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24 February 2022

People: Rob and Zoe talking iconic roles

etalk: ‘Batman’ cast highlight some of the ‘radical’ changes in the latest film | etalk


23 February 2022 *Updated*

ET talks about the chemistry, Rob talks about sequels and wearing the Bat suit.

Comicbook.com – Rob admits to his selfie in George Clooney’s Batman suit and more

Rob on C a vous today with Zoe (dubbed)

22 February 2022 *Updated*

Can’t wait for this one

Oh Rob – you are giving us too much gold

Robert Pattinson & Zoe Kravitz On Why The Batman’s Cinematography Is Genius

Good lord – imagine wasting an opportunity lol

21 February 2022 *UPDATED*

ET Canada talk to Rob and Zoe about the unique dynamic between Batman and Catwoman. Some pure Rob gold in this interview

Cinema Blend – Rob talking about reaching into a cage for a bat and how restricting the Batsuit was – classic Rob

Black Girl Nerds – Rob talks about Matt’s vision for the film

20 February 2022 *Updated*

Loads of interviews coming out now. Sit back and listen to Rob’s dulcet tones

Access TV – Lol Rob and his Batmobile joyride.


Blacktree TV asks Rob if he was hesitant to undertake another franchise and Rob admits to holding grudges.

Here’s a slightly longer version of interview which includes a batman clip

Backstage asks Rob who the first person he told he had the role and more

Tara Hitchcock – Rob tells Tara why he can’t ask for favours anymore

BlackfilmandTV – Wilson Morales asks about the fight scenes, costumes and chemistry in The Batman

Here’s a behind the scenes clip where Rob talks about preparing for the role

Rob talks about The Riddler

19 February 2022

Kevin McCarthy shares his interview with the cast

Jake Hamilton interviewed the cast – Rob’s first up so sit back and watch a great interview

Here’s Rob talking about the bat suit and more from his Entertainment Weekly interview

A BTS snippet has been released – check it out below

18 February 2022

Philanthropic Bruce Wayne!


and here’s a few more promo vids from today


17 February 2022

Riddle me this Batman … Paul Dano is slightly obsessed with Rob’s thighs *understandable*

Oh my – the chemistry is off the charts between Selina and Bruce. From EW

16 February 2022

14 February 2022

Chinese fans get a nice surprise with the cast confirming the film will be released in China. Date to be confirmed.


or you can watch at source

13 February 2022

From DC Tik Tok


11 February 2022

We are going to be so spoilt. Fandango has spoilt us with a 27 minute interview with the cast of The Batman to celebrate the advance sales of tickets (I’ve got mine for 2 March 2022). I can’t tell you how much I love that Colin Farrell (who I have grown to love) and Paul Dano (always loved) are in a film with Rob. Sit back, make another cuppa and enjoy this interview.

  • PM
    Posted on February 11, 2022

    I need RP's answer transcribed for when he first starts to answer the first question (I didn't quite hear it well). He repeated his one nipple joke from his GQ interview. Paul Dano seems like a very nice person. I was not familiar with his movies until I saw 'There will Be blood' and he was great in it (his partner/gf is Elia Kazan's grand daughter, wow!).

  • PM
    Posted on February 11, 2022

    I wonder if Zoe set it all up for a redo of female fandom again. "Will you be my batman?" LOL.

  • Maria
    Posted on February 11, 2022

    PM – Do you mean when he responds to the question of who is his Batman? "You actually ask that on dates?… That's really unusual. Then she asks if it's Clooney and Rob says … Oh I thought you meant in my life …" in that he thought she mean't who is the person who is "his Batman" in real life. Does that answer your question. Also I love Paul Dano – he did a remarkable performance of Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy. I cannot wait to see what he does with The Riddler.

    And Colin Farrell's Adam West comment made me laugh … I would pay good money to see Rob try that Batman costume on.

  • PM
    Posted on February 12, 2022

    Thanks, Maria, yes. LOL, 'who is your batman?' can be interpreted multiple ways and RP goes for the most complicated one.

