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“It is December 2001. Eight years on, Charlie remains imprisoned in a Saudi Arabian jail while Noor has made a life for herself and her child in a North Carolina mountain town.

After the recent 9/11 attacks the world is a very different place. Yet Charlie and Noor are faced with the same issue. Will they reunite? And if they do, will they ever be allowed to live in peace? It seems unlikely. After all Charlie is serving a life sentence and the Prince still has men searching for Noor and his child. Yet one thing that can never be extinguished is Charlie and Noor’s love for each other nor Noor’s love for her child. It means they are prepared to take risks that others would flee from.

In Release, the third and final novel in the Refuge Trilogy, N. G. Osborne concludes Noor and Charlie’s epic story. It takes us on a thrilling and emotional journey from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan and all the way across the United States, with one burning question ever present. Will Noor and Charlie finally be released from the forces that are so intent on tearing them apart?”

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For those who have followed us for some time, you will know that I take 5 minutes out every now and then to promote Nick Osborne’s novels. Nick, you will remember (no pun intended), was one of the producers of “Remember Me” and I happen to forge a lovely friendship with him since about 2009.  I have been fortunate enough to proofread all 3 books from the trilogy “Refuge”, “Resilience” and now “Release”.   I mentioned last month that the release of Nick’s final instalment would be the end of July, but as happens with life things get busy.  For those who follow on Facebook or receive email updates from Nick, you will have been happy to receive the following update:

“Finally an official date for the release of Release.
It will come out on Kindle August 21st and in paperback approximately three weeks later. I am very happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to hear what you think.
Thank you for being so patient.I truly have appreciated all the support along the way.”

I hope you enjoy “Release” as much as I did.  This is a great story and all the way through reading the 3 novels I could imagine it being translated into a fantastic film.  Don’t worry I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that a few times to Nick.  So the long wait is almost over. Happy reading and if you are unfamiliar with Nick, you can check out more information at Nick’s website.  He’s a fascinating guy.


“Release” is now available on Kindle from Amazon:

  • US  here
  • UK here
  • Australia here
  • Spain here
  • Germany here
  • For other territories please search for “Osborne Release”


For those, like me, who prefer reading actual books, “Release” is now available in paperback.

Get your copy from either Amazon US or Amazon UK.

I don’t need to tell you that it’s a fantastic read.

Also, here’s a little message from Nick:

“I would love to just make a quick pitch for a film a friend of mine has inspired and is in the process of making. Shannon Galpin has been back and forth to Afghanistan for many years now and in the process put herself in tremendous danger.  Her main mission is to inspire young Afghan women and one of the ways she does it is by helping them find bicycles and teaching them to ride. It sounds insane – it is something so simple and innocent yet in a country like Afghanistan it is something that Afghan women are discouraged from doing. If nothing else just check out the link to their film – I’ll think you’ll find it inspirational.
Thanks again for all your support for the books.”

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Just taking a little moment out of our Rob news to help promote the wonderful Nick Osborne.  Yep that’s Nick smiling there with Rob on the Remember Me Set back in 2010.  I know there’s a few of you out there waiting for information about this.  As you know, we have been staunch supporters of Nick and like to give him this little corner of RPAU to help promote his books. As I’ve previously mentioned, I caught up with Nick for a drink when I was in LA last September and we talked about how he’s been busy with producing other projects and didn’t have as much time to write as he would have loved.  Back then he thought the book should be ready by May, but I received an email from Nick overnight letting me know that he’s finally completed the first draft of the final book of the trilogy “Release”.   According to Nick the draft is a little clunky and so he should have it ready to go by June or July this year (and no Sue I haven’t been given a draft yet so no spoilers).

Although we will keep you informed of the book’s release, you can also bookmark Nick’s website (links are also available on our sidebar for both books) or follow him on  Twitter and Facebook.

Excites – I cannot wait to see what finally happens to Charlie and Noor.  It better not make me cry Nick unless they are tears of joy!

