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Robert Pattinson Gets Confused for Bradley Cooper’s Bodyguard


This is a rough translation using Google & Bing, but I think we get the gist of it.

My Eyelids Have Bled

Robert Pattinson doesn’t always have it easy: the stress is on him! In Cannes, he presented the drama Good Time and he told us, he knows how to deal with his anxiety.

SKIP: How was shooting with two directors?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Tough! The two have been arguing all the time. (Laughs) It was quite hectic. If two people are consistently talking at the same time, it is sometimes quite perplexing.

Your roles are becoming more and more unusual – what are you looking for?

I do not know, I just see that I find something that is not so predictable. I like to be a screenwriter, with whom I do not yet know on page 5 how the story goes. And I can’t remember the last time I watched a mainstream movie and I thought “Wow !!” Although I really like to watch superhero movies.

Did you want to participate in such a game?

I think it’s more like people who are convinced that they can save the world. I bring the opposite of it. (Laughs)

Do you ever have the urge to just sit comfortably in the sun? You could do it …

Oh, I really spend enough time sitting around and doing nothing, don’t you worry! Actually, most of the year when I look at it right. (Laughs) But I really like to shoot, even if I always consider it a challenge. Whenever I start a new movie, I first think “My God, what am I doing here, I understand nothing of it, I am a moron!” It is always going to climb a huge mountain. And the most difficult thing for me is to convince myself that I can do it.

Have you always had your own self-doubt?

Oh yes, of course. And the older I get, the worse it gets. But I do not see it as a plague, quite the opposite. I take care of it. Even if I go to an event with a big impact because I imagine the worst-case scenario immediately. Before Cannes, I was so nervous because I was thinking all the time, what disasters could happen. Finally, I have got such a bad allergic stress reaction that I even the skin of my eyelids has switched off. The day before the premiere came even blood. What a look (laughs)

When can you relax? After the premiere?

Yes, for maybe 5 minutes. (Laughs) Then I immediately begin to look for the bad mvoie reviews.

You look very unglamorous in Good Time, really normal…
This was also important because we have filmed a lot on the street and also with amateur actors. And we wanted to be everywhere, without the people all around noticing what we’re doing. It was fascinating how you can become so invisible. In a scene I play a security man and apparently was very convincing. I rode in the elevator with a resident of the apartments who knew that a film was being shot there. And he looked me in the face and asked: Hey, are you Bradley Cooper’s bodyguard? ” (Laughs)
Doesn’t that mean the Twilight hype is finally over?
I don’t know, I find the idea that these movies are still haunting people’s memories, and that my other performances are still being likened to it. I also never had the feeling that this is now a burden that I must lose.

Thanks Cyn for digital scans.

  • Carmel
    Posted on June 25, 2017

    I love the idea the guy in the elevator would know Bradley Cooper’s body guard but not Rob.
    Cool story, Rob.

  • sue
    Posted on June 25, 2017

    So, am I the only one who googled Bradley Cooper’s bodyguard??? (Let me assure you, I didn’t find anyone that I consider remotely resembles Rob!)

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