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Robert Pattinson talks to WWD


WWD interviewed Rob in Paris yesterday and this is what Rob had to say about a few things:

New Dior Campaign

“I really do like all the products from the line,” said Pattinson. “The new one, it smells delicious.”

The Blaze, comprised of cousins Guillaume Alric and Jonathan Alric, directed the film campaign for the latest fragrance.

“They’re great directors,” said Pattinson, referring also to Romain Gavras, who lensed the prior Dior Homme ad. “I wanted to work with them anyway, to do other things.”

Pattinson saw The Blaze’s treatment — elements of the screenplay — for the new campaign way before it was filmed, and it included dance.

“I don’t dance — at all. Ever,” admitted the actor, who recently was in movies such as “The Lighthouse,” “Waiting for the Barbarians” and “The King.” “The best parts of their music videos are always a kind of interesting, experimental dance sequence. I think subconsciously I really wanted to do that, but I just don’t have the capability.

“When I saw the treatment, I was terrified for months going into it, dreaded the day when it was going to happen,” Pattinson said.

Fast-forward to that day, when he ended up in an empty club in Brooklyn, N.Y., on a spotlighted dance floor. Pattinson danced there, while The Blaze guys danced in sympathy near the camera, so he didn’t feel too alone.

“We did four takes, and I was kind of getting used to it a little bit,” Pattinson said. But then he learned dancers were being called in.

“I was like: ‘What do you mean, dancers? There was no mention of other people in this,’” he said. It wasn’t two or three dancers, either. Two-hundred professionals were brought in to dance around Pattinson.

“It was one of the most unbelievably terrifying experiences I’ve ever had in my life,” he said. “I might as well have streaked down the middle of the Champs-Élysées.”

Pattinson thought his fear of dance had become a distant memory.

“Then I went to a party the next week and everybody was dancing,” he said. “I genuinely thought the phobia had gone. I really, really confidently walked up to the dance floor, and then it was like — nope! Terror, fully back.”

The Batman

“I’d done quite a few sort of crazy people in a row,” Pattinson said. “I was thinking ‘Hmmm, this is becoming a rhythm, a habit.’ So I need to break it. I was thinking that is kind of what I am afraid of. I realized maybe subconsciously I’ve been avoiding big movies, and so I thought I wanted to do something where it felt dangerous for me to do it. It felt scary.

“I liked it when my announcement came [about the role] and everyone was like ‘Nooooo!’” Pattinson laughed. “It’s kind of like ‘Ahhhhh — this feels good.’”

Despite there being no real comic book culture in England, as a child he felt a connection with Batman.

“But — I mean — I think everyone had a Batman outfit at one point in their lives,” he said. “I can’t really claim it to be a special thing.

“As I got older, the Batman movies always seemed to exist as a sort of canon unto themselves,” continued Pattinson, explaining that since the Tim Burton ones “they seemed very unique. That’s my first real awareness of comic book movies. Still now…it seems a little bit independent [from] all the other ones. I think they all seem a bit darker.”

Pattinson called Batman “a strange character.”


Directors are key to the actor, who said there are “millions” he’d like to work with.

“I’d love to work with Cristian Mungiu. He did ‘4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days.’ [That said,] I don’t think he’s ever going to make a movie in English,” Pattinson laughed.

“Definitely there’s a whole bunch of directors — a lot of whom I’ve never even met — and I’ll send an e-mail like once a year,” he explained, modulating his voice to sound almost like a child’s, saying: “‘Hey, I’m wondering if you’re in London for a coffee.’”

Back to his normal voice, Pattinson added: “And they’re like: ‘No, I am still in Romania, ‘cause that is where I live.’”

Click on the link above to read the full interview.

Thanks @Ailana169 for the heads up and @RPOnline for the photo

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