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Refugecover2Resiliencce Bookcover

I know there are some of you who have read Refuge followed by Resilience and are waiting to see Charlie and Noor’s fate in Book 3.  Last week Nick gave us a preview on Refuge’s Facebook

“As I am embarking on the third book, I am re-reading the old book three. Plenty of things will need to change but I am surprised how much still works and how much I am enjoying it. Anyway I thought I would share with you the first paragraphs … remember they are written in Charlie’s voice …

 I always heard the crackle of the speaker however deeply asleep I was.

 After eight years, nine months and twenty-twodays of calling this cell in Buraydah prison my home my very being was attunedto anticipate it. Most often, and this day was no exception, it was followed bya couple of vigorous coughs and a snort. And then the imam began to wail thewords of the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer.

For the next couple of minutes I lay on my back as he extolled Allah as the greatest, Muhammad as his messenger and urged the prisoners to make haste towards prayer because prayer is better than sleep. I always took issue with the last part. How I yearned for a couple more hours.

Of course the words he recited were in Arabicnot English but by now I was almost fluent in the former. I had realized earlyon that if I was to survive in this place I needed to learn the language andKadhim, my closest cellmate, had agreed to teach me. Even to this day he wouldcorrect my pronunciation though it gave me great pride that he had fewer andfewer opportunities to do so.

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November 21st, 2013 / 8 Comments

I love this pic of Nick and Rob.   All the feels.

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You should also read the great interview with Nick that goes with this pic that Elan posted.  Don’t forget if you haven’t read either Refuge or Resilience you should hurry up and do so.  They are both great reads.  For more info and details on where to buy head over to Nick’s website here.

Thanks Rob’sPromotion Team

November 11th, 2013 / 9 Comments


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I wish we could have given everyone a signed copy, but the 2 lucky winners of our giveaway are:

1.  Ephie

2.  Flavia

Congratulations.  I’ll be sending you both an email to find out your contact details etc.

Thanks again Nick for this opportunity.

November 4th, 2013 / 30 Comments


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“Resilience” Book 2 released today!

You all know that we promote Rob 100%, but occasionally we pull out an extra 10% to promote Nick Osborne’s novels.  As many of you know, Nick was the producer of Remember Me.  I was fortunate enough to forge a friendship with Nick due to his involvement in that movie (and my constant querying about things to which he always politely responded).  From that I may have volunteered to read an early draft of Refuge.  To my surprise, Nick sent me a copy and I never looked back.  I love Charlie & Noor’s relationship and the characters Nick has developed.  When I got to the end of Book 1 – Refuge – I couldn’t wait to find out what happens in the next instalment.  Lucky for me I read a draft of “Resilience” earlier this year and I was not disappointed.  Now I’m hanging out for the third and final instalment.  What to expect in book 2?  Everything.  Here’s the summary from Nick’s website:

“Noor has arrived in Saudi Arabia to begin her new life as a Princess, while Charlie is back in the United States having been deported from Pakistan.

For Noor, there is the temptation, given that she believes Charlie’s dead, to accept her new situation and assimilate into the Prince’s family. For Charlie, there is the temptation to come to terms with the fact that he’ll never see Noor again and move on.

But each, in their own way, resists. Noor yearns to be free, while Charlie yearns to free her. And so despite incredible odds, each sets a plan in a motion to achieve their goal.

In Resilience, the second novel of the Refuge trilogy, N.G. Osborne continues Noor and Charlie’s love story and in turn tests their love’s very resilience.”

As part of our 5 year anniversary celebrations, Nick has kindly agreed to personally sign 2 sets of “Refuge” and “Resilience” for us to give away.  This competition is open worldwide.  All you have to do is comment on this post and we will randomly select 2 lucky people*.

If you want more background on Nick or just want to purchase both Refuge or Resilience in paperback you should check out his website here or Refuge’s Facebook page here.  Note:  Resilience is currently only available in paperback, the ipad/Kindle version will be available from Amazon tomorrow.  I’ll update this post once it’s live.

For those who want to purchase (thanks Cindy for the links):

In America the paperback is available at and the Kindle version is available at
In Britain the paperback is available at and the Kindle version is available at
In Germany the paperback is available at the Kindle version is available at


Good luck everyone.

*Giveaway will close at 6pm (AEST) Sunday 10 November 2013.

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