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I thought I’d let you know how Remember Me seems to be doing in the box office.  I saw it again yesterday and although there were only 15 people in the cinema – it was a 2.40 pm session – it appeared to me  the majority of them were not familiar with Rob (yes that’s my third screening and I’m still to encounter any screaming twifans *bliss*).  Overall it seemed to me that they were all impressed with this film.  What makes me say that?  Well I was the first one to leave the cinema as they all sat there – I think a little in awe while the credits rolled.  Anyway enough of me rambling.

Here’s the box office figures after it’s first week of release (this weekend’s figures aren’t included since the cinema week usually goes from Weds/Tues of each week).

Australia (to 17 Mar):  AUD720,150 according to Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia;

US (to 18 Mar):   USD10,666,428 according to Variety

Worldwide:  USD12,266,428 according to IMDbPro. 

Remember “Worldwide”only relates to Australia, US, Belgium, Greece, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Philippines, Romania and Sweden.

This week it was released in Czech Republic, Portugal, Singapore, Bulgaria, Poland, South Africa and Spain, so their boxoffice figures won’t be included.

It’s yet to be released in Germany. Switzerland, Austria  (25 March), Italy, Estonia and Mexico (26 March), Spain (31 March),  The Netherlands (1 April), Finland, Lithuania and the UK (2 April), France (7 April), Argentina (8 April), Norway (9 April), Slovenia (15 April), Chile (22 April)  and Turkey (30 April). 

Let’s see what happens when it actually is released “worldwide”.  I know people were expecting it to have a bigger impact, but I don’t think it’s doing too bad.  I mean it’s pretty close to covering it’s production costs (USD16 million) so I’d be surprised if it doesn’t cover that this week or come close to it. I really do think this film will benefit from word of mouth and what Rob really needs is for non-Rob fans to learn and appreciate how good he is and not just all of us watching it over and over again (not that I’m telling you not too!)

PS.  Thanks Denalbcn for the update re Spain release date!

  • shufflebin
    Posted on March 21, 2010


    Thank you for continuing to cover


    It is such a good movie. Did you see this review, it is awesome, some of us have already posted our comments there.

  • Michelle
    Posted on March 21, 2010

    Thanks so much for putting this post together Maria. I think the film is doing damn well too. USD12,266,428 from the countries the film has been released in so far is definitely something to be very pleased about. As I said in another comment, I am heading to see RM again on Thursday at around the same session time as last so it will be interesting to see if the crowd of 10-15 has increased 2 weeks on *fingers crossed* Was great to see a mix of older & younger people in attendance & even a guy too. No screaming Twi fans either – woo hoo. I agree Maria, I think the film will definitely benefit from word of mouth. I heard some people talking about the film as I was heading out of the cinema so hopefully they continued to do so to their other family & friends. I know a lot of people here in Launceston would have attended if Village had not been idiots & decided to not screen RM. I am hoping the complaints they received for RM will make them think twice when Rob’s next film is released. I’ve certainly made my opinion loud & clear. I am really hoping all those people who couldn’t see the film in Launceston made the trek & also took along someone with them that maybe wasn’t a Rob fan before. Very true Maria, as well as us going many times to see the film we also want non Rob fans to head along & discover how brilliant he is.

    Hi shufflebin 🙂 Thanks, we have already seen the review from Post-Movie Coffee. Maria did post it yesterday morning. I agree, the review is so wonderful – loved it. The writer Monika completely understood what this brilliant film is about. As I said yesterday, so great to finally see a review worthy of being in print. I’ve removed the link to the article because comments with web addy’s go into spam, but for everyone who missed the article yesterday, you can see all the details right here on our site. Thanks for the tip anyway shufflebin 🙂

  • Meg
    Posted on March 21, 2010

    Its apparently not doing so well in my town 🙁 after one week of screening they have ulled it back to only two screenings a day at 10.15am and 2.45pm.
    Its really annoying cause now ppl that work during the day dont have time to see it!

    Stupid cinema!!

    I’m going again today at 2.45 Even though i would like to boycott the cinema, I need to see this movie again!!

  • Lids
    Posted on March 21, 2010

    I actualy found the same problem as Meg.
    As I’m planning to take my “uneducated” friend on Wednesday I was looking up times, and all cinemas have have changed it to 2 screenings one during working hours. How are people that work supposed to watch it? very,very frustrating 🙁
    Now, I have found one that has a 6 o’clock screening, so we’re going there.

  • Kat
    Posted on March 21, 2010

    Well I finally saw it today (spent the last week looking after a sick boy) and just wanted to add my 2c worth – I LOVED IT, LOVE ROB AS TYLER, LOVE HOW GUTSY THE FILM IS. So there you go – well done Rob on a fabulously meaty performance!

  • Debbie
    Posted on March 21, 2010

    Thanks for the posting Maria, just hope when it comes to UK,the cinemas are going to be packed, so Rob gets the recognition he so deserves, have seen quite a few posters on buses, so hope the words getting around.. 🙂

  • Addy
    Posted on March 22, 2010

    Maria, thanks for the info.

    Also, am I in trouble here as Michelle mentioned about “web addy’s go into spam” re: Monika’s Post Coffee review on RM.

  • Maria
    Posted on March 22, 2010

    @Addy I’m not sure what you mean – are you having a play on your name? If so, no you won’t go into spam – lol, but people who keep insisting on putting website links into comments will.

  • Robbie
    Posted on March 22, 2010

    I think it’s Premiere in the UK has given a little more coverage in Australia. Still waiting patiently for it to appear in our cinema so hopefully it will end up in a lot more cinemas before it’s finished. Obviously it was never going to make heaps straight up because of limited release but the end result may be a lot different. School holidays too – maybe? even if that’s when the Twi girls will go may boost numbers. I know I’ll be going several times even though I know the story line thanks to other blog sites not being so careful with their postings. Can’t wait for Bel Ami though…..that will be a tough wait!

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