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Another premiere at a Film Festival.  Robert Pattinson “The Childhood of a Leader” will have its German premiere on 27 June 2016 as part of Cinevision Competition at Filmfest München. The Festival runs from 23 June to 2 July 2016.  In total there will be 4 screenings of the film –  27, 28, 29 June and 1 July 2016.  Information can be found at the website here

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UPDATED: 12 June 2016

Information about CineVision Award which is the category The Childhood of a Leader is competing in.  From Press Release

Politically visionary with an idiosyncratic imagery is also Brady Corbet’s coming-of-age study “The Childhood of a Leader” , with Bérénice Bejo and Robert Pattinson in the lead roles. …

competition CineVision

The CineVision Award worth 12,000 euros for the best international junior film in the seriesCineVision is sponsored by the Society for the Administration of Film and Television Rights (GWFF).To compete on price thirteen current first- and second films of international directing talents, the tread with its film language new ways.

A real discovery is about Anita Rocha da Silveira rousing horror sex movie “Mate-me por favor” .Politically visionary with an idiosyncratic imagery is also Brady Corbet’s coming-of-age study “The Childhood of a Leader” , with Bérénice Bejo and Robert Pattinson in the lead roles. Marc Lahore returns with “The Open” a bizarre surreal tennis match. In addition, two other film highlights of the year can be seen in the series: The Venice-winner “Caracas, One Love” by Lorenzo Vigas and Houda Benyaminas ” Divines” , which was awarded in Cannes with the Caméra d’Or.

The jury comprises the Swiss actress Sibylle Canonica ( “Beyond Silence”, “Mostly Martha”), the director and producer Amir Hamz ( “The Nightmare”, “The Dark Side of the Moon”) and designated managing director of the Munich cultural center Gasteig, Max Wagner .


The ARRI / Osram Award and CineVision Award will be awarded on July 2, at 19 o’clock in the Carl-Orff-Saal im Gasteig. Subsequently, the closing film of the festival, “Captain Fantastic” by Matt Ross, shown. The event is public, tickets are available from 13 June at the WebShop and from 16 June to the Filmfest cash. The award-winning films will be shown on Saturday night in separate performances.

Films in competition CineVision

Aquarius by Kleber Mendonça Filho, Brazil / France
with Sonia Braga, Maeve Jinkings, Irandhir Santos, Humberto Carrão, Zoraida Coleto

Bella e perduta – A journey through Italy by Pietro Marcello, Italy
with Tommaso Cestrone, Sergio Vitolo, Gesuino Pittalis, Elio Germano

Caracas, a love (Desde allá) by Lorenzo Vigas, Venezuela / Mexico
with Alfredo Castro, Luis Silva, Jericó Montilla, Catherina Cardozo, Jorge Luis Bosque

The Childhood of a Leader of Brady Corbet, UK / Hungary / France
with Robert Pattinson, Bérénice Bejo, Liam Cunningham, Stacy Martin, Tom Sweet

Clash (Eshtebak) Mohamed Diab, Egypt / France / Germany
with Nelly Karim, Hany Adel, Ahmed Malek, Tarek Abdel Aziz, Khaled Kamal

Divines of Houda Benyamina, France
with Oulaya Amamra, Déborah Lukumuena, Kévin Mischel, Jisca Kalvanda, Yasin Houicha

Free in Deed of Jake Mahaffy, USA / New Zealand
with David Harewood, Edwina Findley, Rajay Chandler, Preston Shannon, Helen Bowman

Frenzy (Abluka) by Emin Alper, Turkey / France / Qatar
with Mehmet Özgür, Berkay Ateş, Tulin Ozen, Müfit Kayacan, Ozan Akbaba

The happiest day of Olli Mäki (Hymyilevä mies) Juho Kuosmanen, Finland / Germany / Sweden
with Jarkko Lahti, Oona Airola, Eero Milonoff

Go Home by Jihane Chouaib, France / Switzerland / Belgium
with Golshifteh Farahani, Maximilien Seweryn, François Nour, Mirielle Maalouf

Lightyears by Esther May Campbell, UK
with Sophie Burton, Zamira Fuller, James Stuckey, Beth Orton, Muhammet Uzuner

Mate-me por favor of Anita Rocha da Silveira, Brazil / Argentina
with Valentina Herszage, Mari Oliveira, Júlia roliz, Dora Freind

The Open Marc Lahore, France / Belgium / UK
with James Northcote, Maia Levasseur-Costil, Pierre Benoist


Ticket information is now available at the festival website here.  You can also use the Ticket Webshop to purchase tickets for the screenings on Tuesday 28 June at 10.30pm, Wednesday 29 June at 3.00 pm and Friday 1 July at 5.00 pm.   You can also go to The Childhood of a Leader page for tickets.  You can see that the actual screening on Monday 27 June is a press screening.


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