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Robert Pattinson “The Batman” Reportedly Set On DCEU’s Earth-2 ~ ScreenRant



Screen Rant gives background to most of the lead characters, I say most because it’s not telling us who the Carver twins are portraying and I’m wondering if they are lead and who they might be. Here’s what they have to say about Rob, but to read about Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Serkis), Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin (Colin Farrell), Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz), Edward Nashton aka The Riddler (Paul Dano), Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), District Attorney Gil Colson (Peter Sarsgaard), Officer Stanley Merkel (Barry Keoghan), Commissioner Peter Savage (Alex Ferns) and Bella Real (Jayme Lawson) click on the link above:

The Batman will be a semi-origin story for Gotham’s caped crusader, with Robert Pattinson playing the lead role. Story details for The Batman confirm the movie follows Batman during his second year as a crime fighter, giving audiences another chance to see a version of the Dark Knight who is still learning the ropes. The movie will also put more of a focus on Batman’s detective abilities to establish why he’s known as the world’s greatest detective. This story will take place outside of the main DCEU continuity, allowing Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson to reboot Batman in a brand new franchise.

With the start of a new franchise, The Batman has the ability and necessity to introduce a completely new set of characters. This includes allies of Batman, some classic villains from the comics, and much more. All of these characters can help The Batman build its own world and mythology around Pattinson’s brooding hero. Here’s a complete breakdown of every character confirmed for The Batman.

Bruce Wayne Aka Batman

As a Batman solo movie, it should come as no surprise that The Batman features Bruce Wayne in the leading role. This Batman is in the early days of his crime-fighting career and has a lower-tech quality than more recent big-screen interpretations of the character. His Batcave is much smaller and less impressive than what was featured in the Dark Knight trilogy or Zack Snyder’s DCEU movies. In his short time protecting Gotham, Batman has already established a working relationship with the GCPD. Robert Pattinson plays the titular role after spending years making unique independent movies and Tenet after his days with Twilight.

2 APRIL 2021

According to ScreenRant:

A new report claims that The Batman is set in DCEU’s Earth-2. Directed by Matt Reeves, the movie will debut Robert Pattinson as the new Caped Crusader. Specific plot details have been scant at the moment, but this version of the hero is still in his early years of assuming the vigilante persona and is figuring out how to make sure he serves his intended purpose.

As Warner Bros. pivots its superhero efforts to the multiverse, it’s now being reported that The Batman will be set in DCEU’s Earth-2. Additionally, the report from THR also claims that, except for The Batman, DC is planning for its films and shows to share the same universe. This means that The Batman will be an outlier, unconnected to the rest of the DCEU.

… the focus is to build his own mini-universe on Earth-2 starting with The Batman. Since Pattinson’s version is in his early years as the Caped Crusader, Warner Bros. can develop his character throughout the next several years, chronicling his arc to becoming the confident version of the hero. But first, he needs to come to terms with his family’s involvement in Gotham’s corrupt system — something that he will learn more about in the movie.

  • PM
    Posted on April 03, 2021

    Hi Maria, I hope all the new ‘Batman’ fanatics who are ‘discovering’ Pattinson read about his print interviews from way back when. I don’t know how much of trouble it is but can your site put an index by the year at least or aggregate articles indexed by the year? Your site comes up a lot in Google searches though. I was looking for the Wonderland interview he did in 2017 and your site was there. That was a great article (which rightly exposes the lazy media narrative that was undeservedly concocted for him) though I wanted to read his full interview with Harari, I only got the excerpt from your site. Then there was the Details interview from 2010, I probably read that on your site but saw something new I think in my searches, where he is talking to Jenny Lumet for MTV and he says this talking about his concerns on what the responsibility of being an actor are: “If it exists out there—this invisible-creative-spirit-idea thing—then you’re the medium through which it travels so everybody can touch it. But . . . what gives you the right to be the medium?” he asked. “What gives you the right to claim it? And then get an agent and say I want $20 million and a fruit basket to be the medium, thank you very much.” This is from 2010 and he was 24! But the questions he raises are deep and impactful. This guy is an artist at heart like old school, and an intellectual whether the new people on his bandwagon know it or not.

  • PM
    Posted on April 03, 2021

    Sorry, I think the quote above is from the Details article with Lumet but MTV was excerpting that.

  • Maria
    Posted on April 03, 2021

    Hi PM I hadn’t done a list of the articles re interviews by year, other than on each film page or Master Post I have the articles in chronological order. So if Rob did the interview during that movie’s promo it should be there.

    I’ll take it on board maybe to do a Master Post of interviews. It might take me some time pull it all together as I have to find the time to do it.

  • sue
    Posted on April 06, 2021

    I’m really hoping the focus on Bruce Wayne’s early detective years means more mask-free screen time …… is that wrong of me?

  • Maria
    Posted on April 06, 2021

    I’m there with you Sue

  • PM
    Posted on April 06, 2021

    OK, I have a new reaction to movies I watch now. The RP yardstick, Pattinson would never say yes to this script. LOL. I was lazily watching ‘Made in Italy’ last night and that was what I was thinking. But I also watched ‘Beat that my heart skipped’ and was thinking he would play the piano much better.

  • Maria
    Posted on April 07, 2021

    We’ve all been there PM trust me. I’m curious to see what his replacements will do in The Souvenir II and I know I will be sitting there wishing it was still Rob.

  • PM
    Posted on April 07, 2021

    Maria, you have to cut me some slack, I am at least 10 years late to the game! 🙂 I was watching some old Harry Potter time videos and he was giving a tour of the set, as polite and nice as ever. His parents did something right by this kid.

  • Maria
    Posted on April 07, 2021

    Better late than never PM! I agree his parents did good.

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