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Robert Pattinson talks admiring his father, fitness and Dior

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“Face of the new Dior Homme Eau de Toilette, the English actor Robert Pattinson prints an interior and sensitive style very much to him. Exclusively for Sport & Style, it draws the contours of today’s man far from all cliches. Exchange with humor, connivance and nuances”

SPORT & STYLE: The actor agrees: men have literally mutated over the last forty years.

ROBERT PATTINSON: As a child, I was fascinated by classical male figures. Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brandon, Jean-Paul Belmondo…all actors at ease with themselves, at the antipodes of the shy person that I was. My father didn’t look like those profiles. He’s very funny, eccentric. He’s a good person, very intelligent, but it took me a long time to understand his behavior and strangeness. When I was a teenager, I was fascinated by ultra-confident people because that’s what I was looking for. But as time goes by, I now prefer beings who evolve a little on the fringe, so that they can serenely observe things and other people.

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An article about Rob featured in the latest Numero Homme. Below are the scans. The intro states (via Google translate).


With a constant demand for the choice of directors with whom he collaborates, Robert Pattinson has decided to be in the line of exceptional actors, those who, led by their passion for cinema, are capable of the sole strength of their will to forging a great career. At 33 years old, the face of the new Dior Homme toiletries has surely not finished surprising us.

If I get a chance I will translate the full article – stay tuned.

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Again thanks Cyn (@Korita05)!

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Robert Pattinson tells Elle Portugal he’s doing intensive training for #TheBatman


Elle Portugal has a new interview with Rob (although parts of it are similar to Elle Korea). Below is an extract from the English translation talking Batman and the Go Campaign thanks to Robert Pattinson Portugal – head over to their FB page to read the full translation:

After all the artistic films you’ve made, was it difficult for you to decide to enter a film like Batman?
“No, I wanted to do it. In every new job, I’ve been trying to do the opposite of the previous one, in order to surprise myself. And I don’t know why, but at the end of last year, I was thinking I really wanted to do a big movie. I hadn’t thought about exactly what it could be, and then Chris Nolan and Tenet came in and Batman came out shortly after. I had been making small movies, I was already relatively comfortable in what I was doing for a while, for “I didn’t even get nervous. I didn’t even stay with Tenet, which is a great production. I think it was also because of the filmmakers. I can totally trust Chris Nolan and Matt Reeves. They are very unique filmmakers who would immediately say yes if wanted to make a smaller film. “

Do you have to physically prepare to step into Batman’s shoes? Is that why you’ve been running a lot lately?
“Yes. As soon as I finish this job, I will immediately start intensive training. In fact, it is quite pleasant, because I have been doing so many hours in Chris Nolan’s film that the idea of ​​being really healthy for a few months, just doing physical exercise and sleep seems like a real dream! I can’t wait! But yes, I was never a big guy. So I have a certain curiosity about what it’s like to be. “

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Robert Pattinson Tells Esquire US “My style is always sort of utilitarian”

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Rob is featured in the March 2020 edition of Esquire US where he talks his style with Garrett Munce for The Short Stories Keeping Gotham Weird

Pattinson, 33, has also become a low-key fashion hero—and it started with Good Time. “The director saw a construction worker walking down the street outside his office, got him to come in, and we stood beside each other to make sure we were the same build. We bought everything he was wearing, and that was my costume,” he tells me, adding: “I kept a lot of stuff.”

His secret is adopting a uniform. “My style is always sort of utilitarian,” he says, explaining that he goes through stretches in which he’ll wear the same thing every day. For him, it’s been Dr. Martens and black baseball caps and corduroy jumpsuits (discovered in Copenhagen, too warm for L. A.). “If something fits right, it can genuinely change my life,” he says.

Next year, Pattinson—who’s the current face of Dior’s new men’s cologne—will bring his weird vibes to the role of Bruce Wayne in The Batman, which also marks his return to big-budget films. The question is whether he’ll pinch some of the Caped Crusader’s wardrobe.

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Robert Pattinson talks to Elle France


It’s a good thing to wake up to a new interview and photoshoot – thanks to Elle France. Here’s a very rough translation thanks to Google:

Between autuer films and blockbusters, the actor is also the face of the new eau de toilette Dior Homme. If the next Batman seems to slip into his roles as if to disappear, he imposes more than ever his captivating presence.

He is only 33 years old and gives the impression of having already lived a thousand lives. As if Robert Pattinson was boiling a flow of energy which encouraged him to constantly reinvent himself. Model at 16 years old, musician and professional actor at 18 years old, he occupies our fantasy space, we have to make a reason. Dare to say: “I’m going to interview Robert Pattinson”, your colleagues and conscience give you looks of envy, even jealousy, your friends do not believe you and think that you are overwhelmed, because the idea of ​​hearing his voice is sacred. Mysterious, the English actor can boast of already having 34 films to his credit. He was able to conquer an immense renown with “Twilight” before moving towards a cinema qualified as avant-garde or even experimental with directors like Claire Denis, David Michod, David Cronenberg or Robert Eggers. Without ever losing this aura and an audience that sells it like an idol.

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Below is an extract from Madame Figaro online (Google translation)

“I claim my European origins, my taste for literature, music and auteur cinema. I always wanted only one thing: to do my job well and to be a good actor, “soberly explains the English actor Robert Pattinson , as if it were a question of starting the interview with a clarification: knowing the celebrity was not a priority for him. What if his acting life started out with a misunderstanding? How, indeed, explain that this cinephile, admirer of the New Wave, lover of Italian neorealist cinema, whose favorite film is Flight over a cuckoo’s nest , from Czech Miloš Forman, became at 22 years old an icon after playing the role of Edward Cullen, the vampire of Twilight? It is counting without chance which sometimes undoes things well. Explanation.

His existence becomes a huge crowd, while his dream would have been to live in greater tranquility. “I never thought I would get out of it. Such a success can forever lock you in a golden prison, and it’s difficult to get rid of an image, to become credible after such a role, which cannibalizes you. I had to think about my future choices very carefully. I had to consider everything according to my tastes, my origins and my desires. ” In 2012, year of the fifth episode of Twilight, Robert Pattinson begins a 180 degree turn. He has only one goal: to forget Edward Cullen, this invasive character with smooth, diaphanous skin and orange eyes. The young man begins his moult, bitter as the ascent of the Himalayas. Each departure from the base camp is a challenge, a form of load shedding that is part of the construction of his identity as a man and an artist.

Two years later, he climbed the steps of the Festival Palace again, still with Cronenberg, for Maps to the Stars , a squeaky satire of the Hollywood environment, where he shared the poster with Julianne Moore and Mia Wasikowska . He’s the star. Filming with Cronenberg gave him the confidence and daring he needed to finally get out of the Twilight box . From role to role, the actor matures, grows. Dark but deep. He filmed The Lost City of Z with director James Gray (author of Little Odessa and Two Lovers ), then High Life with French filmmaker Claire Denis – an emblem in itself – whom he adores “for his passion for cinema”. At the end of 2019, we noticed him as an apprentice lighthouse keeper in The Lighthouse , with Willem Dafoe. A singular and rough black and white horror film directed by Robert Eggers, critically acclaimed. And next July will be released Tenet , by Christopher Nolan, pope of the “blockbuster with a soul”. New proof of the intransigence of this actor apart.

PDF of the article/interview in French below

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