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Nothing really new here, but we cannot get enough of any Maps To The Stars snippet so had to share this article from Screen Rant:

Bruce Wagner’s script for Hollywood-set thriller Maps to the Stars was reportedly so weird, acerbic and risky that no one would dare touch it – that is, no one but the Canadian king of all things weird, David Cronenberg, who has been trying to get the film made for over a year. The details of the plot are being kept under wraps, but it’s been called a “ghost story” of sorts, centered on the lives of two former child stars living in L.A.

The other reason that L.A.-based studios have been wary of funding the film is that it’s reportedly a scathing attack on celebrity culture and Hollywood society in particular, possibly comparable to Brett Easton Ellis’ novel 1998 Glamorama. However, despite the difficulties, Cronenberg’s new project has been green-lit and is set to star Robert Pattinson in the lead role, along with Julianne Moore, John Cusack and Sarah Gadon. Filming will begin in Toronto and Los Angeles in July of this year.

Pattinson has been attached to the project almost since its conception and, as was the case with Cronenberg’s 2012 thriller Cosmopolis, it’s largely thanks to the involvement of the highly bankable star that Maps to the Stars has received funding and is heading into production. The film is being co-financed by Entertainment One Films, who are also in charge of worldwide sales and distribution, and Martin Katz’s production company Prospero Pictures, who also worked with Cronenberg on Cosmopolis and A Dangerous Method.

Noticeably absent from this cast list is Viggo Mortensen, who was attached to Maps to the Stars for almost as long as Pattinson was. It’s likely that the project’s spell in development limbo meant that Mortensen ended up with scheduling conflicts that prevented him from staying committed, as the actor has since signed on to produce and star in Argentinian director Lisandro Alonso’s new drama. Based on the cast names that have been revealed so far, John Cusack seems the most likely fit for the role that Mortensen has vacated (more so than Julianne Moore, anyway).

Though Cronenberg is something of a legend for his work on ’80s and ’90s horror classics like Scanners, The Fly and Videodrome, his most recent releases have received more mixed reviews, and Cosmopolis in particular felt shallow and poorly paced, failing to inspire confidence in the partnership of Cronenberg and Pattinson. We can only hope that, outside of a film where the central premise is a guy sitting in a limousine talking in monotone about economics for nearly two hours, the director and star have a little more to offer. (Michelle – obviously I could not disagree more with these statements.  Is a shame that some people failed to appreciate the brilliance that is Cosmopolis.  Completely their loss.  Rob & David together are brilliant & I cannot wait to see the next wonderful chapter of them working together)

There is, of course, an enormous amount of diversity among Cronenberg’s work, and between the reputation of the script and the strong director and cast that have been assembled, Maps to the Stars might be one of the most interesting films being shot this year.

So so very excited for this film.  Thanks to Roberta for sending this to us.

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LeGrandJournal (34)john cusackJulianne

According to Deadline:

“Canadian giant Entertainment One will team with Martin Katz’s Prospero Pictures to back David Cronenberg‘s upcoming ensemble thriller Maps To The Stars. Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon are to star in the ghost story that’s described as a scathing attack on celebrity-obsessed LA. The script is by Wild Palms‘ Bruce Wagner.

One will also handle worldwide sales, which it plans to launch in Cannes next month, and distribute in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia and New Zealand. Production starts in July in Toronto and LA. This is Cronenberg and Katz’s fourth collaboration. Katz and SBS Films’ Saïd Ben Saïd are producing. Sentient Entertainment’s Renee Tab, Cronenberg’s manager, will exec produce. EOne’s Benedict Carver is also exec producing and will oversee for the studio. Integral Films’ Alfred Hurmer is co-producing.” [my emphasis]

First Rob stars with Juliette Binoche and now my other fave Julianne Moore.   And John Cusack … the world is looking like a much better place this morning.

