thought Stallone was perfect. I really like the guy and enjoyed our meetings.


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