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Warner Bros Press Screening + Q&A Interviews

  • Screening Interviews + Press (includes photos + video):
    • Fandom.com: ‘The Batman’: How The Zodiac Killer and ‘The Long Halloween’ Influenced Riddler
    • COLLIDER: The Batman’: Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves Discussed Batman’s Past “A Lot,” But Didn’t Want to Do Another Origin Story
    • FORBES: Report From ‘The Batman’ Screening With Q&A Of Stars And Filmmakers
    • Geeks of Colour: Q&A ~ Robert Pattinson And Matt Reeves Talk Finding The Iconic Voice For Batman
    • The Insider: Robert Pattinson overacted in ‘The Batman’ to make the Dark Knight’s emotions visible since half of his face was covered
    • Geek of Steel: Talking with Matt Reeves about The Batman
  • Photos

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Press Junket

  • Video Interviews – Part 1:
    • Fandango – The Cast of The Batman on Matt Reeves’s Vision for the Caped Crusader | Fandango All Access
    • Fandango Twitter – How Long Rob would like to play The Batman
    • Fandango Twitter – Zoe outing Rob
    • DC TikTok – Rob and the gang say hi to Chinese fans
    • Hoyts Australia Twitter – The only way to see inside the shadows, is to become one
    • EW – Robert Pattinson & Zoe Kravitz  On Preparing For A New Chapter on ‘The Batman’ 
    • EW Twitter – Rob & Zoe break down how they built a new take on DC Universe’s Dark Knight and feline burglar
    • wearemitu IG – Can you solve the riddles
    • New video of Rob for Chinese fans
    • Rob & Zoe find out what they agree/disagree with a game of “This or That”
    • Holland Bloorview Twitter – #CapesforKids
    • Gotham TV – The Batman Behind the Scenes
    • EW – Rob breaks down the new Batman
    • JakesTakes – The Batman cast interview
    • Kevin McCarthy (Fox5) – Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Farrell, Paul Dano, Wright, Turturro, Matt Reeves
    • Odeon Cinemas – Vengeance is around the corner
    • Little Caesars Sneak Peek of The Batman (Rob talks the Riddler)
    • BTS Clip where Rob talks preparing for the role
    • BlackfilmandTV – Wilson Morales talks fight scenes, costumers and chemistry
    • Tara Hitchcock – Rob on why he can’t ask for favours anymore
    • Backstage – Who was the first person Rob told about the role
    • BlacktreeTV: Was Rob hesitant to undertake another franchise
    • Kevin Polowy – Accidentally told Rob he looks hot in his Batman costume
    • Access TV – Lol Rob and his Batmobile joyride
    • WarnerBrosTaiwan
    • Black Girl Nerds – Rob talks about Matt’s vision for the film
    • Cinema Blend – Rob talking about reaching into a cage for a bat and how restricting the Batsuit was
    • ET Canada talk to Rob and Zoe about the unique dynamic between Batman and Catwoman.
    • Movies Con Jovanny – Robert Pattinson no puede dejar de mentir! THE BATMAN | Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz
    • Extra: Why Robert Pattinson Felt NAUSEOUS After Landing the Role
    • Associated Press: How the Bat and the Cat Connect
    • Man Carrying Things – When interviews get awkward
    • Collider – Robert Pattinson & Zoe Kravitz On Why The Batman’s Cinematography Is Genius
    • The Curvy Critic – What’s the worst superpower?
    • YongChavezLA – Rob’s contagious laugh
    • eTalkCTV – Rob says there are radical departures in latest Batman script from character we’ve come to know
    • C a vous (French dubbed)
    • Comicbook.com – Rob admits to his selfie in George Clooney’s Batman suit and more
    • ET talks about the chemistry, Rob talks about sequels and wearing the Bat suit
    • CGV Korea
    • SkyNews – Rob chats The Batman with Zoe
    • EW: Robert Pattinson Says Batman Doesn’t Have Normal Thoughts
    • etalk: ‘Batman’ cast highlight some of the ‘radical’ changes in the latest film | etalk
    • PEOPLE: Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz on Tackling Iconic Roles in ‘The Batman’ | Double Talk 
    • CapitalFM: Robert Pattinson On A Batman, Edward Cullen & Cedric Diggory Love Scene
    • DC Cast Interviews
    • Buzz Feed: Robert Pattinson And Zoë Kravitz Take The Co-Star Test
    • BBC Radio 1: “Guess who I am!?” Robert Pattinson on ‘R-Batz’, stealing socks and somersaulting in his Batman suit
    • Heart: Zoe Kravitz says Robert Pattinson was her punch bag on the Batman set
    • Sensacine: Entrevista a ROBERT PATTINSON y ZOË KRAVITZ por ‘THE BATMAN
    • LE QG
    • Hollywood Insider: Robert Pattinson & Zoe Kravitz – In Conversation on ‘The Batman’ Reactions | Making of | BTS
    • Matt Reeves talks about Rob – “I was lucky he said yes, because for me it could only be him”