Update:  I came across Russ Fischer’s article on Slash Film re the casting news.   I thought this mention was worth sharing:

“Cronenberg once described Bruce Wagner‘s script as such:

You could say it’s a Hollywood film because the characters are agents, actors and managers, but it is not a satire like ‘The Player.’ … Hollywood is a world that is seductive and repellent at the same time, and it is the combination of the two that makes it so potent. I won’t fall back on some cliches or simplistic sloganeering, because the culture and what it reveals about Western culture and the rest of the world is very complex. I’ll definitely shoot some in L.A. and the rest on sets in Toronto.”

I thought that was an interesting insight.

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Steven Weintraub aka @Colliderfrosty spoke with Rachel Weisz during promo for Oz The Great & Powerful & right at the end of the interview asked her if she was doing David Cronenberg’s movie next & as you can see in the video below, she responded “I’m not” 🙁

And this from IndependentWoman.ie:

Rachel also denied stories that she will be working with David Cronenberg in Maps To The Stars with Robert Pattinson and Viggo Mortensen.

“I’m not in that. I’m unemployed for now,” she joked.

Rob is the only one listed under cast on IMDb Pro, so looks like we’ll just have to wait & see what happens. Keeping my fingers VERY tightly crossed. Rob & Cronenberg together is something so special & so brilliant.

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Indiewire has included 2 of Rob’s upcoming films in their list of 50 Indie Films We Want to See in 2013.  I guess The Rover wasn’t included because it’s an Aussie production … their loss.

“Map to the Stars”

Director: David Cronenberg
Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Rachel Weisz, Robert Pattinson
Distributor: None as of yet.
Release Date: Very likely to premiere in Cannes or Venice or Toronto, with a deal and release date to follow.
Why Might It Be a Must See: Whatever you think of Robert Pattison becoming David Cronenberg’s newfound muse, their second collaboration in as many years looks mighty appealing. The long-delayed “Map to The Stars” also brings Cronenberg’s other righthand man Viggo Mortensen along for the ride (as well as Rachel Weisz), and is said to be a complex Hollywood satire…  It’s also the first film the Canadian director has actually shot in America. [Peter Knegt]”  [Maria:  Peter Knegt you are not alone there, not alone.  Although we saw that it’s possible Viggo might not be available – hopefully this will change and don’t think it will prem at Cannes this year since it was suppose to film in May, but I’m happy for it to be at TIFF].


“Queen of the Desert”
Director: Werner Herzog
Cast: Naomi Watts, Robert Pattinson, Jude Law
Distributor: N/A
Release date: Nothing yet.
Why Might It Be a Must See: Just because he was recently seen onscreen as the villain in “Jack Reacher” doesn’t mean Herzog has sold out. Every since “Rescue Dawn,” the kooky Bavarian filmmaker has entered a compelling new stage with the narrative side of his filmmaking career, delivering bizarre, discursive dramas (can anyone really explain “My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?”) with the same loony poetry that often spills out of Herzog’s mouth (that iguana bit in “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” was something else). Herzog’s new movie looks like a consolidation of his life as an adventurous documentarian and oddball fiction work: The movie stars Watts as legendary explorer Gertrude Bell and Pattinson as “Lawrence of Arabia” author T.E. Lawrence. Herzog tends to bring out the maniacal side of his actors, which means this could be a thrill ride in more ways than one. [Eric Kohn]

If you want to see what the other 48 films are, you know the drill, click on the link above.

January 3rd, 2013 / 10 Comments

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No Viggo? – say it isn’t so 🙁  David was asked about Maps To The Stars during his interview with Details & this is what he had to say:

DETAILS: Maps to the Stars is supposed to start shooting in May. Have you been able to sign Robert Pattinson, Viggo Mortensen, and Rachel Weisz?

DAVID CRONENBERG: I don’t think Viggo will be able to do it, but with the other two, so far, so good. Have they signed? No. But they have a verbal commitment if everything works out and if other things don’t come along. It’s still very possible for the three of them, but it’s far from certain. That’s life in the indie film world.

