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Thought I would wait until this morning to put this together.  The video has since been removed, but if you missed it you can catch our gifs and screenshots here and here. Let’s see what those who had the chance to view it (or not) say shall we:

The Playlist: “Described as an action-adventure, in Gray’s hand this new sales trailer is somewhat reminiscent of “Apocalypse Now,” and given the filmmaker is an avowed Francis Ford Coppola fan, you’ll probably see more of that influence in the movie itself (as well as that of David Lean, whom Gray said was an major inspiration on the film) via the cinematography of the great Darius Khondji (who shot “The Immigrant”).  … Recent reports said “The Lost City Of Z” would not be ready until the fall, so it could turn up at the Venice International Film Festival instead. There’s obviously no release date or distributor yet; a festival bow will have to come first. But with the package of Gray, this cast, and Pitt’s Plan B, securing a distributor shouldn’t be difficult.”

The Film Stage: “For our first glimpse at the film, an epic three-minute sales trailer has arrived, which shows off the story and Darius Khondji‘s ravishing cinematography.”

Filmosphere (French): “After 7 years of development, the first images of the adaptation of The Lost City of Z by James Gray finally visible in a trailer visibly thinking for future buyers. And not surprisingly, it’s beautiful.

Slash Film: “From the looks of this trailer, there seems to be an Apocalypse Now influence on the film, and it the visuals are gorgeous, shot by James Gray’s director of photography on The Immigrant, Darius Khondji. Since this is just a sales trailer though, the film doesn’t have distribution yet, so we’re still not sure when we’ll get to see this one in theaters. That means it could pop up on the festival circuit sometime this year to help drum up interest, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Screen Rant: “Will The Lost City of Z work on screen? Well, it certainly has strong source material; this is one of those books that likely had most people reading it visualizing the movie. And Gray has been on a career roll of late; his last film, The Immigrant, was probably his best work, and judging by the trailer this adaptation looks visually stunning.”

Awards Daily: “By interweaving the great story of Fawcett with his own investigative escapades in South America and Britain, Grann provides an in-depth, captivating character study that has the relentless energy of a classic adventure tale.”

Screen Crush:  “Now starring Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson, the first trailer for The Lost City of Z has arrived, offering a sneak peek at one man’s daring expedition into the Amazon to commune with a primitive tribe. … oining Hunnam are Robert Pattinson (with a very awesome beard) as British Army Corporal Henry Costin,”

Cinematographe (Italy):  “Described as an action-adventure, the trailer of the movie Gray recalls in some ways Apocalypse Now ” (pretty much translated The Playlist’s entire article) *shrugs*

Punchycritic: “Sweeping, epic trailer …”

Live for Films:  “ This is just a sales trailer at the moment, but it looks like there is some stunning footage involved”

Cinemaadois (Brazil): “But the cast includes big names like Robert Pattinson ..” It also mentions 27 October 2016 cinema release whicih we posted earlier this year.

We Got This Covered:  “Incredible Trailer For The Lost City Of Z Promises Lavish, Amazonian Adventure … Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller, and Tom Holland all co-star in the award-tipped movie, which boasts some jaw-dropping cinematography by the acclaimed Darius Khondji.”

ProfesionalesPanama & Cinemania (Spain):  Since the beginning of the project was announced, every time someone asked us what was one of our most anticipated films we had very clear: The Lost City of Z …  first impressions can not be better”

Pure People:  “Of all the ancient saga of teen stars, Robert Pattinson is probably the one that leads the most interesting career. Far from Harry Potter which revealed andTwilight that propelled star  R-Patz continues to follow ambitious and intriguing projects.” (google translate)

Ecranlarge:  “Because it would be a shame to miss as the first images portend the best. Atmosphere incredible, beautiful photography, James Gray seems to have surpassed in his new film that takes us to the borders of the Amazon in search of a legendary city. …  Gray turned to a solid cast including Charlie Hunnam , Robert Pattinson ,  Tom Holland and Sienna Miller . The film still has no official release date, but when you see the quality of what is offered to us today, we are ready to wait a little for the director offers us the most adventure movie resulted seen for a long time”.

Premiere (France): “The Lost City of Z is one of the most anticipated films of the year.”

DCF Magazin (German): “The first trailer leaves anyway a very epic and authentic taste, which goes far beyond the usual jungle adventure.”

The following posted the trailer but didn’t actually give any opinion about it:

I’ll add to this as and when more articles come out.  Funny with the references to Apocalypse Now – The Last of the Mohicans came to mind when I first viewed it, but I can see what they mean. Either way I’m so excited for this film probably more than I’ve ever been for one of Rob’s films (other than The Rover of course!)

  • barbara
    Posted on April 04, 2016

    Oh My lordy. am frothing at the mouth this sounds spectacular, I do love the grizzly adam’s Rob, some men look all weird and creepy with a full fuzz , but Rob looks even more tempting. I can’t wait to see this. thanks sweet Maria.xxx

  • Roberta
    Posted on April 04, 2016

    I’m really excited too Maria but I too, had a flash of an Apocalypse Now kind of movie which btw wouldn’t be so bad to my opinion. I just cannot wait. Hopefully it will have an easier distributor find since Plan B is involved. Thank you Maria. Always so professional.

  • Carmel
    Posted on April 05, 2016

    I haven’t (and wont) see the trailer but i like the constant references to the cinematography. Such an epic tail could not be told effectively without that ingredient

  • sue
    Posted on April 07, 2016

    How fantastic to read these initial reactions. Can’t wait for this movie. Being totally greedy, I hope that Rob and Charlie promote this movie like crazy, preferably together. Although if that were to happen, some of us would never sleep, I fear.

  • sue
    Posted on April 07, 2016

    ps. @Carmel. You are one strong woman. I enjoyed the video footage for you, of course.

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