    • Vanity Fair: ‘The Batman’ Fan Theories with Rob Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano & Jeffrey Wright
    • Sky Cinema: Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz Can’t BELIEVE How Dark The Batman is
    • ODEON meets the cast of The Batman | Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright
    • The Cutaway with William Mullally: Robert Pattinson explains the ending of The Batman: “He finally has hope for himself!
    • ABS-CBN News: Robert Pattinson soars in ‘The Batman’ TFC News California
    • AMC Cinemas (two exclusive clips)
    • Fahnia Thomas + review
    • NDTV
    • Amanda Salas
    • IMDB Burning Questions
    • Cinema in the SER: ‘The Batman’ | Entrevista a Robert Pattinson y Zoe Kravitz
    • IGN: Batman and Catwoman’s Unique Relationship in The Batman
    • Sun Showbiz: Deaf as a Bat? Robert Pattinson on hearing issues playing Batman
    • WGN News: How Robert Pattinson is making this version of Batman his own
    • Rotten Tomatoes: The Batman’ Cast and Director on Groundbreaking VR and a Damaged Bruce Wayne 
    • Vocket: Director and Actors: These are the reasons why the 2022 version of Batman is more unique (subtitled)
    • Star Talk
    • Today Show (Australia): Rob reveals Christian Bale’s advice ahead of playing Batman
    • Angela Bishop for Studio 10
    • JoBlo: Rob & Zoe Interview
    • Hollywood First Look: Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz about bucket list roles, and the new Bat-suit
    • The Curvy Critic: The Batman Robert Pattinson and Catwoman Zoe Kravitz Share Superhero Workout Tips
    • Hit Radio: Rob & Zoe Can’t stop laughing about irrational fears
    • The Project TV (Australia) – Robert Pattinson was born to play Batman
    • Konbini: Asks Rob and Zoe 8 Questions
    • Rob & Zoe describing each in other emoticons
    • IGN: Rob talks about what makes The Batman’s Bruce Wayne tick
    • Digital Spy: “I threw a flirty punch!” Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz & cast on a new kind of Batman
    • Charmstrong: 5 Questions with Rob and Zoe
    • BTS look at the Batmobile, batsuit and gadgets
    • Cinemark Cinema: Ask Rob about how he saw his portrayal of The Batman
    • Cinema XXI (Indonesia) Rob & Cast shout out
    • Clique TV – Rob talks about being obsessed with snails at a young age
    • On Demand Entertainment: Rob & Zoe talking Batman training schedules
    • Good Morning America
    • Rotten Tomatoes: Rob talks about crafting a weirder and more brutal Batman
    • Rob’s joke about arthouse porn
    • WB Tiktok: Full emoji interview with Rob and Zoe
    • Bilibili (China) – cast interviews
    • Yong Chavez: Rob talks Alonzo stunt coordinator
    • Brut: Robert Pattinson talks animated bad guy “Condiment King”
    • Pedestrian TV: “You go home, workout, eat some gruel”
    • WB India: Rob explains his character
    • WB Brazil: Rob & Zoe do This or That challenge
    • Infobae: Robert Pattinson: “There was no way I thought I was ever going to play Batman”
    • Warner Bros Brazil: Rob and Zoe talking favourite scenes
    • DCComics: How Alike are Robert & Zoe
    • Laplus ch. Laplus Darkness –holoX
    • WB Japan WB Japan Special Interview (Fairouz Ai x Robert & Zoe) 
    • Smallzy’s Celebrity Small Talk with Rob & Zoe
    • BBC1: “Loose larynx!?” The Batman cast on doing *that voice* and not recognising Colin Farrell
    • Warner Bros India Your ultimate favourite duo, The Bat and The Cat are here to wish all the incredible women of the world a Happy Women’s Day!
    • IDN Times: [EKSKLUSIF] Robert Pattinson Belajar Silat Buat Batman, Zoe Kravitz Akui Beban Jadi Catwoman
    • Robert Pattinson on Removing Bruce Wayne’s Playboy Persona in ‘The Batman’ | Entertainment Weekly
    • Scoop with Raya
    • KissFM: Robert Pattinson dripped sweat in my mouth!
    • ‘The Batman’ Cast Breaks Down Their New Vision of Gotham City | Entertainment Weekly Around the Table
    • Robert Pattinson & Zoe Kravitz Put Their Friendship To The Test |Do You Even Know Me| @LADbible TV
    • Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz on ‘The Batman’ | MTV News
    • The Batman: EXCLUSIVO! Conversamos com Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves e elenco
    • ‘They Cancelled Me!’ Robert Pattinson Clarifies The Batman Work Out Regime Joke | MTV Movie
    • Robert Pattinson shares his takeaways after filming ‘The Batman’ | Enrique Santos
    • Entrevista con Robert Pattinson y Zoë Kravitz | Matías Lertora en #UrbanaPlayMovie
    • Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz & ‘The Batman’ Cast Answer Burning Questions
    • Baller TV talks to Rob about Playing an Unorthodox Version of Batman
    • Buzz Feed UK – Rob and Zoe answer fan questions

