November 9th, 2015 / 1 Comment

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This is a great little video from Cosmopolitan France giving us a one minute compilation of some Rob over the years.  Thought I would share because it brightened my lunch hour.  Enjoy.

La minute mâle de Robert Pattinson by cosmopolitan

Thanks to Pattinson Artwork

November 4th, 2015 / 11 Comments

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Where have all the years gone.  First let us start off by thanking Jules for her amazing artwork that she does for us here at RPAU.  Thank you isn’t enough Jules because I know how much time and effort must be involved, but I’m sure all will agree that the end result is always beyond words.  I’d also like to thank Michelle without whom RPAU wouldn’t still be here and also Vertigo, Suze and Jules for putting up with my constant barrage of emails and what not and doing what they do here over the years. Sometimes I’m sure they laugh when they see them and sometimes I’m sure they just hit “delete” or they should lol.  Anyway, this started out as a little bit of fun, helping to promote Rob in Australia.  Michelle has been here from day 1, Vertigo has been commenting since then too, I happened along thanks to the How To Be premiere when Cilla, the original site owner, asked me to help out in about February 2009 and well – for the past 7 years Rob has kept us busy busy busy.  I thought today would be a good time to thank you all for being here and supporting Rob and reflect on what has been achieved thus far.

A few of you may recall that Robert Pattinson Australia originally started as a livejournal on 4 November 2008, it didn’t morph into a website until 26 January 2009.  Michelle and I took over the site in about May 2009 and decided that it would focus solely on Rob’s career.  It’s been an amazing experience – a decision that we haven’t regretted, a lot of hard work and equally a lot of fun.  We’ve had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, this is a labour of love.  We’re here to promote Rob any way we can and to ensure that Rob’s fans are kept up to date with all his career news.  So in the words of Rob on stage at the State Theatre in 2011 “let’s ava look atchya”:

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Bringing “How To Be” to fans for the only cinema screening in Australia on 28 March 2009. This was a monumental effort from RPAU’s original owner Cilla and the reason I became involved with RPAU.  It’s also how I met Michelle and Vertigo.  We had a great amount of help from Justin Kelly (Producer of HTB) and without him, it probably would not have been possible. I kept in contact with him over the years and last I heard he was doing something completely different to producing. I remember the cast (without Rob who was filming New Moon) did a personal intro for the screening – it’s a shame that was never uploaded to the site.

Also during that year, Alisah Arnah reached out to us as she wanted to set the record straight about her opinion of Rob that was misinterpreted from an interview given by Oliver Irving.

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November 3rd, 2015 / 2 Comments

I think this was my favourite video to make.  Felt like seeing it – apologise in advance for those who may have this blocked in their country or for those who loathe this song.



October 22nd, 2015 / 5 Comments


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michelle sorry that I couldn’t get Rob to turn up like he did 3 years ago, because I know that he was the best present ever. It’s impossible to top that, so I won’t even try.  Here’s a quick little video I put together in honour of your birthday.  I hope you have the most amazing day filled with love and happiness, you get spoilt rotten and well – to help you along with your celebrations – I’m going to make a wish for you too *scuncheseyestight* please can we have Rob back in Oz in 2016 as another birthday treat *blowsoutimginarycandles*.  Yeah I’m guessing if we all put it out there it can happen.  So very happy to call you my friend – you are good people. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend *raisesglass*.



RPAU from Robert Pattinson Australia on Vimeo.


July 3rd, 2015 / 5 Comments

I just love it when gems like this surface. David Gilligan who was the stills photographer for How To Be has shared this wonderful behind the scenes video on his YouTube Channel compiled of his exclusive on set pics from the filming of How To Be. Some fantastic new shots of Rob – LOVE 🙂

David added these lovely words about Rob along with the video:

“It was a real pleasure to work with Rob, and he was such a nice guy on and off set. We talked about his upcoming projects and he mentioned the prospect of a vampire movie (Twilight). Little did we know that he was about to embark on a journey to super stardom. I’m delighted his career has taken off because he’s without doubt one of the good guys!”


David also has some gorgeous Rob as Art stills posted on his website which we shared here back in April.

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May 13th, 2015 / 9 Comments

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*Throws streamers in the air* Today is such a special day.  I know Rob doesn’t understand the happiness he brings to so many of us, but he does, just by being Rob.  Other than celebrating with Rob *I wish*, what better way to celebrate this man than to sit back, relax and count down 29 memorable Rob interview moments.  I chose ones that brought a smile to my face and well it was tough narrowing them down to just 29, but then it took me so long I was glad Rob’s not turning 50!  Rob, I hope you have an amazeballs day however you choose to spend it.  I can’t thank you enough for all the happy memories you have provided me with over the years especially in 2014.  Here’s to an amazing future and a spectacular year as you leave your 20s behind.   “Happy Birthday Rob” *clinks copper mug*.  Hope to see you soon!


Robert Pattinson Australia Celebrates Robert Pattinson’s 29th Birthday from Robert Pattinson Australia on Vimeo.


RPAU Celebrates Robert Pattinson’s 29th Birthday by RPAustralia

PS.  Both vids are the same but I don’t think you can see Vimeo on phones/tablets hence the DailyMotion.

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