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I know I know, Rob already confirmed it at Cannes and he’s talked about it a few times, even sarcastically saying at Comic-Con last week that he was looking forward to the “c-section” scene.  Call me Doubting Thomas but I just couldn’t work out how they were going to make this book into a film without it being R-rated, okay well maybe MA+ (the R rating may have been wishful thinking on my part – lol).  Anyway I have been proven wrong (yet again), since the New Moon site now has The World of Twilight up and running and yes – there it is – for all the world to see “Breaking Dawn Coming Soon”.  Well there you have it.  Rob’s clearly not going to be able to rest much in the next 6 to 8 months, that’s Eclipse, Unbound Captives, Breaking Dawn and Bel-Ami all lined up for him.  Rob – you may see that same facial expression from me if I find out that you are filming all these back to back so that you can take a year off.  I know you so deserve to but it will kill us!

  • alex
    Posted on August 01, 2009

    i already knew this but now i have fresh excitement for the movies.. and i too was wondering how they will do breaking dawn. they probably wont show the..MA+

    wow! rob’s gonna be a busy man.

  • Maria
    Posted on August 01, 2009

    Hey Alex – but they are the only bits interesting in the book. Otherwise it’s going to be a sad depressed Eddie, lots of Jacob – Bella mysteriously getting fat and i’m not sure the current CGI can do Renesmee. Look I have to admit it’s my least favourite book – would have been happy for it to finish at Eclipse with a wedding – lol. Sorry I know this might open up a can of worms, but it’s my personal opinion. One more film and then Rob is free!!!!!!!

  • Michelle
    Posted on August 01, 2009

    LOL, can hear the c-section comment in my head now.

    I agree with you completely about BD as you know Maria. I just do not see how they are going to be able to make it & keep to the PG rating. It will have to be at least MA for sure with all the content that is in the book & that has to stay in order for the story to make any kind of sense.

    BD is my least fave out of the 4 & like Maria, I have been hoping so very much that they would finish the movies at Eclipse & just add the wedding in. I think that would have been a really great end. Rob being free sounds so good Maria.

    Rob is going to be so so busy. He will so deserve a break after he is done with the projects he has lined up & a long one at that but not seeing him for quite some time would be so so tough.

  • Temajin
    Posted on August 02, 2009

    Firstly, hi everyone, hope everyone is having a great weekend.. and thanks for the reminder pic:) that’s was ‘So thoughtful’ of you..

    I’m assuming we’ve all read the books but if you haven’t please don’t read on as I mention spoilers….(I would hate to spoil things for someone)

    When I first read BD, I too wondered how on earth they were going to translate this book to film, firstly because of the size of the book and secondly – Isle Esme? hello, you can’t just show feathers.. being realistic though, I’m sure we won’t get to see much however there is significant reasoning behind all of that particular section of the book and audiences need to see and be made aware of the enormous effort it takes Edward to be with Bella during that time.

    I’m very curious as to how they are going to develop Renesmee (is it 2 ee’s?, nevermind) even when reading I couldn’t picture her properly being so small yet being to support her own weight and looking around etc..

    There is alot of ‘physical’ stuff in BD and they can’t leave it all out.

    No comment on Jacob, i’m not a fan……….yet (i’ll probably be inclined to change my mind once he’s not fighting for Bella anymore and after Edward calls him ‘Son’)

    Love you all – night:)

  • Maria
    Posted on August 02, 2009

    Hi Temajin – thanks for putting in the *spoiler* alert. But BD actually spoilt the entire series for me – lol.

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