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Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe to star in Robert Eggers’ next film “The Lighthouse”

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‘This new script blew us away – it creates a totally unique and ambitious universe and manages to somehow feel scary, suspenseful, wondrous, and beautiful all at the same time’ A24

Following the myriad of media outlets that confirmed Rob’s involvement with Willem Dafoe in Robert Eggers’ “The Lighthouse” – this is what we know about the project so far.  There has been speculation that this could be the next movie Rob is filming, and I believe although Willem Dafoe may currently be filming Edward Norton’s “Motherless Brooklyn” the fact that he mentioned to DW that his beard is for his next role as a lighthouse keeper, makes it seem like it’s a definite possibility:

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  • According to Production Weekly (much thanks to CandeyQ) the film is set to to film in the Spring 2018;
  • IMDbPro added a casting director, production designer and costume designer – all of whom worked with Robert Eggers on The Witch
  • Jarin Blaschke is the cinematographer who worked on The Witch with Robert Eggers;
  • Rumours emerged that the film would be shot in Yarmouth with The Vanguard reporting:

“On Feb. 20, Patti Durkee, a Municipality of Yarmouth councillor and Friends of the Yarmouth Light Society director, posted a request on Facebook for carpenters or handymen who might be interested in working on a set for the movie The Lighthouse to be filmed in Yarmouth. The post was shared by Town of Yarmouth mayor Pam Mood and 211 others by the next morning.”

However, nothing has been announced on Screen Nova Scotia, and when asked about The Lighthouse stated that they only comment on projects when they are officially confirmed/announced.

Cape Forchu Lighthouse did post this on their Facebook, which elicited the following comment “ I curled with the set construction manager last night. They are building an 1850s style lighthouse near Cape Forchu for the film. $10 million budget overall, about $1.6 being spent in Yarmouth”.


  • Willem Dafoe did recently mention in an interview with DW:

Is the new beard for your next role?

It’s for my next role, yeah. I play a lighthouse keeper and I want to look as old as I can. And it’s 1890, so a beard is appropriate for the period, yes.

An 1850s style lighthouse and Dafoe’s 1890 comment are making me lean towards us hearing news that Rob could be on set in the next month or so.  Although I don’t envy them given the weather in Nova Scotia can be between 0 to 10C (32F to 50F) in mid-March to early April and around 10C to 20C (50F to 70F) in late April to mid June. It may, however, make no difference if most of the film is shot inside The Lighthouse.  I will update you as more information comes to light.

***UPDATED: 9 March 2018***

  • Looks like confirmation re Yarmouth


YARMOUTH - Set construction for the feature film The Lighthouse is underway on the Leif Ericson trail at the Cape Forchu lighthouse.

Signs are posted at the path entry stating the trail will be closed from March 1 to May 11 to facilitate the construction and filming of temporary sets.

Some of the filming will also be taking place in a large hangar at the Yarmouth airport.

The movie is about a Nova Scotia lighthouse keeper in the early 20th century, starring actors Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson.

The warden of the Municipality of Yarmouth has confirmed the temporary leasing of the Cape Forchu site to the film company and says the location scout was “very pleased with it.”

“He was greatly impressed,” said Leland Anthony.

“It’s the rock formation that they wanted in the Leif Ericson Park. They also liked the fact that there was a flat area next to a rocky backdrop.”

Anthony says temporary structures planned for the site include the shell of a 60-foot lighthouse built for the era of the film and a small boat launch for scenes of the lighthouse keeper departing and arriving by dory. There will also be a coal shed, a house with a breezeway to the mock lighthouse and two other maintenance sheds.

The sets will be dismantled at the end of the filming as they do not meet the building code and could prove to be a danger over time,” says Anthony.

“They’re only there for looks. In the contract, the film company guarantees that everything will be taken down and things will be put back the way they were,” he said.

The Cape Forchu lightstation will not be in any scenes.

As there are only a few main actors, no extras are required.

There will be 24/7 security on the property. [My emphasis]

I’m in the minority but I hope we don’t get set stalkers or paparazzi photos (which we won’t be posting in any event).  I’ve loved that Rob’s last few films have been total surprises when seeing stills and/or the actual film.  Not to mention Rob’s comments about how distracting they are for him.

****UPDATED: 23 March 2018****

The Vanguard spoke to the Shaun Clarke, Location Manager for the film and below are extracts concerning additional information about the film:

“The sets look great,” he said.

“You know, one of the reasons we chose Cape Forchu to shoot was because of the wind and the rain and the fog. It’s what the script calls for, so this is a bit of ‘careful what you wish for,’” he laughed.

Clarke says the site at Cape Forchu is perfect for the film, which is set on a fictitious island in early 20th-century Maine.

Because it was totally impractical to shoot on an island, a peninsula was the goal and the director, Robert Eggers, was adamant he did not want any trees.

“He’s all about historical accuracy and making sure the film is beautifully shot,” said Clarke.

Closer to the actual filming dates, access to the site will become more limited.

I like the fact that access to the site will be more limited.  Hoping for no spoilers!


  • Carmel Montgomery
    Posted on March 05, 2018

    Great intel as normal Maria. Thank you

  • sue
    Posted on March 06, 2018

    Unique & ambitious, scary, suspenseful, wondrous & beautiful all at the same time? Sounds okay to me, fingers crossed for this one.

  • Mella
    Posted on March 09, 2018

    I’m with you Maria, I hope we won’t see any paparazzi or set stalker pics. I really loved, that with Good Times and Damsel we didn’t get any of those.

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