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Robert Pattinson interviewed by GQ France


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I dream of acting in real comedies!

He shot the last scent of Dior Homme, he rolls among the favorites in the Oscar race and will attack the promotion of the next Christopher Nolan which comes out this summer. For GQ, Robert Pattinson returns to this overactivity and his future projects.

We had been told of his shyness and given the time of this telephone interview (9 hours, for him, in LA), we feared that he might be in a shabby mood. But no sooner does he pick up the phone than Robert Pattinson is immediately charming, and very well awake. Very quickly, one has the impression of chatting with a friendly neighbor in a seat on the Eurostar.

The 33-year-old actor is in California to shoot Tenet, the next Christopher Nolan film, which will be in theaters next July. “This is the last part of a shoot that goes through the Estonia, India, Italy … and just after, I follow up directly with the next Batman”, he tells us as if he were going on a weekend with friends.

Between two days of work, the Brit will still find time to head over to the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood where he may – surely? – receive the Oscar for Best Actor for his off-chart performance in Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse, released last December. In this black-and-white insular in camera, which he shares with Willem Dafoe, we’ve never seen the young man drink, lie, fight – and the media have already talked a lot about the scene where the ex-teen vampire gets stuffed in a shed “It’s a completely crazy film, about madness itself,” he says, “but you have to take it like a comedy, a farce. I was already laughing while reading the script and we laughed a lot while shooting it. Besides, I would dream of playing in real comedies.” The Lighthouse definitely marks a before and after in the career of Pattinson, as David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis had already done in 2013. He who had never before been nominated for the Academy Awards thus appears as a serious competitor for his first participation, and he now provides proof that he is capable of anything, including the most extreme.

Before the end of winter, we will see him on Netflix in The Devil All the Time, a feature film where Pattinson should return, in a way, to the fantastic genre that made him famous. A story of unexplained phenomena, in a setting not Southern Gothic, but rather “Midwestern Gothic” since the action takes place in Ohio in the 1960s. “I haven’t seen the movie yet! If it turns out, it’ll do as with The King (also broadcast by VOD platform in November, with Timothee Chalamet as Henry III and Pattinson in the role of the crown prince of France) – I’ll just wait until it’s online to watch it!” he scoffs. In February, we will also see Pattinson in the new Dior Homme perfume campaign, which was created by the Frenchmen The Blaze (the electric group of Guillaume and Jonathan Alric). We see him let go, dancing on a track populated by shadows. “For the first Dior Homme campaign I had made, directed by Romain Gavras, I had a headache thinking about what I could do or not do. I felt more comfortable, and the guys from The Blaze convinced me to dance in public, something I never literally do!”

Pattinson, as we know, appreciates French directors since he has already performed for Claire Denis in High Life (2018), and that he may also appear in an ongoing project of Oliver Assayas “but the filming was postponed twice the day before the start, it was a shame”. He would love to work with Jacques Audiard, Erick Zonca, or his friend Romain Gavras, he admires Depardieu, but also Romain Duris. A francophile with varied tastes, he is also interested in the artist Marcel Duchamp, whose book he is currently reading. And what other volumes can be found right now on his bedside table? “I read a lot of comic books these days: I don’t know if you know this superhero, what’s his name… Batman?” Ok, it’s true, the comedy is waiting for him!

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