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@Twilight announced that the official soundtrack for Breaking Dawn Pt 1 will be released on 8 November 2011.

Are they serious about their question?  Not that I promote bombarding their Twitter or the official BDPt1 soundtrack blog *whistlesandlooksaround* but I think it’s pretty obvious which “artist” we ALL want to see on the soundtrack.  My recollection is that Rob said earlier this year that Edward has a new lullaby for Renesmee … I didn’t dream that right?  If that doesn’t make the final cut of the movie or the soundtrack well then I guess the lynchmob I’m preparing for Georges might as well get some practice in … hmmm perhaps that tweet above is merely rhetorical …

  • Carmel
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    OMFG!!! Give us Rob on that soundtrack PLEASE!!!!!!!
    I really look forward to each of the soundtracks. I’m a real fan of what they have done so far, but if they leave Rob off this one i will just scream.
    And I’ll be front and centre at Maria’s lynch mob.

  • Vertigo
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    At the ready. *fires up the torches*

  • Michelle
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    Rob on the soundtrack – WE WANT ROB!!! Am ready to join that lynchmob if we don’t get what we want *glares* They better give us what we want!

    I LOVE the gif you’ve used Maria. Can never ever see it enough 😀

  • annie
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    I would love to see Coldplay on the soundtrack. They have an unreleased track called ‘Wedding Bells’ that would be perfect.

  • Sue
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    There was definitely mention of a lullaby for Renesmee, so Rob had better be on the soundtrack! Although I also remember Rob talking about singing a song in Polish for WFE …..

    Maria, who’d have thought joining a lynchmob could sound like so much fun?! Count me in!

  • Vicky
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    Ready for the lynch mob if no Rob that’s for sure!!! Certainly was a mention of a lullaby. Make it happen people!!!!

    Ok confession time for me, I would also love to see 100 Monkeys on the soundtrack. I am a bit partial to some Jackson and the boys as well.

  • lise-lou
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    I think Rob should do the whole soundtrack. Rob, Rob and more Rob please 🙂

  • lise-lou
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    Oh and thanks for that gif, it’s so beautiful and the best thing in my day today.

  • Maria
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    Absolutely @Lise-Lou the entire soundtrack – I’ll be honest I’ve never bothered with any of the other soundtracks that don’t include Rob. We’ve waited long enough ….

    I love that gif too … seeing Rob playing piano live is on my bucket list – hope you give me the chance to tick that off Rob.

  • Carmel
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    @Maria – Oh yes!!!! Seeing Rob play would be divine.

  • Vicky
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    I have to agree, seeing Rob play live would absolutely be a dream come true!!

  • Vertigo
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    Good reminding Maria, I only have the first movie’s soundtrack, so really hoping we get loads of Rob to entice me into buying more.

    No Rob, no $$$ for Summit. It’s always been Rob …

  • Michelle
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    Rob on the entire soundtrack – OMG YES PLEASE!! I’m the same Maria & Vertigo as you know. I only have the first movie soundtrack as the others have no Rob on them. No Rob = ZERO interest for me.

    Seeing Rob play live – om my gosh, it would be a dream come true & pure heaven! I so hope to be able to tick that off my list too Maria.

  • silvie
    Posted on August 14, 2011

    It goes without saying that Rob’s music/singing should be on the soundtrack. When I think of Twilight I think of Rob. Rob has made Twilight. I don’t mind Jackson having something on the soundtrack but Rob—-DEFINATELY. In fact, it shouldn’t even be a question. Lynch mob sounds good.

  • Jules
    Posted on August 15, 2011

    *sharpens her sharp objects* I’ll sign up for the lynch mob – Rob has to be on the soundtrack pleeeeeeeease. OMG that would be so wonderful. Rob back in a recording studio *le sigh* Hvaing Rob on your bucket list in that way @Maria is perfect. Definitely a dream for me too.

    I confess to having all the soundtracks so far – I love the mix of music and the majority of it makes me think of Rob when I listen so it’s win/win. OK, so pretty much anything makes me thing of Rob but I digress. 🙂

  • Val
    Posted on August 15, 2011

    @Jules, I’m with you, 100%. I just love music that evokes emotion & memories & most of the soundtracks do almost entirely evoke Rob as Edward for me so…they’re right up there on my playlist.

    @Maria, I might be remembering this wrong but I think the new lullaby was to be in Part 2 – I was preparing for a looooong wait to hear it. So if it’s sooner, that’s a huge bonus for 2011!

    @Vicky – um…yes ITA. I’m picturing a 2-set concert…1st set to whip up the crowd, 100 Monkeys, 2nd set to send us all to heaven happy; Rob.

  • Maria
    Posted on August 15, 2011

    oh @Val I was in denial that this movie is 2 parts – thanks for the reminder LOL. Maybe Rob should do a cover of “Who Let The Dogs Out” … just saying

  • Val
    Posted on August 16, 2011

    @Maria, thanks for rescuing my post – darn, i was hoping you were privy to some info I was not, and that you’d say, “no, you’re wrong, they’ve changed the plot & so they’re putting the lullaby in part 1 now”, he he he…. Actually what I’m really hoping is that Summit realise how dumb it is to have part 2 a full 12mths away when the actors, directors etc will have all moved on so much. We want our lullaby!

  • Bee Kaye
    Posted on August 16, 2011

    I did read back in Feb. 2011, that Carter Burwell had tweeted and reported on his website that Renesmee’s Lullaby would be played on camera by Rob in BD2.
    @ Jules, I agree with you that the soundtrac music evokes the scenes and I love that and I play Rob’s songs a lot while I am driving. I also have Carter Burwell’s score from Twilight, which I recommend – amazing music – also brings those scenes back even more so, haunting, beautiful. Can’t wait to hear the scores for BD1 and BD2, also by Carter Burwell. Thanks Maria for posting.

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