VIDEOS: Robert Pattinson Answers Your The Batman Questions ~ Twitter Movies

  • Print Interviews:
    • MovieMaker Magazine
    • Premiere France
    • Deadline Magazin (Germany)
    • Cinema Magazine (Germany)
    • The River (Japan)
    • Eiga (Japan)
    • Movie Plus “The Batman Interviews” and “In conversation with the stars of The Batman” What’s On Dubai
    • Total Film
    • Esquire Mexico 
    • Allocine France
    • Den of Geek
    • DC Nation
    • Geek Magazin (Germany)
    • Superheroes
    • EW:  Knight Moves: Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz take flight in The Batman | Photoshoot
    • GQ Mexico: The Batman: Robert Pattinson, Paul Dano and Wright reveal what they stole from the set
    • Cinema (Germany)
    • ExtraTV: Why Robert Pattinson Felt Nauseous After Landing Batman Role 
    • TV Speilfilm
    • 20 Min “I had trouble moving in my latex suit” 
    • Premiere France: Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson talk about their reimagining of the Dark Knight
    • SlashFilm: The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Talks About His Worst Day On The Set
    • Comicbook.com: Adding JusticeLeague to the new DC Movie Universe
    • The Digital Fix: Robert Pattinson worried he was overacting on “worst day” shooting The Batman
    • Flicks Australia: Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz and director Matt Reeves tell us all about The Batman (SPOILER ALERT)
    • Sydney Morning Herald: You’re not taking this part seriously! Robert Pattinson on The Batman Backlash
    • Radio Times: Robert Pattinson was told off for taking socks from The Batman set
    • Perfil (Spain): The return of the dark knight (translated with Google) (New Photo)
    • LATimes + new photoshoot
    • Wonderland + new photoshoot | More Photos
    • Baller Alert:  Robert Pattinson Talks Playing an Unorthodox Version of Batman and More 
    • Variety ‘The Batman’ Star Robert Pattinson on Working With Matt Reeves and Testing Positive for COVID-19: ‘It Was Lucky
    • The Upcoming: “It’s really strange putting on latex at seven in the morning every day”: Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano and Jeffrey Wright on The Batman
    • New York Times:  Matt Reeves Narrates An Anatomy from a Scene ~ Robert Pattinson Takes Flight in ‘The Batman’ (Includes Video Footage of Scene)
    • Wonderland: Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz Double the Trouble in Gotham
  • GQ Magazine
  • Fotogramas (Spain) Robert Pattinson “Under the Mask” *new photos*


