March 31st, 2012 / 47 Comments

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Ok so Hopscotch Films posted the clip “I’ve have something to tell you” and although we have seen this already, I thought I would post because I have something Bel Ami related to tell you.


I spoke with Hopscotch yesterday and asked whether they were planning on doing any special advanced screenings of Bel Ami. prior to its release on 24 May 2012.  Guess what – they asked if we were interested in holding one in Sydney on the evening of 23 May 2012.   The film is yet to be classified, but I”m assuming it will be MA+ so if you are 15 or under you need to let me know.   If we can garner enough interest, and I’m talking about more than 100 of us getting together, then  Hopscotch has offered to provide us with a print of the film and put us in contact with a cinema who would hold the screening.  It’s not free of course, and I’m not saying that because RPAU is planning to make money from this, our policy is and always will be that we don’t make money off Rob in any way shape or form, but I’m saying this because I’m guessing the cinema will charge their normal ticket prices.

It may be that we won’t get enough interest, but I’d like to know what you all think.   I’d love it if Rob’s fans would stand up to show him the support that he deserves.  I know we did it for WFE – we can do it for Georges too – don’t you think.

So you can either post a comment below or email us at and let us know if you are interested and whether you can bring others that might not know about our website, but are interested in seeing this film.

We will post a link on the sidebar too to make it easier for everyone to comment.  I’ve told Hopscotch to give us  a few weeks to see what interest is like and then we can go from there.

Here’s hoping Rob’s fans show their support 😀  Please let anyone else know that you think might be interested in attending. C’mon we can do it.

PS.  For other States, Hopscotch has said if there is enough interest there it might be possible to organise a screening there too, but we shall see.

PPS.  I think there’s a rumour that Hopscotch might be giving us some posters to give away on the night *giggles*  You know you want one.

March 30th, 2012 / 6 Comments


We’ve been thinking about this for a while and trying to work it out and have a little fun!

So here’s the deal: If you have a favourite Rob photo you’d like enhanced/used in an edit please email this address ( with the photo(s).  I’ll accept between 1 and 3 Rob photos to be used in your one edit request and you can give me a favourite quote/lyric or colour you’d like used in there somehow too (if you want!).  You can also just give me a favourite quote/lyric and leave it to me to do something with it in a Rob related way.  It’s totally up to you.  Deadline for sending things in will be Friday 6th April and if all goes to plan the edits will be posted here for Friday 20th April.  I’ll pick a maximum of 6 to work with depending on how many requests we get!!  Anyone interested??

Please don’t be too specific in your requests because I guarantee it will lead to disappointment on your side.  Also, this isn’t something I can keep going back to tweak if you don’t like it – we are just doing this for fun, ok?  🙂  We’ll just see how it goes this time and take it from there.  There will be more posts like this if there’s interest.

Remember this is RPAU so please don’t provide me with any non-work related photos and let’s just focus on Rob in all his glory – there’s plenty to choose from!!

And finally, please note that I can’t make Rob naked.  Just saying.  😉

March 4th, 2012 / 35 Comments

How long have we waited to see these words.  I was about to go to sleep when I received an email from Sue to say that Hopscotch’s website shows the Aussie release date as 24 May 2012. 

Hopscotch tweeted on Friday that they would let us know this month, and well I’m sure they will tweet something about this soon, but I’m happy to go with it since it’s on their website.  UPDATE:  Hopscotch just confirmed to RPAU in an email that this indeed is the Australian release date – dear lord I’m loving Monday 5 March!   If I hear differently I’ll let you know.

Georges I’m so glad you are finally arriving on our shores.

Sue thanks again for the heads up.  Glad you were lurking.

PS.  I’ll just sticky post this here for a bit – scroll down for new posts 😀

December 1st, 2011 / 22 Comments

I swear to God when I saw Gregoire Melin’s email to me this morning I almost danced around the room.  No wait – I think I did dance around the room.  Anyway I can confirm that Icon Film Distribution Australia is the Australian distributor of Cosmopolis in Oz.  I don’t think I could have asked for better news this morning.

Just so you know we have also established a contact within Icon so please do NOT bombard them with emails, phone calls or whatever.  We will bring you all relevant Aussie information about Cosmopolis right here.  If you want to know anything specific, just drop us an email and we will either find out or let you know whatever it is you need to know. 

Happy Cosmopolis Oz Distributor Day people!  Oh and just to remind you NO release date has been determined, but as soon as it’s known we will let you know.

November 28th, 2011 / 13 Comments

I know Rob, we’re excited too!

Some of you will have seen that our wonderful affie PattinsonStateofMind has gone on an indefinite hiatus.  As sad as we are to see that, it was also a bonus for us since it gave us the opportunity to do one thing that we’ve been thinking about for a while and that is –  we asked Suze to come on over and join us here at RPAU.   See that’s why Rob’s so excited.

Please join us in welcoming Suze to Oz *giggles*.  Suze will be helping us bring you all things Rob.  I am so thankful for meeting Suze back in early 2010 (or maybe late 2009) – she is a true gem.  Suze also introduced us to Jules so – yeah goes without saying – how lucky we are to have met both of them.  And wait there’s more – Suze has offered to share her PattinsonStateofMind tumblr with all of us – yeah yeah WIN/WIN – I know right.

There will be a widget on the sidebar for easy access as soon as we get our act together, but for now you can just click on the hyperlink above to check it out.

Suze I hope you know what you are getting yourself into!!

November 9th, 2011 / 9 Comments

Sticky Post – scroll down for updates

Firstly we want to say thank you to everyone who entered our competition & of course a BIG thank you to Hoyts Distribution for providing us with these great packs.  OK now it is time to announce the 5 random winners.   They are as follows *drum roll*…

Emma – “Looking forward to the Midnight screening, will be my first night out after having my baby……Renesmee (ha ha just kidding I named her Olivia)”

Rob Freak – “I can totally see myself wrapped in that poster, and wearing that t-shirt to the premiere!”

Mick Gillies – “Wow told my daughter about this one and she was over the moon that i was entering it – maybe a super early Christmas prezzie is on the horizon. If not then well done to the winners”

Ursula – ” So excited… enough to have already booked my ticket and have submitted an annual leave day so I can watch it in peace. (Otherwise not possible with my kids.)”

Jan – “Got to be in it to win it x”

Congratulations to you all.  If you could please email your contact details to us at we will then send your packs off to you.  Enjoy!

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