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First Reactions to Robert Pattinson #TheDevilAlltheTime Trailer

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It seems Rob may have stolen the limelight yet again. Below are some comments and reactions to Preston Teagardin and the cast as a whole for #TheDevilAlltheTime trailer

Concrete Playground

He’s played a shimmering vampire in the Twilight films, a circus newcomer in Water for Elephants, a photographer friend of James Dean in Life and a desperate small-time criminal in Good Time. Also on his resume: battling in the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, stepping into Salvador Dali’s shoes in Little Ashes, roaming around the Australian outback in The Rover, heading to space in High Life and enduring a nightmarish seaside ordeal in The Lighthouse. Yes, we’re talking about Robert Pattinson, who’ll also add Batman to his hefty list of roles next year — but, before then, he’s playing a creepy man of faith in Netflix’s new thriller The Devil All the Time.

Since leaving terrible supernatural teen romance franchises behind, Pattinson has chosen many an impressive, interesting part. Indeed, add the David Cronenberg-directed Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars, the unnerving The Childhood of a Leader, biographical drama The Lost City of Z and Shakespeare adaptation The King to the above lineup, too. So, playing an unholy and unsettling preacher in a small Ohio town between World War II and the Vietnam war seems right up his alley. That said, as The Devil All the Time’s just-dropped first trailer shows, Pattinson is just one of the film’s many stars.

We Got This Covered

Robert Pattinson, in what looks to be a scene-stealing role as a twisted preacher …


This movie looks tremendously intense but also kind of delicious? Pattinson is absolutely chewing the scenery as a devilish preacher, and I can’t wait to see him square off against Holland. While most people might associate these two performers with their franchise roles, they’ve done their best work in smaller-scale dramas, and I’m happy to see them continue to make these kinds of films.

The AV Club

Robert Pattinson can play a piece of shit like nobody’s business, so let us celebrate the actor embracing his dark side one last time before he becomes our new Caped Crusader. Pattinson leads the cast of Netflix’s upcoming The Devil All The Time as an “unholy preacher,” playing just one in a whole ensemble of unsavory backwoods characters. 

Lainey Gossip

At this point, I will watch anything Robert Pattinson is in, just to see whatever bonkers performance he’s giving that day of the week. Over his decade-plus of fame, Pattinson has turned into one of the most reliably strange performers in film—some actors try VERY HARD to sell an image of the eccentric artist (ahem, Jared Leto), but for Pattinson, it comes naturally. He is our chaos king, and I will happily watch him do anything, let alone play a charismatic but shady old timey preacher with frilled tuxedo shirts. In The Devil All the Time, that is exactly who Pattinson is playing, and while I know Tom Holland is the star and a segment of the internet is here for Sebastian Stan and/or Bill Skarsgard, I have to say that the prospect of RPattz playing a wily preacher is the most appealing thing about this film.

The Hollywood Reporter

… the camera finally lands on Pattinson’s preacher shakily delivering scripture to his flock.

“That ain’t no preacher,” Holland’s Arvin says while behind the wheel of a car. “He’s as bad as they got on the damn radio.”

The role of Pattinson’s preacher then becomes clearer as he proclaims to have “started something” called “the delusion.” That’s when the people of Knockemstiff go from unsettling to increasingly depraved, as they’re overcome by “sin.” Murder, guns, alcohol, sex, and more take center stage as the thriller’s trailer comes to a visual and musical crescendo.

Daily Mail

The trailer for Netflix‘s new thriller The Devil All the Time has fans convinced that Robert Pattinson deserves an Oscar for his performance — and the movie hasn’t even come out yet. 

The 34-year-old English actor transformed his accent to play corrupt preacher Preston Teagardin in the Southern gothic drama, which is based on Donald Ray Pollock’s 2011 novel of the same name. 

The chilling trailer leaves the plot of the movie largely a mystery, but many viewers are already hailing it as a triumph after getting a taste of Pattinson’s hypnotic Southern drawl. 

