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I had almost forgotten that this event was even taking place. Rob attended with Suki Waterhouse. My my he’s looking so good.

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Thanks Angel

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9 October 2022

Here’s a better quality video


Rob couldn’t be at this year’s actual event due to filming Mickey7, but here’s a virtual message from Rob:

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It’s that time of year again when Rob’s fandom comes together to help those less fortunate as a tribute to Rob’s upcoming birthday. Last year the fandom raised over $10,000 and has overall helped raise over $260,000 in support of GO’s work Giving Opportunity to children around the world.

I know it’s been a a difficult few years for everyone worldwide, but if you are able to help click HERE to donate. Remember, every dollar makes a difference.

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This post will keep you updated on the tally of money being raised and any new information from GO.

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Charlie Steffens took a lot of photos of Rob from the Go Campaign in 2019 – you can check them out at his gallery

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Variety spoke to Rob about his commitment to the GO Campaign and this is what Rob had to say:

“It’s far less awkward than being alone and broadcasting virtually,” Pattinson tells Variety. “But of course, nothing compares to hosting the gala in person with everyone together in the same room.”

On Dec. 14th, via “The Batman” and the Go Campaign social channels, Pattinson will reveal how one lucky winner (and a guest) can snag a trip to the premiere of the Warner Bros. and DC superhero movie in early 2022. “The best part is it will help support Go Campaign,” Pattinson teased.

“I’ve wanted to do something like this for Go Campaign for a while now, and with ‘The Batman’ coming in March 2022, the timing made sense,” he says of deciding to use his role as the Caped Crusader to drive awareness toward the organization.

So with that idea in mind, the actor got to work negotiating behind the scenes and surprised the Go Campaign team with what he’d been cooking up just days before the event. “Can you imagine our reaction?” Fifer exclaims. “We cannot wait!”

Though Pattinson may be suiting up as a superhero for the first time in “The Batman,” the folks behind the Go Campaign have always considered the actor to be pretty heroic. Fifer shares that Pattinson’s fans have raised $260,000 for the organization’s causes, including funds which have been used to build a school for girls in Cambodia.

Plus, Fifer adds, “Rob rallies his incredible network of friends to support us and make big things happen for kids around the world.” For example, Pattinson brought Collins to her first gala in 2016 and recruited Sia to perform during this year’s livestream.

“Even with the best laid plans, it’s always a mad rush just before the gala — everyone’s so busy, but luckily great friends pull through at clutch moments,” Pattinson says of playing talent booker, in addition to co-host. “So, thank you Sia and The Chandeliers again for that.”

Pattinson was equally impressed by the virtual engagement, adding that “one of the benefits of doing it live online was being able to actually see the reach vs. at the gala when everyone is in the same room.”

“The most moving part of every Go Gala for me is seeing people around LA — and around the world now that this is the second virtual gala — come together to support Go Campaign and the children that Go supports,” he continues. “I am always amazed by the generosity, dedication, and passion of the donors.”

Pattinson finds the organization’s growth to be “galvanizing.”

“Everyone has always been tremendously focused and driven to enact meaningful change,” he says of the Go Campaign team (made up of only 10 full-time employees). “It’s inspiring to see the number of projects and scale of their achievements increase exponentially each year. The energy grows with each new project that they are able to green light.”

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UPDATED: 27 October 2021

Missed the Go Gala? If so you can rewatch at YouTube or Instagram below:

Here’s first look at Rob co-hosting this year’s GO Gala with Lily Collins.

Rob announced that he is donating 2 tickets to the premiere for #TheBatman with an opportunity to meet him. The GO Campaign will announce details on how to enter soon.

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