Keeping my fingers TIGHTLY crossed *looks to the gods*

November 8th, 2012 / 22 Comments


Ehmagawd!!   Vertigo – I hope you can stop cartwheeling enough to fully appreciate what this means – Rob and Viggo together possibly shooting in May 2013!  I seriously don’t think any of us are going to survive the next 2 years what with set photos, promo tours and the actual movies of Rob with Guy Pearce, Jude Law and Viggo Mortensen.   And I’m thrilled that we will finally get to see Rob and Rachel together too.

According to The Film Stage:

Breathe another sigh of relief, for David Cronenberg is assembling his next film. As was reported just when Cosmopolis had a world premiere, Canada’s best-known cinematic artist is making another endeavor with that film’s star, Robert Pattinson, and his newest favorite collaborator, Viggo Mortensen, on a Hollywood satire called Maps to the Stars. Already good, right? Well, there’s even more too add.

French site Allocine report that Rachel Weisz is now the cast’s third member — who, however, it has not been said — while a production start is being eyed for next May. Described as “very acerbic and satirical” by Cronenberg himself, Maps to the Stars, from what we understand, is a Bruce Wagner-scripted film which revolves around actors and agents, with a specific focus on “two child actors ruined by Hollywood’s depravity.” This central content, no matter if what we’ve heard is even true, has made this a difficult-to-implement project — movement actually began in early 2006, for instance — but when you get (for lack of a better term) stars in line, it can fall together. Respected producer Saïd Ben Saïd doesn’t hurt, either.

They’re good stars, too. Cronenberg has already shown an ability to coax wonderful and unexpected performances from Maps‘ male stars, while, on the other side of the gender coin, I think Weisz has already secured her own image. It’s still a little while off until cameras begin rolling here, but the news should be coming in on and off for the next six months. Tune in, because I think this has a chance of being something special.

Saïd Ben Saïd will be producing.”

We will just add another confirmed project to the list shall we haters …

More from The Playlist:

“Brewing since 2006, not much has really been known about David Cronenberg‘s “Map to the Stars.” In May he described it as, “very extreme. It’s not obviously a very big commercial movie, and even as an independent film it’s difficult. ‘Maps to the Stars’ is completely different [from ‘Cosmopolis‘], but it’s very acerbic and satirical, it’s a hard sell.” But Cronenberg has made a career out of mounting one “hard sell” picture after another, and thanks to three major stars on board, this one looks like it’s getting made.

Allocine (via The Film Stage) reveals that Rachel Weisz has joined Robert Pattinson and the now-confirmed Viggo Mortensen in the upcoming film. Penned by Bruce Wagner, Cronenberg previously explained: “You could say it’s a Hollywood film because the characters are agents, actors and managers, but it is not a satire like ‘The Player.’ Hollywood is a world that is seductive and repellent at the same time, and it is the combination of the two that makes it so potent. I won’t fall back on some clichés or simplistic sloganeering, because the culture and what it reveals about Western culture and the rest of the world is very complex.

The movie, oddly enough, will be his first picture shot on U.S. soil, with the filmmaker revealing earlier this year that it will lens in Los Angeles. No word yet on the roles the trio will play, but this one appears to be moving along nicely. Plans are underway for production to begin in May all on a budget of $15 million.

It will be interesting to see how the methodical Mortensen and young upstart Pattinson work together, and Weisz is always a treat. As usual with Cronenberg, we’re curious to see what he brings to the big screen next.”

“Young upstart”  really?  I don’t think that’s an adjective I will use for Rob since it’s not usually used as a term of endearment here in Australia.  And sorry but don’t we know that Rob’s apparently playing Jerome a struggling actor and chauffeur driver by day?  I’m pretty sure that’s what we reported here.    That’s a tad lazy there Playlist.

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