May 23rd, 2012 / 15 Comments

So Margaret and David are definitely reviewing Bel Ami tonite on At The Movies at 10pm (AEST).  30 minutes to go to see what they think.  I’ve seen it, I loved it, but yeah I love Rob so.   And as for his performance being “wooden” – perhaps they were talking about a specific body part seeing as that he’s such a manwhore in this film … yeah I went there!

Back in a bit to update how many stars Marg and Davo give.  Let’s see if they are harsh.  Like I mentioned, I think the film is a little rushed, but yeah – I thought everyone’s performance was good.  Can’t believe some of those negative reviews – they were unnecessarily harsh, but hey – who am I – just a moviegoer after all – I don’t get paid to praise Rob and benefit nothing from slamming him.  Hey – get  your heads out of the gutter!



Well they both claim Rob lacks charm in this role.  I guess they are blaming Rob for not liking it.  And surprise surprise they both claim Ricci is the most believable out of the women.  That’s funny because I preferred Uma and Kristin … Oh well – like Lids said – if I like it who really cares what they say.

Margaret gives it3 out of 5 stars

David gives it 2 out of 5 stars – hmm I thought he said 2 but the website looks like it’s 2.5 stars

We’ll add the vid shortly.

UPDATED: And the video…

  • lids
    Posted on May 23, 2012

    I’ve just seen Bel Ami and loved it. I think Rob’s performance was great, and to be honest I don’t really care about the reviews. If I like it, I like it and that’s all there is too it.

    P.S. I think Georges definitely deserves to be sent to the Naughty Corner. I am waiting patiently… 😉

  • Maria
    Posted on May 23, 2012

    Agree @lids the critics get paid regardless. I wonder half the time if they even bother to pay attention to the film. Of course people will say – oh they are just those crazy Rob fans who think he can do no wrong. But I really think, considering he was 23 when he filmed this, he did good.

    I loved it and at the end of the day – that’s all we want from him – a film we are going to enjoy and a performance that he’s happy with.

    Cannot wait for Cosmopolis. CAN.NOT.WAIT

    Will send Georges over to you when I”m finished *cough* – hope you don’t mind waiting

  • lids
    Posted on May 23, 2012

    LOL @Maria, when I said patiently, I didn’t really mean that…you should know me by now. C’mon send him over, you’ve had enough :/

    …and yes, can’t wait for Cosmopolis

  • Michelle
    Posted on May 23, 2012

    Rob lacking charm???? pfftt whatever they reckon. No I haven’t seen the film yet Margaret & David but I still know you are wrong.

    Just fixing up the vid now. Technology please be kind to me lol

  • Carmel
    Posted on May 23, 2012

    @Maria & Lids – It’s wonderful to hear what you guys think of Bel Ami. I’ll take your reviews over any critic. Why? Becuase as Maria pointed out, you are the moviegoes like us and you paid to see the movie.
    I more sleep for me. Squeeeee

  • Sue
    Posted on May 23, 2012

    Well, I just watched ‘the idiots’ give their ratings and bag Rob ~ don’t know why I bothered.

    Seriously, having just seen Bel Ami, I can assure anyone reading this that Rob is brilliant as Georges ~ and you’re all going to love him! Totally agree with you, Maria, re Georges being calculating, more than a bastard. I think Rob played it beautifully. The women are great too ~ personally I loved watching Uma and Christina. I think they could have developed the storyline a little more …. a few more minutes of Georges would have been quite acceptable!

    I’m going back twice tomorrow, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything important (*cough*) ……in the mean time, you can find me in the naughty corner, dreaming about the day when I own the dvd…….

    Oh, and just to cap off the perfect evening …… another Queensland win! Woohoo! (sorry girls, just had to slip that in!)

  • Vicky
    Posted on May 23, 2012

    Thanks Margaret and David, while I appreciate your opinions, from what I have seen I find it hard to believe Rob lacks charm. Anyway only one more sleep and I’ll find out. Woooohoooo!!!!!! Thanks Lids and Maria for your comments and so glad you enjoyed the film!!!!!

    Did I mention, one more sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roberta
    Posted on May 24, 2012

    Well, to me it’s Uma and Kristen the best two and he’s soo good… and only 23 when he shot the film. I don’t know what to say… I never agreew with thse critics… don’t know how….

  • Maria
    Posted on May 24, 2012

    Yeah yeah yeah re the footy @Sue LOL

    Yep calculating did it for me … I think he did a good job of playing this character and sorry am a little more coherent this morning, but seriously comparing it to the George Sanders movie – where they changed the ending so that he wasn’t a bastard – note to them – don’t compare two totally different adaptations of the book … he had to be charming it was the 40s and noone went to the movies to see reality – there was a war you know – they all knew about harsh realities first hand!

  • Maria
    Posted on May 24, 2012

    Agree @Roberta – he was 23 and he didn’t just film this movie. They never mention that it was over 2 years in the making. I think that’s valid

  • Carmel
    Posted on May 24, 2012

    @Sue – congratulations (but that was not a try)

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but I do find it confusing that people want a character as morally devoid as Georges to come across as likeable. Isn’t that the whole point of Guy de Maupassant’s novel?

  • kess
    Posted on May 24, 2012

    Hmmm, I expected a bit more of a knowledgeable review from these 2, they seem to have missed the whole point.
    Anway, they are off to Cannes and I really hope they get to interview Rob – and get dazzled by his “charm’
    May change their whole perspective, and I would imagine they will be after one of the hottest movies in comp and all involved.

  • Maria
    Posted on May 24, 2012

    @Kess yeah it was strange to keep harping on how he wasn’t charming enough, but he’s supposed to be a bastard as well so .. I guess what they are saying is it wasn’t believable that he could attract the women involved. Um Margie – did you take a look at their husbands? I mean – he could have been the said plank of wood that people keep saying equates to his acting and I still would have taken a second look at him if I was married to Forrestier or Roussett – just saying.

  • Sue
    Posted on May 24, 2012

    LOL @Maria ~ must admit, I didn’t look at their husbands for long, but Georges would have been a blessed relief for their sore eyes!

  • silvie
    Posted on May 24, 2012

    This is the first time I watched At The Movie and most probably the last. I honestly don’t think they get it. At the end of the day what matters is the public and I don’t think anyone has any right to rubbish the hard work that people put into their art. I really hate these critics and that’s why I make a general rule to ignore them. I wish I stuck to my rule last night. People have enough intelligence to make up their own minds. Geez they annoyed me. The same was said this morning on Today. I don’t care what they say. I can make up my own mind…I’ll not give them the power to decide what they think is good or not.

    Sorry all, I’m really peed off.

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