Jimmy Kimmel Live (16 Feb 2022)

Korea Q&A (18 February 2022)


Paris Special Screening (21 February 2022)


London Press Junket (23 February 2022)

  • Photos: Leaving Press Junket
  • Photos: Social Media
  • Videos:
    • It’s Gone Viral: “Rob’s A Liar!” Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz Talk The Batman, Lying In Interviews And Auditions
    • Reel Cinemas (Dubai) Shout out by Rob and cast
    • Verissimo (Italy)
  • Print Interviews: *Coming Soon*


London Red Carpet – Movie Premiere (23 February 2022)

  • Livestream Video
  • Photos: HQs | Social Media
  • Videos: Red Carpet
    • YouTube
      • Digital Spy: This is a Batman for today!” Robert Pattinson and The Batman cast on the London red carpet
      • ET Canada: Pattinson reveals how difficult it was working with Batman’s cowl on
      • The Upcoming: Rob talking how terrifying Twitter is and more
      • Sun Showbiz: Red Carpet
      • LH News: Rob talks about how much Batman was a part of his life growing up
      • STV News – Robert Pattinson declares he loves Glasgow
      • HeyUGuys – Robert Pattinson on his new take on Bruce Wayne for the new film of DC’s Caped Crusader
      • On Demand Entertainment – Robert Pattinson “Terrified” About Batman
      • The Independent – Robert Pattinson confesses he ‘dressed up as Batman’ his entire childhood
      • Newz – Robert Pattinson brings ‘The Batman’ to London
      • UnBoxPHD – Robert Pattinson at THE BATMAN Premiere in London
      • La botella de Kandor – Javi talks to Rob on the red carpet
    • Social Media
      • DublinsFM104
      • BBC One Twitter – Rob and Andy Serkis Chat with BBC
      • Scott J Davis shares clip of Rob with a fan
      • HeyUGuys – How Rob’s Bruce Wayne is unlike any other you’ve seen
      • Rob chatting on Red Carpet
      • Rob talking to Press
      • The Bat & the Cat at London premiere
      • Rob posing for photographers
      • Matt Reeves & Cast on red carpet
      • Associated Press – Rob’s prep went beyond superhero strength
      • HeyUGuys – Rob chatting all things Batman
      • AP Entertainment
      • Hits Radio – Rob talks The Batman Voice
    • Fan Videos
      • @jakegyllenhaaal – the cutest video of Rob

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El Hormiguero (TV Appearance – 23 February 2022)

Japanese Celebration Event (25 February 2022)


They’ll See You in Gotham Soon Photoshoot

  • Photos: 1 | Photoshoot
  • Print Interview: The Upcoming (See above)

Miami Fan Screening at AMC Sunset Place (27 February 2022)


New York (1 March 2022)


Surprise LA Theatre Appearances – 4 March 2022 (Chinese Theatre & AMC)

Chinese IMAX Premiere and Press Conference – 16 March 2022

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