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Antonio Campos talks Casting Robert Pattinson in The Devil All the Time

UPDATED: 26 September 2020 – LA Times & Final Draft added to top of post (previous interviews after the cut)


26 September 2020: From LA Times:

Antonio, from the moment the trailer for ‘The Devil All the Time” was released people have been talking about Robert Pattinson as a sleazy Southern preacher. I don’t know what your conversations were like before shooting, but as a director, what do you do when Robert Pattinson shows up with that performance?

Campos: You go give him a big hug [and say], “Let’s do this.” It’s exactly what Sean was saying like with Carrie and that scene; you get these great actors, [and] you gotta embrace it and encourage it. Rob was very close to the vest about his process leading up to shooting. We talked about character, but he didn’t want to, like, share his accent with me. We kept trying to schedule dialect coach sessions with him. And he would always find some reason for it not to happen. And it was clear he didn’t want to engage in that process, which was really important in some ways, because everybody had to be from West Virginia or Ohio. So we really had to nail that sound.

But Rob kind of came from another part of the world. So it didn’t really matter that he sounded like anybody else; he sounded like he was [from] Tennessee, but also there’s nothing else to compare him to. So he really kind of had the freedom to run with that. And so when he showed up and he came into the scene and he did that accent and he was talking the way he talked, it was like, “OK, there’s the guy.”

And I will say that my No. 1 note to Rob in this movie was, “Go as far as you want to go.” I was like, “Don’t be scared to go big. You cannot go too big.” And he definitely did it at times, which is really funny because he would make himself laugh when he went there. But we always knew that we could rein it in. I just love performances that swing for the fences.

From Final Draft (link to podcast or watch YouTube below)

Antonio and Paulo Campos talking Rob – they talk about Rob wanting to be Teagardin, what it was like for them to see the characters in their mind coming to life and Rob’s performance. It starts around 15:08:

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New behind-the-scenes photo of Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, and Antonio Campos on the set of “The Devil All the Time”.

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"This is from my favorite scene in the entire film." ANTONIO CAMPOS takes us behind the scenes of THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME – his haunting Southern Gothic thriller just released on Netflix and led by an incredible ensemble cast including Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson. See the exclusive on-set photo gallery in our Journal, accompanied by Campos’ lovingly dedicated notes to his cast and crew. (Link in bio) #thedevilallthetime @thedevilallthetime_

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Erik Singer thinks the music and melody of Robert Pattinson’s accent in The Devil All the Time is fascinating work

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IndieWire spoke with Hollywood dialect coach Erik Singer (apparently the internet’s go to expert on accents) who had this to say about Rob’s accent in The Devil All the Time:

“I mostly loved it,” Singer said of Pattinson’s accent. “First of all, I haven’t seen this noted anywhere, but the character’s actually from a different world. He’s from down in Tennessee. The fact that he does sound a little bit different from everybody else is in support of the story that they’re telling. There are a great many sharply and specifically observed features that are right for the place and time.”

“He’s a preacher who is absolutely in love with his capacities with language,” Singer added, noting the exuberance in Pattinson’s vocal delivery is a character trait and thus not a slight on his accent work. “He’s buying into his own magic, and he’s intoxicated by it.”

The one flaw Singer shared about Pattinson’s accent was his character’s opening monologue about chicken livers, to which Singer said he believed the actor was “not completely dialed in.” Other than that, Singer said, “I think his music and rhythm and melody is really fascinating work. It’s both of the place and time, but also of the character and his profession, and deeply idiosyncratic.”

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Robert Pattinson as Preston Teagardin #TheDevilAlltheTime Reviews

UPDATED: 23 September 2020 – new reviews after ABC News

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The Cool

It looks like Rob is in yet another divisive film, some reviewers found the film unsettling, others loved it. If you have read the novel by Donald Roy Pollock then you know you are in for a dark hellish ride. There are a few things that the reviewers seem to agree on and that is that Rob steals the show. Below are reviews that focus on Rob’s performance:

Slash Films: Pattinson is clearly having a blast, giving one of the weirdest damn performances of his career. I can’t even begin to tell you what accent the actor is going for here, but it doesn’t even sound like it’s from this planet, let alone this country. The actor doesn’t show up until very late in the film, and it’s almost as if he decided to make up for lost time by devouring every scene he’s in. The performance might be a bit too much for some, but I thought it fit the often surreal tone of the film perfectly. Or maybe I just like watching Pattinson ham it up.

Music City Drive-In: Likewise can be said about Robert Pattinson and his role as Preston Teagarden [character development]. When we are introduced to him, Pattinson has this impeccable southern accent and delights with his charisma. There will be some criticism for his role in this film as he is a preacher who is a pedophile but folks, he is playing a role, period. His scenes are not very long, but when Pattinson is on the screen, he demands your presence. He is slowly becoming one of the best actors in Hollywood.

Variety: Robert Pattinson has a way of making scene-stealing entrances, sometimes midway through a movie, like when he showed up in “The King” …. He does it again in “The Devil All the Time,” … For Pattinson, playing a domineering Bible Belt sleaze is a cred move (a sign that he doesn’t have to be liked), and he does a stylish job of it

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Robert Pattinson’s Accent in The Devil All the Time is definitely a talking point


Rob’s accent in The Devil All the Time has created quite a debate – some loving it others claiming it to be “over the top”. Beth from At the Cool Table wrote a great treatise defending Rob’s accent, after all she “grew up in the 1980’s listening to a myriad of southern white preachers on Sunday nights blow through town and set up shop masquerading as revival services”. Below is an excerpt, but you can read the article by clicking on the link above:

Having heard many a Tennessee preacher boy wax ridiculous about a church potluck, I’m here to tell you, what it is, is perfect. 

It’s a perfect mix of runt of the litter Tennessee boy and sharp meanness. The very first word in this clip, “Friends,” is said in a soft, breathy petition that says he’s a gentle man and a gentleman. “Poor people” has the false quiver of emotion that is meant to display empathy. The type of men who chose this profession and chose to prey on their congregants are the same type of men who manipulate with every word, deed, gesture and chosen cadence. If it sounds put on, it’s because it’s put on.

For naysayers, all I can say is imagine a less attractive man sounding the same, saying the same, and you’ll get it. Pattinson’s Teagardin is despicable, and the shit that flies out of his mouth is pure southern gothic. 

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Robert Pattinson’s accent in The Devil All the Time

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to see Rob’s performance in The Devil All the Time, Netflix Film Club has shared this great clip of Rob and his accent. Click play to enjoy.

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