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What a brilliant way to kick of March!  I was hoping we would get a glimpse of this early and well we’re so spoilt.  You can read the translation below. Lookey at these glorious photos.  Imagine them in HQ.  I.M.A.G.I.N.E.

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HQ Scans Thanks @Robjectify

Partial Article from

Numero Magazine

He became one of the most bankable actors of his generation … Robert Pattinson invents a destiny that no one could have predicted: the muse of perfume and ready-to-wear Dior Homme flourishes in experiments demanding film.

Man Number : three years ago, after the film series Twilight, you have changed course, turning especially with David Cronenberg. You swing between elation and anxiety about the rest of your career. Where do you stand today ?

Robert Pattinson: I integrated the idea that it takes time for the most amazing projects begin to exist. The foolish things are the most fragile. Sometimes they collapse. Looking filmmakers with whom I have a deep desire to work. For years I dreamed of a film with French director Claire Denis, and it’s finally about to happen. We shoot together a feature of science fiction from May. The Danish artist Olafur Eliasson will imagine spaceships and black holes. This will probably be crazy! I do not know if my presence helped the budget but to take off, however, for the film I’m going to turn in a few days [the interview took place on January 19], it may be that I had a small influence. The project is signed by Josh and Benny Safdie brothers, independent New York filmmakers totally underground, in the best sense. Josh told me about having shot his first film, The Pleasure of Being Robbed,with the money of an advertisement for a handbag. With the budget of a pub, he made ​​a whole movie!

The Safdie brothers qualified you as “indomitable” in an interview. A compliment coming from them …

I love them. I stumbled upon one frame of their film Heaven Knows What even before the trailer is circulating. Amazed by the power of this picture, I immediately emailed Brady Corbet, with whom I had to make a film, because he became director. I knew it was highly connected to New York. And of course, he knew the Safdie. I met them, and two months later, they sent me one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. With them, I will discover another cinema. The actors with whom I have to play are not professionals because Benny and Josh are the wild casting. I will not be looked at as an actor in the classic sense.

By heading to a demanding film, did you feel like you have found your way? The era Twilight seems finally over …

I imagine that the public retains a certain image of me. I always seem to have to prove myself. I did not have enough leading roles for people to move on, see me differently. Meanwhile, I make my way, with ever-present concern for diversity. I just run with James Gray in Colombia [ The Lost City of Z ]: an adventure film in suits where the characters are facing hunger.They roam the jungle and come across ancient ruins. James Gray is idolized here in France, right? It’s a perfect guy. I’ve never met anyone more New York than he.It was really the perfect companion to venture into the jungle (laughs). When he entered a river, it was a combination as scientists have to avoid contamination!

The filmmakers of your generation you interested ?

Yes, increasingly. Before  The Childhood of a Leader,  Brady Corbet, who is 27 years old, I had never shot with someone so young. It was a totally different experience not to be confronted with a master.Another vision of cinema. I can see that with the Safdie brothers. They used that everybody tells them  “no.”  They live in a world they do not understand, then they go into force. Just a few weeks we have been testing for the film in a car wash station, right in New York. We just came in and began to turn a trick. Employees and customers were looking at us like we were crazy:  “Go, guys, go, what are you doing there, whore!”  But before they had time to call the cops, the scene was turned.

You work with Dior since 2013. You first shot the campaign for Dior Homme fragrance, directed by Romain Gavras. The most recent was entrusted to Peter Lindbergh. How do you see this partnership ?

From the beginning, everyone was lovely with me. At the first appointment, they told me very simply: “You do what you want.”The decision was easy to make, because Dior never forced me to nothing. I think there are some clauses in my contract I was never asked to respect (laughs)! Public appearances, for example … It’s pretty awesome. Our collaboration will extend to same clothes from this year. The first campaign arrives in April. I feel very comfortable in this atmosphere which is not “corporate”.

You do not think writing or achieve ?

I started to create clothes. For two years, I visit manufacturers and artisans. There are already a lot of parts. I love doing that. My style is influenced by the towns where I am, source materials and local skills. In Los Angeles, it is very easy to work denim and clothing inspired by workwear. In England I rather turn to wool and sweaters. What I do is quite multifaceted, clothing for men and women, I realized things with friends … But I will not go into details, I did not want to bring me bad luck …

What you can not avoid, however, the passage of time. You will have 30 years in May. How do you see it heading passage ?

Frankly, it’s terrifying! It only been a week that I realize what will happen to me, and results today for the first time, I shaved close before the photo shoot. I made ​​clothes fittings yesterday manikin on the presentation image was about 14 years.And looking at myself in the mirror, I wondered: “Why is it that my ass like that?” (Laughs).

