December 1st, 2011 / 22 Comments

I swear to God when I saw Gregoire Melin’s email to me this morning I almost danced around the room.  No wait – I think I did dance around the room.  Anyway I can confirm that Icon Film Distribution Australia is the Australian distributor of Cosmopolis in Oz.  I don’t think I could have asked for better news this morning.

Just so you know we have also established a contact within Icon so please do NOT bombard them with emails, phone calls or whatever.  We will bring you all relevant Aussie information about Cosmopolis right here.  If you want to know anything specific, just drop us an email and we will either find out or let you know whatever it is you need to know. 

Happy Cosmopolis Oz Distributor Day people!  Oh and just to remind you NO release date has been determined, but as soon as it’s known we will let you know.

  • Vicky
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    Oh dear God, this is the first step to seeing Eric on the big screen in Australia!!!!! So, so exciting!!! Thanks for the news Maria, you have just made my day!!!!!!!!

  • Maria
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    @Vicky – I k now I know .. I was going to change my mood pic to Eric this morning but I didn’t want to say anything before I could and our contact at ICON is lovely too so we will be able to bring you all relevant information as soon as we can.

    Goes off to change to Eric *giggles*

  • Cindy
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    *dances around the room with you* @Maria Our very first chrissie present I think! 🙂 Thank you so so much ” tis the season to be jolly” most definitely.

  • Jules
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    Oh WOW!!!! Congrats you guys – that’s really fantabulous news. *joins in happy dance* And yet another example of the amazing work you do behind the scenes. Amazing!! 🙂 Thanks for everything and enjoy your Cosmopolis Thursday. 😉

  • Maria
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    @Cindy & @Jules – hahaha it’s like it’s Chrismopolos!

  • Jules
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    @Maria LOL!! Nice. hahaha I seriously wouldn’t mind unwrapping him. yes I went THERE *grins* 😛 Enjoy your day 😉

  • Vicky
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    Hahahahahahaha Maria. Chrismopolis, that’s brilliant!!!

  • Maria
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    LMAO @Jules

  • Suze
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    Chrismopolis…I love it! That’s awesome news, girls. Congrats! 🙂

  • Sare
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    That’s awesome news. Always knew it would get picked up. Bring on Eric!
    @Maria could not think of a more appropriate mood pic!

  • Maria
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    @Sare 😀

  • silvie
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    The best Roblicious news. Thanks Maria. Please excuse my ignorance but how does the whole film distribution thing work? I’ve never really considered how it works, I guess I’ve just developed an interest.

  • Maria
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    @Silvie I suppose the easiest way to describe it is that each country usually buy the rights to distribute a film from production company – meaning that it is then the distributors responsibiilty to promote and distribute the film throughout Australia.

    It’s hard to get into the financial side of it because it would depend on what agreement has been reached between the distributor and the makers of the film. In any event, the one thing I do know is that if there are any promotional tours for the film – it is up to the individual distributor to arrange them. I’m only saying this because loads of people have complained that Summit never sends Rob here for Twilight. It’s out of Summit’s control – it’s up to the Australian distributor to do that. Hence why we saw Rob in Sydney for WFE – 20thCenturyFoxAustralia actually brought out the stars.

    Does that help?

  • silvie
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    Yes Maria it does help. Thank you so much; it makes sense to me now. xx

  • sue
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    OH MY GOD! How exciting is this?! LOL Chrismopolis …perfect!!! And Jules, I like the way your mind works!!

    Thanks for this nice little treat this morning, Maria …..

  • ephie
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    WOOT WOOT & Squeeeee!!! It’s a shame I am at work and I can’t dance around the room… Bring on Eric Packer – I can’t wait to meet him.

  • Michelle
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    *dances around the room* I have been waiting to properly woooo hooooooo & squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all day. First step to seeing Eric on the big screen *twirls*

    Thanks so much for the update Maria. Made the crappiness of this LONG work day all disappear.

    Chrismopolis hahaha LOVE it. Talk about best Christmas present 😀

  • Elane
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    Thank you Maria for making it a much brighter day. To add to our wish list for Christmas a return visit by Rob to OZ in 2012 would that be too greedy.

  • robby
    Posted on December 01, 2011

    so, i had to read your lines here twice before i just about choked on my monster drink….
    *sweating with excitement* …. no squee’s here, the kiddies are sleeping…

    but whoah…. you’ve made my day!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Maria
    Posted on December 02, 2011

    Not greedy at all @Elane .. fingers crossed. With 3 films coming out in 2012 we hope Rob’s schedule allows him one visit again. You never know, but we will keep you all updated.

  • Carmel
    Posted on December 02, 2011

    OMFG!!!!!! Yay Yay Yay YAY – I’m doing a little dance right now (@Robby – hope I didn’t wake the kiddies)

    Chrismopolis – HaHaHaHa – That’s a keeper. I’ll happily use word transference all this season.

    @Jules – i think you and I have the same wish list

  • lise-lou
    Posted on December 04, 2011

    Woooohooooooooooo!!!!! Chrismopolis! I love it! How lucky are we and just putting it out there but think it might be time to start a trip to Sydney fund again. Thinking positive can’t hurt right? 🙂

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