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Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in a Film Together? Yes please!

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Now I haven’t been able to find anything concrete, but for those who saw my tweet this morning, Broadway World just casually dropped this sentence into an article about Chris and Eleanor Columbus’s production company Maiden Voyage Pictures (and yes Potterphiles it’s the same Chris Columbus who directed Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets):

Maiden Voyage’s current projects include Yes, God, Yes, a romantic comedy directed by Karen Maine, and The Lighthouse, starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe.

****UPDATED: 8 FEBRUARY 2018*****

RE the above story – thanks to everyone who has told me that Broadway World has now edited their article and removed the reference I’ve quoted above. Why would someone put Rob in a story and then remove … oh wait.  Hope they enjoyed the hits they got.  In the meantime, since I’m a Willem Dafoe fan – I’m intrigued by this film regardless of Rob being involved or not.   Guess it’s time to wait and see.  UPDATE: 16 Feb 2018 No longer a rumour – Rob has joined the film.  Film page coming soon


Deadline is reporting on Willem Dafoe and The Lighthouse.  No mention of Rob yet, but here is what they had to say:

Willem Dafoe is finalizing his second project since being nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for The Florida Project. He’s in talks to star in The Lighthouse, an RT Features-produced thriller that The Witch helmer Robert Eggers wrote and will direct for New Regency and A24. Dafoe will play the role of Old, an aging lighthouse keeper. Set at the start of the 20th century, the film is about lighthouse keepers in Nova Scotia. Call Me By Your Name‘s Rodrigo Teixeira is producing through his RT Features banner.

Teixiera re-teams with Eggers after they collaborated on the sleeper hit The Witch. RT Features developed The Lighthouse from an idea with Eggers. Teixeira, and RT’s Lourenço Sant’ Anna are producing with Jay Van Hoy, and Youree Henley. The film expands RT’s relationship with New Regency: they are in post-production on the James Gray-directed Ad Astra, the sci-fi film that stars Brad Pitt, which Fox will release later this year.

I kinda liked my beach detective film but I’ll take this.  See my ridiculous speculations after the cut.  Funny it doesn’t seem to mention Maiden Voyage Pictures … the plot thickens.

****Previous speculation 7 Feb 2018*****

Can we have concrete confirmation of this please and thank you.  There’s not much out there on “The Lighthouse” connecting either Rob or Willem Dafoe.  IMDbPro only has two projects “In Development” called “The Lighthouse” that “may” be this film, but then again, IMDbPro isn’t gospel and there’s been other projects that aren’t listed there (cough David Michôd cough), but I thought I would share because it’s always fun trying to pin down exactly what Rob has up his sleeve.

The first is “The Lighthouse” written by Eric Kristen.  It’s about William Van Alen’s building of the Chrysler building and the competition to be the first to complete the world’s tallest building.  This script was included in the 2012 Black List (as was Hold On To Me).  The current status of the film is “script” as at 27 December 2016.

The second film sounds very quirky and could be right up Rob’s alley.  “The Lighthouse” written and directed by Neal Dhand about two detectives in a sleepy beach town who find a severed foot washed ashore. Complications arise when the DNA of the foot matches that of one of the detectives – who has both of his feet.  The status of this movie is “Development Unknown” as at 6 June 2017.  Beach town you say …. hmmm.

Of course, as I said earlier, it could be neither of these films.  It may not even be true (although why Broadway World would just randomly print that seems odd to me).  Needless to say with Willem Dafoe being honored at Berlinale, we could get an announcement next week.  Their paths seem to have crossed a lot of late – Variety Actors on Actors, Leffest, Golden Globes ….

Of course this is all just speculation at this stage so stay tuned and fingers crossed.

  • sue
    Posted on February 08, 2018

    LOL I’ll leave the guesswork and speculation up to you @Maria – I do love reading your theories!
    I’ve recently read a couple of Willem Dafoe interviews, though, and I must say he sounds like someone Rob would appreciate working with. Time will tell …….

  • Carmel Montgomery
    Posted on February 08, 2018

    Oh let this happen, please. Sometimes two actors just make sense together. This is one of those times.

  • Abby
    Posted on February 16, 2018

    Does anyone know where The Lighthouse is going to be filmed? Will they film in Nova Scotia?

  • Maria
    Posted on February 16, 2018

    No details as yet @Abby. I haven’t had a chance to research all info as yet, but I will create a film page for the movie which should be up in the next day or so 🙂

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