By Olivier Joyard”

Translation (Thanks to Laura RPWW) via ROBsessed


He has become one of the most bankable actors of his generation by winning the hearts of a million fans mad about the vampire saga ‘Twilight’. Far away from the Hollywood Blockbusters, Robert Pattinson is nowadays inventing himself a destiny no one could have predicted: Dior Homme Perfume muse and Dior Homme apparel muse is blossoming in demanding acting performances, sometimes radical. Exclusive interview.

When Robert Pattinson appeared to the world’s eyes, ten years ago, it was as an agitated Hogwarts student in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. The ‘Twilight Saga then secured him, in only five movies, as a star with stupefying success. Face grimed white, he played a vampire, charming bad boy never forced, turning teenage girls’ head around. Behind the fiction for emotive girls, a kind of elegance already showed up. The one we find back in the boy who will celebrate his thirtieth birthday in Spring, asking himself thousand of questions. How to find yourself credible? What to do when everything happened so soon? He could have capitalised on the dollars he fully gathered and he could have accepted more roles to always gain more – which were propositioned to him again and again – or else, in a well known manner as well, he could have exploded in the famous world and drowned in it, offering to the gossip fans one more sad Hollywood story based on drugs and despair. Nevertheless, Pattinson stayed focused on what noone, except himself, could have seen coming: the blossom of an artist. Even behind these formatted blockbusters, hearts can beat.

The turning point began in 2012. The last ‘Twilight’ episode year, Robert Pattinson stepped on the Cannes red carpet, next to the most respected film maker of the last thirty years, David Cronenberg. Shooting down the ultra-liberal billionnaires’ customs, ‘Cosmopolis’ (from a novel by Don DeLillo) opened the eyes of some people in the audience and showed the actor’s explorations. He went back to his forgotten teenage movies loves when he rented Godard and Bunuel’s DVDs from his local video club in London’s suburbs. The indie movie came back like a boomerang in Robert Pattinson’s life and it is everything but hazard. Even if he, more than anyone, can take any risks (the projects create themselves financially thanks to his name), this kind of attitude makes him mostly intriguing.

Contrary to research Oscar roles in the most respectable way and mostly vain in the prestigious cinema world, Pattinson looks for alternative experiences. He once again films with David Cronenberg, in a ferocious game of massacre directed at the movie industry in Los Angeles (‘Maps To The Stars’), and gets on with mad German master Werner Herzog, with his co-star James Franco (‘Queen of the Desert’). During the first six months of 2016, he will realise a completely unexpected double whammy. After filming with the Safdie Brothers, New York icons in mad indie movies, the British guy is getting ready to play the lead role in Claire Denis’ new movie – the Frenchy’s first attempt at science fiction. The era has the symbols it deserves, and the model of freedom Robert Pattinson represents brings it higher.

Numéro Homme: Three years ago, after the ‘Twilight’ saga, you changed paths, filming with David Cronenberg. You balanced between ecstasy and angst about your future career. Where are you at nowadays?

Robert Pattinson: I learned it takes time for the most unbelievable projects to simply exist. The craziest things are the most fragile. Sometimes they crumble. I am looking for movie makers who I deeply want to work with. It has been years since I wanted to work with the French Claire Denis, and now it is coming true. We will film together a sci-fi movie from next May. The Danish plastics technician Olafur Eliasson is going to create spacial vessels and black holes. It will probably be crazy! I don’t know if my being a part of it helped financially but, nevertheless, in the movie I am going to film in the next few days (this interview dates back from January 19th), there might be a slight possibility I influenced that a bit. The project is signed by Josh and Benny Safdie, totally underground New York indie movie makers, in the best sense of the word. Josh told me about making his first movie, ‘The Pleasure of being Robbed’, with the money of a handbag ad. Thanks to a simple ad he made an entire movie!

Numéro Homme: The Safdie brothers said in an interview you were untamable. A really nice compliment from them…

Robert Pattinson: I adore them. I found a photogram of their movie ‘Heaven Knows What’ even before the trailer came out. Stupefied by the strength of this image, I instantly sent an email to Brady Corbet, with whom I am have made a film, because he became a director.  I knew he had lots of connections in New York city. Evidently he knew the Safdies. I met them, and two months later, they sent me one of the best scripts I have ever read. With them, I am going to discover another cinema. The actors I am going to act with are not professionals, because Josh and Benny do wild casting. I won’t be looked at as a classical actor there.