  • PM
    Posted on February 12, 2022

    Paul Dano and Zoe saying RP is their batman is pretty clever come to think of it, as in the batman they both pursue.

  • PM
    Posted on February 13, 2022

    Zoe is really chasing after her batman, LOL (he is funny, charming but not really suave as in cool and confident). He is resisting like he is married or something. But he is like that with most of his female leads, except may be with Mia W.

  • PM
    Posted on February 20, 2022

    These new interviews with Rob and Zoe are great. Jake Hamilton, I remember him. In "Remember Me' interview, Rob says 'that's a good suit' 'where did you get it' and Jake is surprised and flattered and says 'Express I think…' They are about the same age.

    https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=0Iq418GVabA

    In another interview, the interviewer compliments their partners for being supportive and Rob says the best and says something about being better than jealous. The shade master… Well, I have always thought that his Cosmopolis (Cronenberg! Cannes! Lead!) success made a certain someone green with envy and act out. And, at some level, if you have a strong and ambitious partner a bit of jealousy is to be expected because they want what you have for themselves.

    I liked his answer to how he went and sat in the garden … when he got the news about getting cast for batman or telling his parents first. I like how he cares for his parents. Keeping grudges and using it for positive reinforcement was another courageous confession but he has said that before.

  • sue
    Posted on February 20, 2022

    I would be totally lost without you posting these amazing updates Maria – thank you thank you thank you! Great having all these little snippets & insights into The Batman. As someone who must admit to not being very "Batman literate", (other than watching Adam West's version on tv in the 70s) I feel like I've had at least a basic education on the character that Matt Reeves wants to bring to our screens. It's sounding epic and I can't wait. The excitement of the cast is palpable, which is always a bonus.

  • PM
    Posted on February 21, 2022

    RP will bring a whole new audience to this movie, people who were not into superhero movies. I needed to see other Batman movies to see what hype was. Definitely recommend Burton's and Nolan's versions. My last memory of superhero movie I liked was Christopher Reeve.

  • PM
    Posted on February 22, 2022

    In Paris, RP apparently said this in an interview: "Music is essential. It helps me immerse myself in an atmosphere. To prepare myself to be Bruce Wayne, I listened to classical music, especially symphonies, like those of Bach or Wagner. I listened to them entirely as if I were watching a movie."

    I am very musical and think have very good taste even though I can't hold a note or sing a tune myself (My sister is a musical prodigy and does that count? 🙂 ). I listen to all types (like Duke Ellington said if it sounds good, it is good) as long as it is serious. This musical side of RP I have always liked – unlike other actors, I think he is serious about it and has talent. His Guitar riff in Death grips' Birds is very good. In an interview maybe in 2019, he told the interviewer that he had started listening to classical music (maybe this was when he was doing all the tests for the Batman movie; Reeves said he already had the soundtrack or early versions of it when he began) and the interviewer put him on the spot by asking what he was listening. RP could not answer him, he said something like he would have memorized the names if he had foreseen the question. LOL. Now he is naming names, Bach and Wagner. That is a good start. But Beethoven may be the most emo composer there is. Most Beethoven symphonies follow the pattern of the first movement being filled with angst like beating himself up, angry at the world, the second and third movements are usually slowly coming to terms with the hand that was dealt and consoling himself and the final movement is more of jubilation at the resolution. This Batman movie has a lot of classical scoring and it will be interesting to see how it all comes together.

  • PM
    Posted on February 22, 2022

    "I listened to them entirely as if I were watching a movie." this made me laugh because it is a novice statement and I am a snob. Symphonies are meant to be listened to in their entirety.

  • Maria
    Posted on February 22, 2022

    Yes I believe I posted that interview in the magazine/print interviews master post re listening to music. I haven't had a chance to watch the Collider interview yet that I posted 🙁 #damnyouwork

  • PM
    Posted on February 22, 2022

    Thanks Maria, would love to read the rest of it.

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