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Note:  Updates will be added to end of this post.

I enjoyed doing this for The Childhood of a Leader, when Carmel and I were trying to piece together whether it was based on fact or fiction.  We know Brimstone is, in fact, fiction since Martin Koolhoven wrote the script, but what we didn’t know was much about Rob’s role other than he plays an outlaw.  So below is what we do know so far with a list of my sources for how this was pieced together.  I’ll update this post as more information comes to light:

  • There has never been a film like this from The Netherlands.  It’s been referred to as a “Gothic Western”
  • Rob plays an outlaw called “Samuel”
  • The movie is in four parts.  Rob has a big role in just one of those parts.
  • We know Rob has scenes with Carice van Houten since she owns the property where “Samuel” is hiding
  • Principal photography is due to commence May 2015.  The shoot is estimated to be a 70 day shoot May to July (estimate) and will be filmed in Canada and Europe.
  • Martin Koolhoven is currently in Hollywood with Des Hamilton (casting director) for screentests|auditions.
  • Film budget is between €8 to €11 million
  • The movie is set to be released in 2016 possibly summer – June-August 2016.  (I wonder if it may get it’s premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Czech)  which is held in July)
  • “It will be fucking awesome”.  Ok that’s a direct quote from Martin, but I happen to agree with him, because who really expected to see a film with Rob and Guy again so soon.

From Articles:


Pattinson plays Brimstone an outlaw, which plays an important role in the dark past that led to the story of this epic western thriller.  Van Houten gives shape to the owner of the property where the character Pattinson is hiding.

BrimstoneMovie:  ”

“Brimstone is a suspenseful tale of guilt and retribution that unfolds in America at the end of the 19th century.”

“A triumphant epic of survival and a tale of powerful womanhood and resistance against the unforgiving cruelty of a hell on earth.  Our heroine (Mia Wasikowska), carved from the beautiful wilderness, full of heart and grit, hunted by a vengeful Preacher (Guy Pearce) – a diabolical zealot and her twisted nemesis; she’s no victim – a woman of fearsome strength who responds with astonishing bravery to claim the better life she and her daughter deserve.

Retribution is coming.”


“Koolhoven, director of Second World War epic Winter in Wartime, directs from his own script which will be shot by Bullhead and The Drop cinematographer Nicolas Karakatsanis.

The film is due to start shooting in May 2015.​​”

and from the article announcing Rob’s involvement:

“Set to shoot in May 2015, the film will follow a heroine on the run from her past and a diabolical preacher. Robert Pattinson will play an outlaw. … Guy Pearce plays a hunter who unleashes hell. Martin directs a highly emotional, gripping and unique story of a mesmerising woman who battles the vengeance of a zealot.””


“Pattinson plays an outlaw who has a crucial influence on this tale of retribution. “


“It’s an epic film set in different periods. A dark and violent story, but also a smooth adventure. In terms of story I dare to say that there is no film as yet Brimstone is created, it looks like nothing that you already know. Told in a way you’ve never seen before. It’s not a classic western, takes place only in the same time, at the end of the 19th century, set in the western United States. Though of course it has elements of previous films. The  Night of the Hunter , to name but a few, for example, have been a source of inspiration for me. For the first time I have written something that really really suits me and the kind of movie I want to make it up. But also a story that I do not happen as quickly in a Dutch setting.

What is your budget?
I do not know if I may say so, but we assume a budget of about ten million. Not all funding is round, so it may be some differences. At present, our British sales agent Embankment in Berlin also in talks with foreign buyers for the film. Let’s take it over, I think I can finally have a budget of between eight and eleven million.”

Rob interview with De Volkskrant:

“This week the news has been released that Robert Pattinson will be in the western-thriller Brimstone by the Dutch director Martin Koolhoven. “The story is fantastic; I have an idea how I want to do it. It’s a dangerous role, but I can’t say much about it. And the cameraman is the same one as in in ‘Rundkop’ and I think that movie is fantastic.””


“He goes out of seventy days of shooting in May, June and July on locations in Canada and Europe.   Koolhoven: “Guy has already started with a dialect coach, Mia soon begins to learn sign language.” The budget of 10 million euros he thinks with “this cast probably be able to pick up in Hollywood, but I do like to keep control and final cut for the film “”


“From the moment the new reverend climbs the pulpit, Liz knows she and her family are in great danger.”

Cineville Magazine

Brimstone . A real genre film like never created from the Netherlands.”

From tweets:

It will be fucking awesome.

 ·  Feb 10

The movie is told in four chapters. He has quite a big part in one of them.

Might be summer.

 ·  Feb 27

Next week in LA with , doing screentests

Hollywood, here I come.


 ·  Feb 6

will start shooting in May 2015 in Canada and Europe.

“Who here wants to watch an evil Guy Pearce tormenting Mia Wasikowska in a new movie? All of you. Good.”

**UPDATED:  6 April 2015**

Gusto Entertainment

From what I can gather Gusto Entertainment is involved with PR for Brimstone and also a consultant concerning distribution.  It mentions “I advise and accompany producer  N279 entertainment  in the (Dutch) release of the film.”  What I found interesting was a slightly different synopsis on the Brimstone page on their website:

“Brimstone is a suspenseful tale of guilt and retribution that unfolds at the end of the 19th century.

A dark, violent and epic thriller, set in the American West, about a young woman (and her family) whose lives change drastically when a diabolical preacher comes to town . The story, told in four chapters, shows us how the young woman has to fight for her life and those of her loved ones, but also portrays the horrible past that led up to these events.”

The horrible past … remember if you scroll up to Filmpjekkijenken it mentions “Pattinson plays Brimstone an outlaw, which plays an important role in the dark past that led to the story of this epic western thriller.”

ooooohhhh ….

REMINDER:  All information concerning “Brimstone” is available & regularly updated at our Brimstone film page

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  • Carmel
    Posted on March 05, 2015

    Once more Maria – Bloody fantastic! I had so much fun pondering Childhood and I’m still not through with that. I just know it is futile. Fun but futile.
    Having the information from all different sources right from the announcements of Rob’s projects just allows us to ‘own’ them even sooner.
    Thank you so much for all your tireless efforts

  • Trish
    Posted on March 05, 2015

    Heh, heh, heh… our girl reporter is on the case… Awesome, Maria. I already love this movie if only for the fact that Rob and Guy are back together filming. Everything crossed for this one!

  • Roberta
    Posted on March 06, 2015

    Thank you so much Maria! Absolutely great!

  • Barbara
    Posted on March 07, 2015

    Maria thankyouuuuuu I can’t wait for this movie. Rob as an outlaw he will be perfect,
    and being back with his two mates Mia and Guy, now that is a great visual. The three of them relaxing playing their guitars singing, Guy singing songs from his new CD Rob and Mia joining in
    wow what a trio of talent and beauty.
    RPAU the best site to come to for Robert Pattinson info . love you girls xxx

  • Jules
    Posted on March 09, 2015

    Out-freaking-standing!!!! Just amazing all you’ve pulled together and so perfect in one place!! I’m so excited for this film….look forward to more and discussing with everyone 😉

  • Carmel
    Posted on April 09, 2015

    This movie has such a Clint Eastwood vibe. He stamped his mark on roles like this. You know, I think Guy might be one of the few people who could pull off this role as well as The Pale Rider

  • Sanguine
    Posted on April 10, 2015

    Amazing detective work, Maria! Thank you! Another promising film to watch for in the future!

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