The trailer shows Pattinson screaming about delusions while giving a passionate sermon in a powder blue suit and ruffled shirt. 


Robert Pattinson, who has simply gone feral and is some sort of evil preacher with a predilection for a frilly shirt front.

Buzz Feed

The preacher in question is Robert Pattinson, who I don’t WANT to be a bad guy, but, so far, thing’s aren’t lookin’ good for his character.

[Pictured in the post] is Rev. Teagardin kissing the forehead of Lenora (Eliza Scanlen) — Arvin’s underaged cousin — alone in his car…and NOT in a ~fatherly~ way.

Screen Rant

The trailer for The Devil All The Time sets the film’s mysterious tone. There’s something sinister afoot in this movie, and the trailer reveals just enough to draw in audiences without giving too much of the plot away. The vague mystery element, combined with its massively talented cast, makes The Devil All The Time one audiences cannot miss.

Screen Anarchy

Featuring an amazing cast, confident direction and twist on the tale of good versus evil, this just shot straight up my must-watch list. 


The eerie intensity of the trailer is sure to be a good sign of what to expect from the movie once it hits the streaming service, and, thanks to the cast, should prove to be a popular choice amongst viewers.

Den of Geek

Bearing a story spanning from World War II to the 1960s, the film is set in the rural Ohio town of Knockemstiff (really, that’s what it’s called), centering around a young man (Holland) who not only discovers a dark secret about his family, but becomes threatened by some of the corrupt locals, most notably a fire-and-brimstone-heralding preacher (Pattinson).


Gotta say, The Devil All the Time, wasn’t exactly on my radar. While I knew about the film (which shot last year, but has been in the works for a few years), mostly due to its impressive lineup of actors, I knew nothing about the story/book it was based on. After today’s trailer, however, it has shot up pretty high on my list of films I have to see.

The Wrap

Tom Holland Doesn’t Know Who the Truly Evil Are in Netflix’s ‘The Devil All the Time’ Trailer … Robert Pattinson as the preacher seems like a safe bet, though.


Pattinson plays the preacher, named Preston Teagardin, who feels fine bending and breaking the morals of those that typically align themselves with his profession. The actor took his knack for spontaneity to the set in order to shape the character.

“Rob prepared a bunch of ideas and you don’t know what you’re going to get but it’s all interesting,” said Campos to Entertainment Weekly. “The character coming to life — I saw that in front of me when we were on set.”

W Magazine

Preacher Pattinson Will Give You Chills In The Devil All the Time Trailer … Midway through the trailer for The Devil All the Time, which Netflix just released today, Robert Pattinson appears. Over the years the actor has been cast as a vampire, a caped crusader, a bank robber, and a lighthouse wickie. But now, he finally gets to flex on screen as a corrupt preacher, and according to this trailer, he appears to be going full Eli Sunday (real There Will Be Blood fans know), albeit in a powder blue suit and ruffled white shirt for this role as Preston Teagardin.


Thrillers are not ordinarily my cup of tea, but admittedly, post-Twilight, post-GQ-pasta-disaster Pattinson does give me enough thrills to reconsider just this once, from an endearment angle. The trailer features mere glimpses of Pattinson aptly portrayed in cheap pastel suiting and ruffle shirts amid eerie shots of Skarsgård Jason Clarke looking sweaty and disturbed.


I don’t know about you, but it was not on my Hollywood bucket list to watch Robert Pattinson maniacally coax his followers into sin and depravity. But now that I’ve seen it, I can’t not say it deserves an honorable mention. There’s something about watching the man who played Edward Cullen (and who absolutely despises Edward Cullen) let his syrupy voice morph into fire-and-brimstone shrieking that…I mean, wow. Who was I before I watched this trailer?

I’ve been waiting for Pattinson to truly and completely lose it onscreen for years, and it seems the time has finally come.

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