Numéro Homme: By going toward a demanding cinema, do you feel like you found your path/way? The ‘Twilight’ era seems to be completely done…

Robert Pattinson: I imagine the audience kept a certain image of me. I always feel like I have to prove myself. I did not have enough lead roles to make the people forget about it or to see me any differently. Waiting for that, I follow my path, with the constant reminder to diversify myself. I just came back from filming with James Gray in Colombia (‘The Lost City of Z’): an adventure movie with costumes where the characters are subjected to hunger. They stray in the jungle and find ancient ruins. James Gray is adulated, here in France, right? He is a perfect guy. I have never met someone as New York as he is. He truly is the best companion to be in the jungle with (laughs). When he went into a river, he wore scrubs like scientists to avoid contaminations!

Numéro Homme: Did this sets environment, in the middle of nowhere, suit you?

Robert Pattinson: A lot. I love uncomfortable, surprising atmospheres which make you enter a new dimension. It is simpler than what I am used to, but at the same time more difficult. I had a chaotic progression, with moments of explosion. It took years to digest what happened to me, the movies’ success, the celebrity… When I was younger I did not have a career plan, no particular ambition. I had to create them from time to time.

Numéro Homme: Was your family, from afar or not, a part of the cinema industry?

Robert Pattinson: Not at all. My family did not really go to cinema or to see plays in theaters. My dad sold cars, my mum worked in a model agency. But the idea of acting interested me. I attended a drama school so it had a weird effect on me: the other students were so sure of themselves becoming actors that I just shut down on myself. I came from a very strict establishment where I got expelled from and it is then that everything changed because the school was more liberal I guess. It really was later on that I could invest myself in a theater company in my district I was comfortable in.

Numéro Homme: As a teenager, did you watch a lot of movies?

Robert Pattinson: A lot. But what I saw on screen was foreign to my own life. Every day I would watch movies, without even thinking about making that into my job. For me, cinema represented a kind of forbidden way of living. I wanted to see what I was not supposed to see at my age. And for that, I had an ideal accomplice: the videoclub salesman. As he had a crush on my sister, he let me rent the most audacious movies, often rated R for 18 and older – I was 12 – on the condition that he was the one selecting them. That is how I discovered indie movies such as ‘The Killing of a Chinese Bookie’ by John Cassavetes. He actually hoped my sister would see it and be impressed by his choice. It never happened (laughs).

Numéro Homme: And now you are the one in indie movies. The circle is completed…

Robert Pattinson: These movies represent my tastes, that’s for sure. When I look at my DVD collection from when I was seventeen and the movie makers I film with nowadays, some are a part of it: Werner Herzog, David Cronenberg, for example… I still have difficulties to believe it… I still see Werner Herzog as a name on a DVD cover than a real person!

Numéro Homme: Do the directors from your generation interest you?

Robert Pattinson: Yeah, more and more. Before ‘The Childhood of a Leader’, by Brady Corbet, who is 27, I never filmed with someone as young. It was a completely different experience than filming with a master. Another vision of cinema. I see it clearly with the Safdie brothers. They are used to everyone saying no to them. They live in a world they don’t control so they just go with strength right into it. A few weeks ago we made tests for the movie in a car wash point in New York City. We just came in and filmed something. Employees and clients looked at us like we were mad: “Just leave guys, what the hell are you doing, go jeez!” But before they got to call the cops we finished to film the scene.

Numéro Homme: You collaborate with Dior since 2013. You first filmed the Dior Homme perfume campaign, directed by Romain Gavras. The most recent was directed by Peter Lindbergh. How do you see this collaboration?

Robert Pattinson: Since the beginning they have all been adorable with me. At the first appointment, they told me “you do whatever you want”. The decision was easy to make because Dior never forced me to do anything. I think there are some clauses in my contract they never told me to respect (laughs)! Public appearances for example… It is quite cool. Our collaboration just extended to the clothing campaign from this year on which will premiere in April. I feel really at ease in this non corporate atmosphere.

Numéro Homme: Your success cannot be denied, nevertheless you often talk about your doubts, which is a driving element…

Robert Pattinson: I still have lots of doubts about myself. The people I work with know this. Three weeks before filming, I just panic and call my family or friends telling them I will never be able to do it… At that moment I really think it is the truth, my confidence leaves me, reduced in tatters. And then it is back when I enter the set. Even knowing this, the next time, it happens again. The people around me don’t even listen to me anymore…

Numéro Homme: What do you do with your time when you are not filming? You also play music since you are young without having worked on an album…

Robert Pattinson: I just let myself breathe. It is like in love relationships, if we go into it giving it all without any perspective, things are condemned from the start. Polluted. I love letting other domains in on my life, in the creative area. Leaving Los Angeles contributed to my equilibrium as well. When we are there, the brain works weirdly, we imagine that leaving the city for a week will make us disappear from the radars. In England, where I come back to, all the people I meet don’t work in the cinema industry.

