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5 December 2023

Another project we were all excited about, but looks like we won’t be seeing Rob as a serial killer. According to Deadline, Netflix and Adam McKay are no longer moving forward with “Average Height, Average Build”:

Adam McKay, who has been outspoken about the threat of global warming, is deciding to make his next directorial project a climate-related one. Insiders add that with that project now getting all of McKay’s attention, he will no longer be directing the Netflix movie Average Height, Average Build, and the film will no longer be moving forward.

McKay had penned Average Height, Average Build and brought the project to Netflix. With him no longer involved, there is no plan to find a replacement and move forward with the film.”

According to a rumour shared on World of Reel:

In April, Netflix bought the rights to the film. They were also behind McKay’s highly popular “Don’t Look Up” in 2021. I’m now hearing, via an in-the-know friend, that Netflix has dropped the project and that it is currently seeking a new home.

I’m now wondering if this new film of his is not happening, or if an adventurous studio will decide to pick it up. Maybe he should adjust that budget — $150 million is a ridiculous amount of money for a non-IP project.

7 August 2023

According to two sources, Adam McKay’s “Average Height, Average Build” has been postponed indefinitely due to both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Filming was reportedly to commence originaly in July 2023 and then pushed back to September, but now we will wait and see when this film gets back on track.

List123 and Cinemaholic

26 June 2023

According to IMDbPro, AHAB will start filming in Boston, Massachusetts on 31 July 2023 which is great news.

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19 May 2023

Variety spoke to Andy McKay who confirmed that Average Height, Average Build was his next film to go into production – pending the writer’s strike of course:

“Depending on the strike (and the Directors Guild also coming to an agreement), McKay said he hopes to be in production on his serial killer comedy thriller “Average Height, Average Build” in the fall, with Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams, Robert Downey Jr., Forest Whitaker and Danielle Deadwyler attached: “That’s the next big one for me.”

9 May 2023

IMDbPro has this film’s status as pre-production and I noticed today that another actor, Dan Matteucci has been added to the cast.

1 May 2023

The Hollywood Reporter today confirmed that Netflix had bought Adam McKay’s next film “Average Height, Average Build” and it looks lile filming will commence in November 2023:

Titled Average Height, Average Build, the project is being described as part serial killer-thriller, part comedy, that follows a killer who uses political lobbyists to change laws in order to make it easier for him to kill. Like all of McKay’s recent work, the project will tackle larger sociopolitical ills — à la the 2008 housing crisis (The Big Short) and climate crisis (Don’t Look Up) — taking on crime and corruption.

The script calls for many more characters to be filled in.

 Average Height, Average Build had a hard time finding a home, with sources noting that multiple studios passed on the project for budget reasons or had issues with the dark subject matter of the film. Apple, where McKay has a first-look deal, did not jump on the project.

McKay is planning on a late-summer shoot in Boston.” [My emphasis]

25 March 2023

Look at this stellar cast. According to Deadline:

“Oscar winner Adam McKay has lined up Rob Pattinson, Amy Adams, Robert Downey Jr, Forest Whitaker and Till‘s Danielle Deadwyler to head the ensemble cast of his next directing vehicle. Titled Average Height, Average Build, the script and package is out to studios and streamers, and the intention is to get it into production by late summer or early fall.

Pattinson will play a serial killer who enlists a lobbyist (Adams) to change laws that will allow him to get away with murder more easily. Downey’s role is a retired cop who won’t give up on the murders, and the killer tries to prevent him from dogging his trail now that he’s hung up his gun. The serial killer turns himself into a cause celebre, a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington figure shielding his true motives.

Hyperobject Industries’ McKay and Kevin Messick are producing. The script has been shopped without a budget, and with that killer cast it should be set soon. McKay has been talking about making a dirty money movie since he promoted Don’t Look Up, which shined a light on global warming without making audiences feel they were being fed spinach.

The film marks a reunion for McKay and Adams, who worked together on the Oscar-nominated political satire Vice. As for Pattinson, The Batman had been weighing options after recently wrapping production on the sci-fi thriller Mickey 17, which has Bong Joon Ho directing.”

IMDbPro also updated overnight to add this project to Rob’s “Projects in Development” page with a “pre-production” status.

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Guess I better go and create a film page!

24 March 2023

News dropped today that Rob is attached to an Adam McKay’s film which is a welcome bit of news. I always love hearing about Rob’s upcoming roles and let’s face it a movie about a serial killer getting into politics – well that sounds right up Rob’s alley. According to Puck

Adam McKay has been making the rounds lately with a pitch for an allegorical dramedy, and it sounds pretty interesting. The film, dubbed Average Height, Average Build, is said to be about a serial killer who gets into politics in an effort to change the laws to be more, well, murder-friendly. McKay’s got Robert Pattinson attached to lead what will likely be a starry cast, with Robert Downey, Jr. and more in the mix. Good stuff.  

But as with most McKay projects, the budget is high for a political dramedy, and despite the fact that his past three movies as a director have generated 17 total Oscar nominations, McKay hasn’t been a huge box office draw since he left studio comedies—though Don’t Look Up, starring tile-friendly Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, is Netflix’s second most-watched movie of all time, with 360 million hours viewed.

One executive who heard the pitch told me this week that he wanted to do it but then offered a version of, In this economy? The McKay project will almost certainly land, probably at a streamer (though a Netflix source told me they’re not currently bidding). But it’s the same issue we saw with the $150 million Nancy Meyers rom-com, which still hasn’t found a home and likely would have been a pretty quick yes at Netflix just a short time ago. Now, after years of offering veritable blank checks to top creators, nearly everyone is thinking twice about the bigger, riskier swings—the kind that lead to home runs yet just as often lead to strike outs. You can pick your reason: The Great Netflix Correction; the expectation that Bob Iger is about to drop Mickey’s Cost-Cutting Ax at Disney; a seemingly inevitable writers strike; franchise-mania; the fact that the L.A. weather now makes Seattle feel like South Beach. (That last one is just me.)     

I will update this post when more information comes to light.

  • sue
    Posted on March 24, 2023

    Rob + Robert DJ + serial killer. Nothing average about THAT! Very welcome news indeed!

  • Maria
    Posted on March 25, 2023

    Indeed Sue – I feel like it's been forever since we had new projects news. Amy Adams now also in the mix with Forrest Whitaker – could this BE any better.

  • sigi
    Posted on March 25, 2023

    Can. Not. Wait! 😀

  • Lau
    Posted on March 26, 2023

    Será una película increíble.

  • Ab08
    Posted on May 03, 2023

    This is excellent news. I'm a bit worried about scheduling conflicts with Batman's upcoming filming start date, sometime in October 2023.
    AH, AB is supposed to end in November… hopefully Rob's parts are all shot before October without delays!

  • Maria
    Posted on May 03, 2023

    It will be interesting to see how Rob juggles these roles, possibly as you say he will have finished filming AH, AB by the time he's needed on set for Batman. Both are still at script stage so the race is on. I can't wait to see him as a serial killer in one of Adam McKay's films.

  • Sue
    Posted on June 26, 2023

    I seriously can’t wait for Rob to play a serial killer. So looking forward to this one.

  • Maria
    Posted on June 29, 2023

    Me too I’m sure he’s going to knock it out of the park

  • Mükemmel blog sitesi
    Posted on October 14, 2023

    Çok yararlı bir makale olmuş. Severek takip ediyorum. Teşekkür ederim.

  • sue
    Posted on December 06, 2023

    Such a shame for us. Although I'm guessing Rob might be looking forward to a slightly different role atm ….

  • Maria
    Posted on December 08, 2023

    Ha indeed he is 🙂

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