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Arte France has shared an interview with Claire Denis (in French) and some BTS footage from #HighLife:

Shot in 360 °, “A day of cinema” takes you on the set of “High Life”, the last feature film by Claire Denis, with Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche.

Alternately in camera with the director, in the sets of the film or in the middle of the film crew, this intimate interview gives a new light to the work of Claire Denis.

She tells us her fears, her questions and the path that led her to make certain artistic choices. 
Nothing like to show behind the scenes of the making of a work and make you want to discover his film.

Rob turns up at around 4.16. Click on Rob below to watch

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November 4th, 2018 / 8 Comments

Robert Pattinson Australia Celebrating 10 Years Online

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Who knew back in 2009 when I was asked to help post on RPAustralia that I would end up owning and still be here celebrating the career of Robert Pattinson in 2018, but I’m glad I’ve stuck around because Rob has delighted us in so many ways.  I just wanted to give Suze a big shoutout for helping with the updating of the site and instagram – blogging is pretty much a full-time career and when you already have a full-time job it can get tricky.  Thanks Suze for making my life easier – everyone you do is very much appreciated.  Thanks also to Vertigo who is a champion behind the scenes.  

Hopefully 2019 sees Rob gracing our shores again – it’s been 4 years since Rob gave us a red carpet interview – it would be lovely to just see him again.  

Thanks to all who have followed us from the beginning, who have commented and those who have silently supported us and welcome to the new followers who have just discovered us.  We know that a lot of Rob’s fans want to know every detail of his life, but we decided early on that we would focus solely on Rob’s career – his private life is his own and should be respected.  10 years on I hope we’ve lived up to our own ethos.

You can check out backlog of Rob’s works on our all film pages and gallery (photos) – links just underneath site banner. 

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The #RomeRob Goodness continues with Robert Pattinson at the Rome Film Festival 2008

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It’s impossible to decide which one of these great “vintage” wallpapers from CreationsJules is my favourite – if you decide to use you can just have them on loop.  I’m pretty sure I did that back in the day.

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Robert Pattinson as Samuel Alabaster discussing his “plan” in #DamselMovie

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Slowly slowly I may get to see this film from all the clips that are currently being released.  Thrilled to be seeing “My Honeybun”.

Also loved seeing Rob formulating “The Plan”.  Thanks Magnolia Pics.

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Robert Pattinson on how he chooses his projects

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If you would like a reminder where Rob said this during #KVIFF, watch the interview below – he talks project choices at around 1:04.

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Maria, thought I would take the opportunity on this special occasion to say “THANK YOU” for all of your hard work and dedication in making RPAU such a classy, respectful place to stay up-to-date on Rob’s career. We appreciate it more than you know. I hope you have a fabulous day and that the coming year is filled with happiness and treasured memories. I’m so glad our appreciation of Rob brought us together and it’s a pleasure to contribute to supporting and promoting his projects. Happy Birthday and may all of your wishes come true! ((Hugs))

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