Numéro Homme: Don’t you think about writing or directing?

Robert Pattinson: I began creating clothes. Since two years ago, I visit with manufacturers and craftsmen. There are a lot of pieces already. My style is influenced by the city where I go, the origin of the materials as well as the local competences. In Los Angeles it is really easy to work on denim and clothes inspired by workwear. In England I mostly go with wool and pullovers. What I do is multi-form, clothes for men and women, things I create with friends… But I don’t want to go into details, I don’t want to jinx myself…

Numéro Homme: Will it be possible to hear more from it in a bit?

Robert Pattinson: Yeah, maybe…(laughs)

Numéro Homme: When we type ‘Robert Pattinson’ on Google, the first occurrences always happen to be about your love life. Do you hope it will change at one point?

Robert Pattinson: Sometimes I go through times when it makes me completely mad. I wonder what people are looking for when they type my name. Certainly gossip. Are they alone at home? That said, my career has not suffered from it, I am not blacklisted from anywhere yet. I am working with whomever I want in universes interesting to me. So, I don’t have the intention to force the audience to change their point of view. I need things to go in an organic way. Maybe one day I’ll be seen differently. Well, I must admit I still fall into the trap, to fall into Internet limbo by looking at what is said about me. At least I never felt the need to leave comments!

Numéro Homme: The celebrity golden rule is to not answer these trolls…

Robert Pattinson: Sometimes, I would like to and I would like to have a twitter account to do so. But I know I would spend too much time on it. I would lose myself into it all night long. Nevertheless, I hope to avoid this kind of life. It is the reason why I don’t sign up! (laughs)

Numéro Homme: What you cannot avoid though is the time passing. You will turn 30 in May. How do you see this passage?

Robert Pattinson: Honnestly, it is terrifying! It has only been a week I thought it is going to happen, result is today, for the first time in weeks I shaved with precision before the photoshoot. I tried some clothes yesterday, the model on the presentation image must have been 14. And looking at myself in the mirror I wondered “But why does my arse look like this?!” (laughs)

Numéro Homme: Do you have a focus for this following ten years? Do you have a goal?

Robert Pattinson: All the works I accept open new doors for me and unexpected perspective. Every time I am surprised by it, and I want to be more and more. It is why I don’t focus on one particular goal. I am just being open minded to everything that could come to me.

Numéro Homme: When the first ‘Twilight’ episode was released, some people in Hollywood, seeing you arrive with your British lad attitude, tried to temper your behaviour. They asked you not to drink alcohol during premieres, for example. You rebelled against it. Do you still feel like rebellious?

Robert Pattinson: Nope, I fell asleep, I have been broken by the system. (laughs) To be honest I don’t put myself in a situation where people order me around or try to change the way I am. The freedom I have to choose the people I work with produce something really interesting: those who take me to be a part of their movie don’t have a false idea of me. So, they don’t try to bend me or to change me. I don’t regret to have rebelled in the past when it was time to do so. If we try to be a part of a mold when we are young, it is for sure leading to a disaster. We just end up not knowing who we are and we just begin destroying hotel rooms! (laughs) I know who I am. At least, almost. Everything resides in the “almost”…

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  • Vertigo
    Posted on March 01, 2016

    OMG go March!
    Will have a read on way to work, if I can ever get my eyes to move from those gorgeous images. As always, love your work Rob!!
    Haha IMAGINE indeed Maria.

  • Michelle
    Posted on March 01, 2016

    I LOVE MARCH 🙂 🙂 These pics are absolutely amazing, wowza I LOVE. Looking forward to reading the interview & for sure Maria – those HQ’s *claps hands* Thanks for posting 🙂

  • sue
    Posted on March 01, 2016

    Mr Pattinson, yet again you remind me of what I love so much about you ~ that you are one helluva guy. Creative, interesting, thoughtful, funny, intelligent, self-aware. Definitely one of the good guys. Oh, and hot. Definitely hot. (I’m channelling my inner-thirty year old ~ she’s in here somewhere LOL).
    Great interview, thanks Ladies, for translating and posting.

  • Carmel
    Posted on March 01, 2016

    Holy Hell! Those images are incredible! I have to get my hands on this mag.

    I love the tone of the interview. ‘the blossom of an artist’. Fist pump! And all that name dropping is just heaven to read.

    Clothing design. 🙂 Rob always has the capacity to surprise and that makes watching his career so fulfilling. Yet this creative outlet makes perfect sense.

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