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Robert Pattinson is garnering support as The Batman

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With the release of Rob’s interview with GQ came a lot of attention about Rob not working out nor taking the role seriously – you know the usual backlash when people don’t really understand Rob. Personally I preferred to focus on Rob’s comments about how he is hoping to leave his mark on such an iconic role. With the possibility that filming will shortly recommence once appropriate plans are in place a few others decided to weigh in (no pun intended) in support of Rob. Here’s what they had to say:

Travis Bean from ForbesRobert Pattinson Is Proving Why Hes The Perfect Choice For Batman

“And then I was thinking,” he told GQ after he recounted all of the past performances of Batman, it’s fun when more and more ground has been covered. Like, where is the gap? You’ve seen this sort of lighter version, you’ve seen a kind of jaded version, a kind of more animalistic version. And the puzzle of it becomes quite satisfying, to think: Where’s my opening? And also, do I have anything inside me which would work if I could do it?

Because of this mentality, I think Pattinson will bring a brand new atmosphere to the Batman character—an energy that might not please fans of the comic books, but will please the 90% of moviegoers who don’t really care for the comics. Pattinson’s approach is very cinematic and cooperative, as he works closely with noted director after noted director to find his niche. And it seems he and The Batman director Matt Reeves have some interesting things in store for their version of the superhero.

As you might have read, Pattinson has refused to work out for his role as Batman. Even a detail as small as that should be excitedly praise, as it shows he’s taking a calculatedly mental approach to the performance. And I think that attitude will pay off once The Batman hits theaters in a post-coronavirus-pandemic world (whenever that is).

Ben Childs from The GuardianWhy Robert Pattinson could be the most exciting Batman in years

While Pattinson may not have been hitting the gym, it sounds like he’s been preparing for the role in other ways, not least by examining quite where some of his predecessors went wrong. “I was watching the making of Batman & Robin the other day. And even then, George Clooney was saying that he was worried about the fact that it’s sort of been done, that a lot of the ground you should cover with the character has been already covered. And that’s in 96, 97?

And yet the idea that there is nothing in Batman to create a memorable performance from seems undercut by Pattinson’s determination to find something in the role to value. Perhaps, rather than an empty carapace, the dark knight is a blank canvas on which to paint one’s own ideas.

Jonathan Deane from GQRobert Pattinson as Batman is exactly what the genre needs

Kayliegh Donaldson of ScreenRant “Batman “Fans” Are Angry Pattinson’s Not Working Out: Why They’re Wrong”

It’s true that Batman’s body shape has changed throughout the decades in comics, and sometimes he is very bulky, but it’s been a while since fans have seen him sleeker and more in that sort of James Dean mold, so why not bring it back? Pattinson isn’t likely to be the sort of man who looks natural with 40-plus pounds of muscle packed onto him. It would be refreshing to see a lean Batman inspire a new generation of leading men who don’t have to have the bodies of Greek gods. Frankly, a lot of actors would love the opportunity to do such roles without having to commit to 18 months of chicken breasts and broccoli diets, complete with four hours in the gym every day. Audiences could use a new model of masculinity, and while a thinner but no less toned Batman is hardly a radical reinvention of the norm, it is a step in the right direction.

It’s also fair to just cut Pattinson some slack. Getting anything done during the current coronavirus lockdown is difficult and working out is especially tough for many stuck at home. It takes an incredibly rigorous regime and a massive team of trainers, chefs, and studio micromanaging for an actor to maintain the industry and societally-mandated physique that has been collectively decided as the right one for a superhero. By the time the lockdown is over, it’s not like Pattinson won’t have the time or means to get into the shape that The Batman producers want. It’s highly doubtful that he’s going to have the body of Adam West’s Batman. For now, maybe it’s best just to leave him in his hotel room with his pasta experiments.

Matt Conway of Screen Geek “Robert Pattinson Discusses Laying New Ground As Batman”

Personally, I think Pattinson will create his own dynamic version of Batman, one who is portrayed more like a methodical detective rather than a combative brute.

While we’ve seen various different attempts at bringing Batman to the big screen, very few of them have focused on Batman’s intellect, rather showing off the various gadgets and combat styles the Caped Crusader possesses. A more grounded take on the character will be fascinating to watch, and I have confidence that Reeves and Pattinson can pull it off effectively.

Alexander Pan GOAT “Robert Pattinson’s DGAF Attitude Towards Getting Jacked For Batman Is Refreshing

We already know The Batman is going to look unlike any other Caped Crusader film based on what we’ve seen of the suit and Batmobile, but the latest thing that’s really sold us on Robert Pattinson’s take on the Dark Knight is his total commitment in not committing to properly training and following his workouts while production is on hiatus.

We all know how Hollywood projects an unhealthy image when it comes to body standards and hearing a big-name actor like R-Batz go against the grain and for Batman, a role that’s normally been associated with looking buff “ is just really nice to hear.

Plus it also sounds like the Robert Pattinson version of Batman is going to be even wilder than we initially thought. His Bruce Wayne appears to be less of a jacked playboy who walks around shirtless and more of a trust fund weirdo who doesn’t take care of himself and is racked with self-hate. Now that sounds fantastic.

And finally, Akiva Goldsman, who has worked on previous Batman films, had this to say about Matt Reeves and Rob when speaking with Steve Weintraub from Collider recently:

Sure, looking back on Batman movies of yore is fun, but what about the upcoming Caped Crusader feature The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves? Reeves’s vision “for the new Batman story is reportedly much darker than those ’90s Batman entries ” despite Goldsman aiming for a more psychologically complex angle” as Reeves attempts to carve out a new niche in the Dark Knight’s onscreen canon with a tale focused on a younger Bruce Wayne. When asked to share his thoughts about Reeves wading into the Batman world, Goldsman was nothing but complimentary, happily and candidly telling Collider:

“Matt Reeves, I think, is so insanely talented and I think Robert Pattinson is terrific. For me, the key to this is Matt. Have you ever seen the pilot of Felicity? Matt directed it, J.J. [Abrams] wrote it, and it hums in this extraordinary way. From then, I have admired Matt as  a director. I just think he’s literate, he’s articulate emotionally, he’s can cinematically virtuosic. For me, I can’t wait to see [The Batman].

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