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Robert Pattinson #WaitingfortheBarbarians to Open Cartagena Intl’ Film Festival

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Olga Segura posted on her IGS story that Waiting for the Barbarians will open the Cartagena International Film Festival in Colombia which runs from 11 to 16 March 2020. The film will premiere at 7.00pm on 11 March 2020. It is expected that Mark Rylance and Gaya Bayarsaikhan will accompany Ciro Guerra at the screening (and no doubt Olga!).

From Revista Arcadia

The International Film Festival of Cartagena (FICCI) confirmed that Waiting for the Barbarians ( Waiting for the Barbarians ), the latest film by the Colombian director Ciro Guerra, will be the opening film of his edition number 60.

The first film in English of the director of The Hug of the Snake and Summer Birds , starring Johnny Depp, Mark Rylance and Robert Pattinson, arrives in Colombia after competing for the Golden Lion at the last Venice Film Festival, which in 2019 won Joker by Todd Phillips. 

The opening of Ficci 60 with the War movie will be on Wednesday, March 11 at 7:00 pm.

Cartagena’s official page for the film is HERE

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Robert Pattinson Wins .@FANGORIA Chainsaw Award for 2020 | #TheLighthouse

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Finally, somebody recognising the incredible talent that is Robert Pattinson. He should have more awards under his belt for this role, but clearly talent isn’t what’s recognised for some of those other awards. Fingers crossed The Independent Spirit Awards are wiser today.

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Matias Boucard Shares Robert Pattinson Set Photo from DiorHomme

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What a beautiful shot. Hope Matias shares more soon.

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From set with @robertpattinsonofficial with My #pentax645z and 45mm Pentax lens. #cinematography #cinemathographer #dop #directorofphotography #photography #pentax #fashionphotography #photooftheday #photo #photoshoot #photoshop #photos #mediumformat #mediumformatfilm #mediumformatcamera #mediumformatdigital #robertpattison #robertpattinsonbatman #streetphotography #photogallery @photocinematica @streetphotographyinternational @worldpressphoto @filmplace @ricoh.pentax.fr @filmlights @filmmakersworld #filmphotography #filmmaker #filmmaking

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New interview with Vanity Fair. Rob talks about The Lighthouse, Dior Homme and working out.

Partway through The Lighthouse, the Robert Eggers film about two keepers jostling over control of the flame and their own wits, we get the distinct sense that Robert Pattinson is most comfortable on the fringes of comfort. Drunken howling, ferocious masturbation, wheelbarrow marches that could only be marginally less grueling on the player than the played: Pattinson, rather insanely, seems to relish it all. Willem Dafoe, as the elder wickie, sets his wild eyes ablaze, but we half-wonder if Pattinson carries his unhinged zaniness off-camera, too.

“There’s definitely a part of me that is sort of perverse,” Pattinson says in a call from London, a hint of thrill in his voice. Take, for one, the dominant smell on set. “Lots of rotting fish everywhere. Of all the sensory parts of that experience, the smell was probably the worst,” he recalls, more as qualification than complaint. “I like it when things are just kind of grimy the whole time.”

The actor’s newest role, then—playing the beau in a Dior Homme eau de toilette campaign, released today—is quite the foil. In the 45-second spot, directed by the French production duo The Blaze, Pattison plays it straight. As in, Fantasy Heterosexual Male. He wordlessly orchestrates under-table makeouts; he sweeps a protective arm on a sketchy walk home; he spoons shirtless on a white shag rug. Selling fragrance always is about selling sex (his previous campaign included). But the cologne’s press notes dare you to blush. “The new Dior Homme is crafted from a block of frank, sensual wood,” it reads. Well, then! It’s the olfactory equivalent of the carved ivory mermaid that serves as the lust object in The Lighthouse. Or maybe it’s the light itself: warm and enveloping, cloaking you even when you’re naked.

“In the last five or six years, I’ve almost exclusively played weirdos,” Pattinson says with a laugh. “It was almost a relief to be like, ‘At least I’ve got Dior coming out, so I don’t look like I’m just completely enveloped by the dark side yet.’ ” That embrace of off-kilter characters—in the hands of directors like Werner Herzog, Claire Denis, and the Safdie brothers—was a pendulum swing away from the Twilight saga. With this summer’s Tenet from Christopher Nolan and next year’s anticipated The Batman, the recent days of relative anonymity seem numbered. All the more reason to reflect on simple pleasures, coping mechanisms, and things that tickle the nose.

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Robert Pattinson photographed for Backstage

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Great way to start today with two full shots from the Stephanie Diani’s photoshoot for Backstage which we previously posted HERE.

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Robert Pattinson x The Future • #mensgrooming + #haircut by Kristan Serafino @serafinosays | #photography by #StephanieDiani | @backstagecast Dec|Jan 2020 #thelighthousemovie #robertpattinson #kristanserafino #traceymattinglyagency

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UPDATED: 18 January 2020

Better quality HQs

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Source Thanks @Ailana169

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Robert Pattinson featured in this weekend’s Observer Magazine

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Rob is on the cover and features in a new interview in this weekend’s Observer Magazine with Alex Moshakis from The Guardian. We will post the interview as soon as it’s available and hopefully some new shots like the one above thanks to Danielle Levitt. Love her shoots with Rob.

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Since retiring from the Twilight saga, in 2012, Robert Pattinson has quietly become one of Britain’s most creative actors. Next month he’ll star in Robert Eggers’s “The Lighthouse”, which might be his best film yet. So why is he so utterly convinced he doesn’t know how to act? @moshakis meets him to find out. Elsewhere in this weekend’s issue, we take a peek inside New York’s iconic Chelsea Hotel; @nigelslater shares his sweet and easy festive treats; we ask: what Christmas film are you? (No, it’s really not “It’s a Wonderful Life”); and Kim Gordon shares everything she knows. Out Sunday. Cover 📸: @daniellelevitt #robertpattinson #twilight #thelighthouse #edwardcullen

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Updated with full interview & new photos after the cut

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