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16 April 2022

Rob recently in an interview said that he was waiting to announce a few projects he was involved in producing. We’re still waiting to hear, but Erik Davis tweeted this today and now we’re hoping the announcements are very very soon


25 May 2021

Producer Rob is on his way. We knew he wasn’t just sitting around doing nothing since finishing filming The Batman and honestly I’m not surprised WB picked up on Rob’s eclectic eye for finding quirky projects and talented directors. From Deadline:

Warner Bros is doubling down with its The Batman star Robert Pattinson as the studio, along with New Line Cinema, Warner Bros Television and HBO Max, have made an overall first-look production deal with him.

“Warner Bros Pictures and HBO have always been synonymous with groundbreaking filmmaking,” Pattinson said. “I’m thrilled to be working with them to discover the most exciting new voices in film and television and help bring their visions to life. I’ve loved working with the studio over the years and have so much respect for their dedication, their willingness to take chances and their desire to push the envelope creatively.”

The deal is for theatrical, SVOD (HBO Max) and WBTV properties. The deal represents the actor’s first foray into producing.

“We have been incredibly impressed with Rob’s eye for identifying dynamic new filmmakers. Additionally, he is continually nurturing exciting story ideas into compelling screenplays. We are so excited that Warner Bros and New Line will be his home and that we get to benefit from his creative, commercial passions,” said Courtenay Valenti, President, Production and Development for Warner Bros Pictures, and Richard Brener, President & Chief Creative Officer of New Line Cinema.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The deal is the actor’s first foray into the world of producing.

Warner Bros. is going all in with Robert Pattinson, the star of its upcoming relaunched Batman movie franchise.

Pattinson has signed an overall first-look production deal that encompasses the whole spectrum of Warner divisions, including Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Television, and HBO Max.

The deal, which represents the actor’s first foray into producing, also takes into account a range of releasing platforms, among them theatrical, SVOD and television.

[The Batman] movie wrapped production earlier this year and a signing of an overall first-look is a symbol that Warners likes what it sees so far. The movie is due to be released March 4, 2022.

Rob’s going for world domination makes my heart sing.

And for those who are unsure of what is a “first look deal” between a production company and/or actor and a film studio is an agreement under which the film studio usually pays the actor/production company a development fee for the right to have the first look at the new material before others in the industry get access to it.”

  • PM
    Posted on May 25, 2021

    For some reason, this news is making me happy and even giddy. Because now I think all those talented but faceless directors/writers/others have a friend among the big moneymakers. Change the industry from within! You go, Rob! Never underestimate him.

    I say for some reason, but I do think I know the reason. It is summed up nicely in this tweet:

    “Bree @Bree05131986
    It’s so much fun being a Rob fan. He’s so unproblematic and uses his super powers for good. I’m so proud. …”

  • sue
    Posted on May 25, 2021

    I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first saw BREAKING NEWS pop up in my email, but this is awesome news to start the day. I’m super excited and thrilled for Rob – the beginning of yet another creative chapter in his life, that will no doubt bring many more fans to experience Rob’s world domination ride! (As long as he stays in front of the camera occasionally, I’ll be happy.)

  • Maria
    Posted on May 25, 2021

    He’s always said that PM change from within

  • PM
    Posted on May 25, 2021

    He single-handedly made The Lighthouse a near blockbuster, for God’s sake and the “go to” movie for his newly anticipated Batman audience (Good Time too but that was more mainstream compared to the Lighthouse). There are a lot of people who are scared of losing the ‘Cinema’ culture in view of changing technology and audience whims for unusual content (Gray was moaning about this in his Two Lovers promotion. Nolan has voiced his concerns too). What better ambassador to have on board than our Indie expert who has an instinct and an eye for what is both art and what sells.

  • sue
    Posted on May 25, 2021

    ps. “Don’t hate me ‘coz I’m beautiful” has been playing on repeat in my head for the last 24 hours!

  • PM
    Posted on May 25, 2021

    Maria, not surprised because he is a big picture kind of guy. I am chuckling thinking of all those interviewers/critics and even some directors quizzing him about if his Indie route was a plan to shed Twilight as if it were a disease. It was much more. He has been very strategic all along. We wait and see what he will do with this.

  • PM
    Posted on May 25, 2021

    sue, lot of people are eating crow today.

  • sue
    Posted on April 16, 2022

    Looking forward to hearing new announcements soon. Ps, that little gif of Rob laughing is hysterical!

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